Molly’s Game: Movie Review
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Molly’s Game: Movie Review

August 11, 2019

Just how mature and edgy is Molly’s Game? “Just how did into the Russian mob were you?” Let’s just say it’s not a safe bet for most
teens. Jessica Chastain stars in this fact-based
drama about Molly Bloom, the woman who ran an illegal high-stakes poker ring until she
was busted by the FBI. “You spent eight years running the world’s
most exclusive, glamorous and decadent man-cave.” The violence in this one is brief but pretty
intense. In the most brutal scene, Molly is kicked,
beaten and bloodied by an angry man. Drug use is an issue here, too. Molly becomes an addict, abusing everything
from prescription pills to cocaine and alcohol. Swearing-wise, expect lots of F-bombs, the
S-word, and more. “Where did everybody go?!” Common Sense says Molly’s Game is OK for teens
16 and up. For more age-appropriate media picks, visit
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