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August 9, 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to the key productive YouTube channel My name is Francesco, Alessio and welcome back for another video so in today’s video We’re going to be reviewing an application called Monday comm now I’ll be as sure as I can in intro because I can imagine you are a team owner or maybe an administrator or Someone in the team who’s looking for a good project management resource and what I want to do in today’s future is make sure that you understand all of the features the availability and My general thoughts and opinions on Monday comm now Just to know I will time stamp this video, so if you go in the description below You’ll find all of the timestamps to the features so you can skip ahead or skip forward Or even skip back to an area that you need to know about so that it’s easier for you because I know this video is Going to be long now. Just to note if you’re looking for other project managers You can always jump over to my youtube channel and search for any weasels there I might have done a feature on it But I do a ton of other features on personal productivity apps and project managers so that might be useful too just before we jump in with this Monday comm review luckily they sent over a 8% discount on yearly and two yearly accounts so in the link below using the coupon as well Productive with Monday, you can get 8% off those accounts so if you go ahead with this project manager as your choice Then you can use that below and get a little bit of a discount anyway guys without further ado, let’s dive into this feature I’m really looking forward to checkout Monday comm so let’s dive in hey everyone so welcome to this Monday comm review hopefully this is a really detailed insight for you in terms of looking at whether Monday is actually a Viable solution for you in your team now just a note Monday comm used to previously preclude dab hulls So if you’re actually looking at the pulse in many of the listicles that are out there It is now called Monday comm and they have I guess in a sense rebranded from those days now This is a Monday comm landing page. This is what you’ll find when you click the link in the description now I’m just going to log in to my account now, and I’ve been using the web version although Monday comm provides a web version an iOS application Android application a Mac and a Windows experience – so if you have an opportunity there are resources there Now when you do sign-in just another note when it comes to the price discount offering Monday to come will obviously alternately put up different pricing so it’s not gonna stay the same Ongoing there’s going to be like these sort of discounts 12 percent off et cetera But in this video you will be able to get 8 percent off anyway That’s time straight in so as you can see here. This is the layout and It’s very simple on the left-hand panel you’ve got your inbox and your inbox is basically you notifications from your team and Any items that are of importance now? It’s going on. It’s quite interactive so when you get started adding team members You’ll be able to see other items pop up here so for example Recommendations from other team members comments, etc, so it’s not going to be static when you have other team members here And of course it will look a little bit different but we’ll explain more about that in a moment now the sort of core part of Monday is the board’s element and If we go into the boards and you can see here I’ve made a few folders AAB speak about in a minute, but let’s go to my week ahead now the brilliant thing about The boards element inside of Monday is that it’s very very flexible so when I started up a board I actually chose a Planning option, and there’s a multitude of different templates, so it’s really good which I’ll show you in a sec Here’s the my week ahead and the great thing is straightaway you can start manipulating the different sections So I’ve got my week ahead a full week ahead, but Francesco You can add a title description and you can even add all of the lovely details including changing the title of the board now if you wanted to You can of course move and manipulate the station to which they they actually Fit inside the board and and these things here are called pulses now. It’s really simple It’s not necessarily like the likes of Trello and asana with the Kanban boards Although it’s sort of like in a sense so for example. I put here Monday That’s today. I’m actually recording Monday on Monday and you’ve got here a Tick box, so I actually record it for YouTube videos this morning And as you can see here the board gives you almost like a Gantt chart to an extent or an excel file the ability to give ownership to someone But this is a manipulative area so for example if I actually wanted to turn this into something completely different I can actually edit the title and give it a completely different representation so I can actually clear this entire section of Items if I wanted to but for this example if you’re gonna use it, so there’s an omen to it. That’s me Right there, and you’ve also got status right next to it now. It’s quite neat as well Which is pretty cool ways you can change the status you can add new labels to it so for example if I wanted to update Team on my progress, okay? I’m actually ready for production so that goes green and it gives a good indication of where I am with it now This is where it gets a little more interactive You’ve got time range and again all of these states are Manipulative, which I’ll demonstrate near the end their columns that you can actually change up So I’ve got time Lane time range And if I press this one it brings up this Partial board in the timeline view so for example if I’m working on a project you’re working on a project And you want to manipulate it over four maybe five days, and then you can do so and you can even do this in multiple Sort of ones at time and of course this goes as unassigned so if I wanted to go okay I’m gonna finish the to client videos by the 8th of March and as you can see the time range is Updated in real-time so you’ve got that view and you can do that with another board down here if you wanted to You can move it along and actually have it You know bring up on this area, and if we wanted to I can actually open this up which is quite cool and almost see a visualization of the weeks that are coming up Now if I wanted to see it in day view I could go into that if I want to see it month view I could actually
