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August 9, 2019

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    Let me know in the comments what you think of!
    It's been making waves, I'd love to hear whether anyone's had joy with it for personal rpdocutivity!

  3. Hey Mate,

    Thanks for the video, it's really great!

    I was just wondering if we can add recurring pulses in a group.

    Like if I have a task needs to be done twice a week in a project, so I can create one pulses and once I complete it, new one is automatically created.

    Please let me if it is possible.

    Thanks in advance.

    Have a great time.

  4. This review was great. Gave me the info I needed to determine if I wanted to purchase this for my business. The answer….YES!

  5. Monday is good. Value is not good at all. Way too pricey for an app that doesn't have a lot of features that other apps have.

  6. I also noticed that when you assign multiple tasks in a sprint to the same owner on the timeline they are shown as starting at same time. Is there any way that Monday can take into account that, for example, 3 tasks take a day each and thus display them starting one after each other. Also it doesn't seem that the timeline automatically adjusts when you change estimated length. Why not?

  7. Monday sucks balls…. Every feature is a $37 upgrade! I got sucked into it… Careful with that FREE account its a tunnel with no light at the end.

  8. Do you really need 6 commercials in a 30 min video? Trying a little too hard and now I don't watch your videos.

  9. Watching the page load when logging in made me wonder if their service was slow or you were still using AOL 56k internet?

  10. This is not a review, this is a long, paintful detailing of the obvious functions, and basically like a very biased unuseful 30 minute ad for the program. A REVIEW would actually focus on pro''s cons, this is just a long tutorial that wastes peoples time and tells them nothing about how wether or not the app works well in practice, please be clear when you are making a tutorial as opposed to a review

  11. hey talk to youtube your adds are breaking into the middle of videos, kinda piss's us off, have a song playing then blam! hope you're do well with your business!

  12. from our experience its just an american way of organizing the office and at the end of it all just makes pinpointing faults to our colleagues>
    and by american way we mean an office filled with spreadsheets containing data no one knows how to put into practical productive use.

  13. I work for a software company that works in the credit card payments industry. I work on the QA team and I’m doing some research on determining what would be a good Sales (CRM), Product, & Project Management tool that has an integration with Slack and/or JIRA. What would you recommend?

  14. I love what can be, but to get access to the most helpful features, you need to be at the approx $50 USD/ month level. For $29 a month, global search is not available. Seriously? I own the data and input it all into the app, but searching for a term across the app yields a "Upgrade prompt" — Major downside.

  15. Hi We are a medium sized construction company and want a very simple way of keeping on top of projects that are running simultaneously. looks good – would you recommend we look at anything else?

  16. Thank for the great intro Franceso, Monday is indeed a great tool and I've been experiencing it among other tools and it has some gread features and ideas there !
    As each team is different, there are many solutions for each one, I would suggest a free online tool we developed at Zenkit, you can give it a try, we'd love your feedbacks:

  17. The amount of advertising you do is abusive. I'd rather watch Jake Paul sleep for 10 hours than hear another god damn Monday Dot Com add.

  18. this guy is british, his name is italian, but italians don't believe in dumb shit like, because italians aren't anything like the totally suicidal british buziness slaves whose parents keenly paid them through business slavery college

  19. Easily the most annoying advert YouTube has ever spawned. Regardless oh how good or bad this tool is, I would go for MS Project every time

  20. We've got a adaptable database in AIRTABLE that kills this app in To Do management and categorizing. Want to take a look?

  21. You've not mentioned the lack of sub-tasks (or sub pulses). If you have a reasonable sized project it's useful sometimes to have more of a breakdown of what needs to be done, and not just one long to-do list. don't believe in any task hierarchy.

  22. Thank you – super helpful summary! We're just committing to setting up our systems and this helps us understand all the features. Also, couldn't find your email so – any suggestions for a good mileage app?

  23. Hello!!! Thnak you for the video. Monday looks funcional but My company are loking for this kind of tool with Gantt diagram, I mean where you can create a project, with tasks and subtasks. I found ASANA wich woulb be integrate with Instagantt, what do you think obout that or do no you know other tool ?

  24. Hi there what are the main differences between monday and asana? I am looking for a tool to collaborate with external users outside our organization as well as volunteers.

  25. Hey Francesco I am looking for a software that will allow me to track what my employees are doing in about 15 min increments. I manage a small factory in Kentucky. We want to get an accurate picture of how long things take to be produced how much labor time goes into that ect for updated pricing. I am looking for a software that can help me do that. Idealy it would have the ability to have list of employees I would select the desired employees and assign the task and the clock would begin running and then when the task is completed I mark it complete and it gives me the total amount of time it took to complete theproduction of x amount of pieces. I am not sure if something like this exists I am new to this. Was hoping you or somebody could help me out. Thank you.

  26. Is there a similar platform that has a reporting function as well , eg Operations completed 78% of their tasks this week, sales 22% behind forecast tasks etc

  27. The youtube ads for this are so so bad. All they do is show people highlighting box's and sending a picture to to a friend. How is that revolutionary.

  28. Not paying for this program strictly out of principle of its cost, they are priced as if they got a monopoly on the productivity market.

  29. Ah that's bad… You literally lost all credibility with this video. This is an OBVIOUS add, and you did NOT disclose! That's against Youtube's guidelines, and against the FTC guidelines.

  30. How can I permanently remove a guest/user I still see them in "Deactivated Users" but the user itself is not cleared

  31. Good afternoon, I want to sign the monday and I'm looking for some tutorials, however, I can not find any in Portuguese or subtitled in Portuguese.
    I work with video, if you want to increase your clients in Brazil, I can help you with this!
    Legendando your movies here in Brazil.
    I have Translators and a highly competent team for this job.

  32. I'd like to use this but I'm not gonna pay for 5 people if I'm gonna use this alone… make a cheaper solitairy alternative please

  33. You can't be advertising for the product you are reviewing…. WTF nonsense is this?

    Edit: Laughs complete backfire on your part, "Keep Productive". The first few minutes of this video as well as the comments confirming my suspicions have completely turned me away from this product. I was considering using it for work, but you have proven yourselves shameless. Trying to sell your product through scummy means may backfire. Keep this in mind next time.

  34. It was a good video. In the given market there are tonnes of task management software but I would generally suggest using SmartTask. It provides extraordinary features to the project managers and team.

  35. Dear monday .com please leave of putting your dammed advertisement , to the peoples who don t want to see it , it doesen t care to us , we thought about your advertisement is bad done and, it just does to the peaples annoy see it , all is bad done the persons look stupids , and the advertisement s music does me annoy too much.

  36. I work at a big company and we still use excel. I would love to use this but I don't think they allow it.

  37. Better than spreadsheets, just it. Not suitable for complex management tasks, where hierarchy of requirements ,features and tasks is needed. Jira is better IMHO

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