MINIGUN JETPACK MOD! (GTA 5 Mods Funny Moments)
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MINIGUN JETPACK MOD! (GTA 5 Mods Funny Moments)

August 12, 2019

Ooooh yeeeess Welcome back Kops, my name is Kwebbelkop, and today we’ll be stealing a jetpack. In our beautiful vehicle Let’s go Okay, just kidding, just kidding We will be drive in this bad boy! So Kops, I’ve heard from sources, that there is a jetpack on the military base. Now I have stolen this jetpack in the past. However it was only a prototype Right now, it has been upgraded and it is a lot better and a lot cooler oh that’s a nice van a lot cooler than before so we’re gonna go to the military base without any mods, any cheats on and we’e gonna try to steal it we’re going to try to steal it so yes, I can die this video probably have never seen me die in a mod video before Oh Oh No No Sad Music but I can die let’s get our asses over there and lets go and steal it okay Kops we’re finally here in our beautiful car yup it’s not as pretty as it was before but we are right at the military base now what we have to do is steal this jetpack and there has to be a jetpack fairly close so that’s where the military base is that’s where a rabbit is is this the way to get to the jetpack I don’t know yet, I don’t know yet lets go and have a look over here I think, yup that’s where the scientists are at can we just go and walk there without them shooting at us let’s get a gun out just in case okay let’s have a look so I think this is where the jetpack is at please dont shoot at us okay nope they’re shooting! they’re shooting c’mon! C’mon okay we have to steal the jetpack quick, Quick! Noo we’re dead! okay Kops we’re back let’s go and do this again Nattempt number 2 this time we’re just gonna drive straight in there let’s go let’s go c’mon Shoot at all of them! That guy has a F***ing jet pack! Holy S***! What the F***? Okay Kops, attempt #3 Now this, this is going to work. Let me show you what the plan is So… right over there we have the military testing out the jet pack What if I just shoot… a big A** rocket launcher in the middle! Lets go and do this! Shoot this… Switch to the snipers… Than we can take out the rest We can take out the rest… come on Okay they’re 2 more over here Oh my god these army guys are so strong! Another one… And now lets go make a run for the jet pack before the tanks make it here… Before the tanks get there come on! Jet pack we need this quick quick quick quick run this is it! Kops, the tanks are on their way! They have no idea where we are though They have no idea where we are! Wait, where’s the jet pack? Where’s the jet pack? Come on, where’s the F***ing jet pack at? Where’s the jet pack man? Okay Kops, we’re back with the final attempt… We did some steroids, we turned white… We’re going to do this. You know what? I said no mods… but this is to hard… Okay Kops, we’re almost there! All we have to do now is we have to kill everybody over there and steal the jet pack, it’s right over there We are pretty much Hulk on steriods so we could just go ahead, run right in there and beat up this guy like right over there oop that’s the wrong one I’m sorry That’s the wrong one… There… We… go It’s ours now, yes! There we go we got the jet pack! We got the jet pack which is great Holy S***! Holy S***! What the F***? What the F***? Okay lets test out this mini gun we got Come on mini gun, lets go shoot this mini gun Hello there mini gun! How are you doing today mini gun? How about we shoot at this thing? Does it work yes it does! Holy S***! Come on, shoot at it! There we go! (Jibberish) Can this thing blow up if we keep shooting? Oh, we can even make it spin, this is great! This thing works great! Oh yeeesssss…. It’s actually crashing, yup we made it crash! So we actually have 3 jet packs, this jet pack is not working Now this is the best Jet Pack! So with this jet pack we should be able to kill everybody so I’m just… going to turn the wanted level on again ya know? And there ya go, everybody is looking for us again and we can start shooting, we can even go… Oh F*** crash… I just realized No no no no eh… we are just aah… Hey there, hey there mister… can we how do we activate the jet… Give me a manual mate! Okay, there we go! We can now do this first person Shoot at these guys first person! With a jet pack! Come on, hello there! Hello there… Bye! Bye bye, bye bye everybody! Everybody’d gonna die… Yeeesssss….!!! This is pretty good so far! Holy S***! Oh my god there’s a tank over there… So we now have the jet pack, it’s all working great yeah we just got hit by a F***ing tank are you kidding? Come on how do we fly the jet pack? How do we fly the jet pack? We’re now just walking here with a jet pack, come on! Turn the F***ing jet pack on again! Turn it on again! Okay it seems that the jet pack kind of broke… Lets try to get into this jet With our jet pack on of course! Come on jet, take off! F***ing jet won’t fly with the jet pack on god damn it! Okay I got it, I got it to work ooh… Oh my god are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Stop shooting at me! Okay I got it to work again I got it to work again Kops! Quickly, we have to get out of here! We have to get out of here! OMG we’re shooting at the ground we’re also on fire… and that’s pretty bad Do we go into the water real quick? yeah okay, we’re good. We are so good right now. Okay jet pack on, toggle jet pack There we go and we should be able to fly now! We should be able to fly again! Okay yes! So we’re stealing the jet pack, we legit just stole it Lets go and do this, lets go and just fly away Because I know that we can go really fast with this thing. I know that we can go extremely fast with this thing. And that’s what we’re gonna do! Because we’re going to make our way to the Los Santos city! We’re going to the beautiful Los Santos and we’re going to wreak some havoc over there! Yeah we’re just going to kill everybody. yeah, there we go, that’s what I’m saying! We just have to go extremely fast… We’re almost there ya know. Keep on going faster and stop! We are in the city! Time to kill pretty much everybody over here! Come on! We’re just going to kill some people… Hello there… Meet the doom machine! The “Doominator” or whatever we’re going to call ourselves! Just kill everybody! Just go in and kill everybody… Kill everyone in this world! Nope, get back here! Get back here, there we go! How about some trucks? What happens if we shoot at some trucks? I’d like to shoot at these trucks! These trucks are beautiful, what about these guys? Get back here my friend Get back over here… Oh Yeesssssss Oh, there’s some more people over there… Hello there! Why are you running away my lady? I’m just trying to help you… By killing you! You too my man… My lady, my lady, my lady! My lady my lady my lady my lady… Everybody’s gonna die! OMG we are the bad guy! We are the bad super hero! Kops, this jet pack, we can’t keep it forever… It’s to much fun to kill everybody but we have to go and hide it We have to go and hide it It’s too powerful, this MOD can never be used again! The 2 mini guns just make it unstoppable! Kops, we have to go and hide it. We have to go and hide this mini gun. Lets go and hide it, lets do this Kops. But just look at that, isn’t that just beautiful? Isn’t shooting a mini gun like this just beautiful? Isn’t it beautiful?!?!? I love it, anyway’s… Lets keep on going! We have to destroy this jet pack because we can’t give it to anybody else in this world. We can not do this Kops, we can not give it to anybody else. We are extremely far above the sea right now. I think it’s time to dump the jet pack. Jetpack, we don’t need you anymore. We don’t need you anymore jet pack. It’s going to fall into the sea Kops, and we have to make our way back. I also forgot that we don’t have a parachute! We do not hava a parachute! Oops… I just realized we only had a jet pack, lets go… Just land it over there in the water… Dont… No… He’s not going to land on the water Kops. He’s not going to land in the pool… god damn it he’s not going to land in the water! Aah, good enough. That did it. Perfect. and the jet pack is gone. But anyways Kops, thanks for watching this video! If you enjoyed it make sure to drop a like also don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you Kops tomorrow Bye bye! >>>Music Outro

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  1. when he gets the jetpack the jetpack that the army had was orange then the one he got was chrome wtf

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