Go forward And actually skip it maybe all the way to April if I wanted to So the actual ability to see that is very useful and here you’ve also got the ability to break it down per column per status And even other groups that you can create inside of this section Now just going out of that view it goes back to the regular view and you can actually just hover over items and see the exact duration of the item so that’s 5 days to be completed in and Seven days to be completed him now if you work with Clients you can actually add the client as a column so for example Let’s say chase up the alpha Newton which I actually did this morning That’s a client based thing. I’m working on it. I’m going to assign It as myself for a second And then I’m gonna take it off so as you can see I’ve highlighted the pulse and I can actually Do a multitude of things to it. I can either archive it delete it move it or even just do nothing with it whatsoever No, it’s really easy to be able to rename the pulse if I want to do so if I wanted to renamed all of these And you can move them to not just other boards but groups now Groups are the different sections here, so you’ve got multiple boards inside of your board But they’re actually called groups to be specific so if I wanted to move this down to next week I could move that pulse down here, and it will go into there But if I actually want to I could drag it over which is a very easy way to do that Now you’ve also on this view got the ability to duplicate a pulse create a new pass below so if I wanted to add one there I could And I can delete an archive just below and any of the items go into the recycle bin For more than just around 30 days It will get deleted never count down up here Which is quite nice like add just a small addition now moving on to the column abilities So you’ve got the ability to add any of the different statuses, which is quite cool. So you can add status as an additional column, and of course you can manipulate that whole thing here, so you could even have like You know your own wording to it. Whatever you and your team have as wording You can resize the column as well, so if I wanted to make that like really fat already thin Then I could so it’s not just you know your anything I could even read that like actually reorder it based on that so I can have double status Or I could completely change the take the title of that so it makes it so much easier now I’m actually going to delete this column as an example and just jump back to this view here So I have the ability to add text and that could be anything that could be notes view Keywords as as they were saying down here. You can add people ownership and accountability You can add another timeline so you can see more views, and I’m wondering whether if I add another timeline Yes, it brings up in new Timeline yes it brings up a new timeline so I could have two separate Statuses to that if I wanted to so as you can see it hasn’t affected Let me just get out of this video a sec it hasn’t affected The other time range which is pretty cool. So that’s another thing that you can add and of course the ability to add dates So if you wanted to add a specific deadline that can be very helpful, and let’s just put a deadline in for tomorrow Let’s say I’m just a new on that you can actually sync it to a calendar so if I wanted to I could sync it to Google Calendar or Outlook making it maybe a little more efficient when it comes to getting the work done now You can give it a little bit of a status. I actually play with this feature earlier today so for example if I wanted argent It’s a little bit urgent then I could and I can do that same thing with a client for example Let’s say had a really urgent client And it just provides me with a little more detail Now one thing on this time range thing is they have this micro calendars And of course you can add the same timeline To those synced calendars as well just to be clear and you can also pick an end date without Actually having to go into that time and view is if it’s something that really worries you now to finish off you’ve got the ability to add tags in that column and ability and numbers so you can add any like revenue cost time estimations and Tags are the same So you could associate it to a tag so it? the thing that it reminds most of is another project manager called Zen kit in a sense because it gives you a heck of a lot of Flexibility when you’re viewing stuff so as I was saying you can create any type of group which you want down here And you can even hide stuff so obviously that’s based on different pulses now There’s a major group option. So you collapse this group you can add a group of pulses So if you wanted a tertiary section that could be helpful you could duplicate it in case There is a list of tasks and actions that you want to get on with You can even move the group to another board which can be helpful and you can change the group icon, or sorry color? So you have the ability to do all of that you can also export to excel which is quite nice So if you’ve you and your team have made a genuine generalized project outline Then it can be pretty much accepted exportable as it excel in almost the Gantt chart format And you have also the ability at the bottom to delete and archive now. You’re probably wondering. What are these things up here? well if you Unsubscribe you won’t be able to see any updates in the board so for example if you and your team make any modifications Then it’s a little bit, and you know you were if you unsubscribe you won’t be able to see all of them Notifications will pop up here, sorry They are the what’s new section so notifications will pop up here and also you can view any members up here But moving down onto here if I wanted to search Individually any columns then I could if I typed in client For example it would detect all of that even the different and various columns that I’ve got here so and so it’s got the ability To search or filter inside of a project now It’s gone a few optionality zhan the actual pulses and the specific items Like owners and Staters and time time range and dates, so you’ve got the ability to find anything You’d like and you can also filter by person so if you have molted people Multiple people inside of this board then you can find out what they’re getting up to so as you can see very Very useful now when it comes to the actual ability when you know I’ve made all those edits and Bob’s made those edits and Sara’s made all those edits of Course the moment that only me and the board But you can actually see a show of activity so me doing all of those items You can actually see I’ve changed all this stuff here and now have actually board updates Which is slightly different, but board log is all of the different log and fixes that I’ve made so in essence It’s quite a nice way to see everything now Just one mentioned here, you can also sort items based on The time range they have so if you wanted the furthest away To be viewed then you can or the closest as well so here you’ve also got the ability to and groups of pulses again You’ve got ability to rename the board you can actually change the board admit permissions here So you can change the the ability of ownership, and the structure you can see the board subscribers email preferences which is quite handy So you can actually get? An actual board email address