Mod Gameplay – BATMAN in GTA 5!
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Mod Gameplay – BATMAN in GTA 5!

October 18, 2019

You name off your most very favorite super- Meteor Man! Pluto Nash. Blankman, Its Batman guys it batman, we are doing batman Meteor Man! He looks like that, he looks like black panther He looks just like Batman right guys? Is this the new black panther trailer for the black panther movie? sweet, alright. Why does he have a watch? Oooooh! Sorry.. , oh your clogging traffic? Hit the minus on the number pad. oh minus again Ooooh!, okay, wow! Alright so here we go. Why does it have a buttplug in it? Thats not a buttplug but OH SHIT! look out batman! No, no, no, no, no Batman.. Alright.. well.. Now ill show you another cool feature of the batmobile WOAH, hope your not blowing your load too soon BATMAN MODE Because its been 3 minutes and you’ve shown us batman, the batmobile ( I know I know I know) Ok then hit the plus on the number pad okay good it fires missles, now hold down space bar WOAHHH It’s a batmobile now head forward to go forward, or W I don’t remember this from any of the movies – no this is what he did though! Remember that? Don’t you remember that? No, he didn’t – shift goes down, space goes up- from the bottom of the batmobile Shift goes down, space goes up. Nice Okay, ride mode enabled. So now batman has to – you might want to turn it to day time too- sure Have some batman fights? Alright now go land and lets uh, lets go, lets go quell some riots Nice, boom. Hey dick This is batman were talking about here We should exchange information God wow this game, the batmobile is – a rocket, you blew up a rocket right in it’s face- well Why don’t you just turn invincibility on, look he can stop crime from here

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  1. After batman successfully rid Liberty city of the maniacal crazy taxi's and the bad driving habits of the people of liberty city by driving really fast and running at speed never reached before he moved to Los Santos to use it as a testing ground for new gadgets and his flashy new suit AND WATCH and his new batmobile when all of a sudden random rioting broke out and batman had to fight the riot in his army of new vehicles

  2. Why are funhaus videos coming on other channels? There should at least be a link on their channel to these vids. I feel like I'm missing out. Or is this some trick to get us to subscribe to another channel?

  3. I could not stop laughing throughout the whole video this is by far one of the funniest lets play videos I've seen so far

  4. Man…rockstar fucked up modsso badly…gta 4 you could have full iron man suits and batman outfits but in this you get a weird skin suit…well actually its pretty much a party city Halloween costume.

  5. I've only seen Funhaus from these mod videos, but I have to say, James is fucking amazing! He never fails to make me laugh. These guys are great.

  6. waaaahhhhhh! Why is this on the lets play channel? waaaahhh waaah. I don't like funhaus.

    simple solution. This isn't affecting the output of AH videos being released. It's like a bonus and there is a Funhaus logo in the thumbnail so quit whining and just ignore the video. It is cross promotion made to interest more eople in Roster Teeth's newest subdivision and clearly, they aren't doing this for you. Now, if you don't mind i'm gonna enjoy the video


    That's not even at all Batman other than the vehicle. FUCKING SHIT.

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