which is a unique email so if I copy that one an email into the board Then I’ll be able to Specifically send an item into the board ready to go, so I’ll be able to add new pulses via email now You’ve got the ability as well to duplicate the structure so for example Let’s maybe let’s say you’ve made a beautiful template for meetings or something like that That’s very specific to your company then you can copy that and make that available for your team You can also change the board type To shareable and private. I’ve currently got it as public I believe as well as export to excel on the Entire board which is very helpful now calendar integration is available and you can sync with The Google Calendar and that will actually sync with the date so for example if you had more dates in there it would probably Bring that up as well If I just wanted to print it as a PDF for example Maybe I wanted to print out okay This is how far we are with the project boss? And they know how to use Monday comm you can do so there I’ve also got full screen obviously on the mac and windows version you’ll have an ability But if you’re in the browser and want to sort of get this blockage your way up here, then that’s possible, too Now you can see all of the archive pulses Groups and also delete and archive the board so that’s everything pretty much inside of the board now and of course you can manipulate this to however you like so I’m going to demonstrate a few of The templates here so for example, let’s say I’m gonna create a board for meeting notes Yeah, just give me a second if I click create meeting notes when I was very impressed with when I was getting started with The likes are Monday comm was the ability to visualize templates, and I believe there’s over thirty templates Which is pretty impressive and of course the ability to be flexible with it, and I always talk about flexible applications being helpful So you can see these start from scratch? So you can actually create one of your own like sort of I did with that one it to some extent you can also Use the team tasks are one, so you’ve actually got the ability to You may be seeing in this preview the owner the status You can actually add the priority the time estimation for each task and what’s happening this week, so it’s it’s very Customizable, which is great you can also do it for sales process, so let’s say you’ve got leads And you want to go through the certain stages like who’s representing them. What’s the size of the deal? the the close profitability a little bit close profitability country and Also, you can do it month by month, so it’s really up to you and what you do Project plan as well you can base it per department like design R&D And have everything there shift schedules, so you can actually see who’s working when? job recruiting again You can see the different statuses of who’s given in what so far so it’s almost like Kanban for some extent So you can actually create this Kanban II type experience and you’ve also got the ability to do things like social media So what Smith shed ruled what’s gone on so far And then they’ve broken it down into all of the various types of teams that are out there So of course there are a few mentioned their lead management weekly to dues for sales For freelancers and that might be myself This is the one I clicked on my week Getting paid so you can actually see the status of your things and that’s actually very helpful um Inspiration or resources so you can actually list all of that Designers you’ve got project overview designed to go weekly tasks, and there are a multitude of ones here So as you can see lots of different Abilities inside of you know you could even do office supplies I’m actually going to use this one for the next demo so if we go to office supplies, and we open it up What’s a very very cool is actually was this meeting note sorry? No, no, it wasn’t it seems to have come for is that? Yes office supplies From the meeting notes So as you can see here. You’ve got all of the milk coca-cola Cheese coffee and sugar and you’ve got the priorities based on here So as I was saying you can actually modify it based on any color you like And you can add the quantities the statuses and even use Formula to some extent so for example if I want to do summarize all of the pulse call it quantities here in the number format You can do so this is a very easy to use setup so some of the The quantities here, so as you can see here you they’ve also done for under Sections, and I can sort by this section here so I can see critical high and It’s pretty flexible like in terms of being able to create your own areas and create your own boards is it looks really? Interactive now if I if I wanted to go full deep into I could hide the menu as well one thing I’m going to show you now is the natural For the folders section, so I’ve got the ability to create folders And that’s a way to organize all of these items But if I wanted to add it to a folder I could easily do so here so meeting notes go straight under there Now as I was saying you’ve got an ability to break it up into different Shareable and private folders, which is very very handy annual scale ability to use Command B Which is basically the ability to search board is basically like command K on slack? To some extent it gives you the ability to quickly find different items now moving on to the sort of Generalization so that’s sort of like their experience. It’s really down to you How you set this up and of course those templates will be very helpful? So that’s something to definitely explore and of course when you ante more team members the experience will get easier and easier now up here you have the ability to see the Notifications where you can invite team members Which is very easy to do you can manage your member list as well, so you can see here This is all my details here, and you can invite team members here Now you can search everything you can even go cross board through updates files people tags quick searches So I can see when I was mentioned for example. I hope you mention no times And you can also search files as well, so that’s another ability inside of here Which we’ll go through in a moment and the ability to see people at a glance and tags so up here You’ve also got the ability to upgrade to and that’s something that will go in touch on the last moment and you have the ability Very similar to slack in the sense to see all of the future Improvements, so they have made a lot of modifications in the last couple month, and I think there are a fairly fast-paced team So it’s important to understand that they’re always adding stuff up here You’ve got your profile, so if we go to my profile I can see all of my personal information for this account I can edit my title my skype details So my team can find me and also add birth date details. I can even add an email integration as well with the likes of Mmm update any pulsefire email Slager you can update specific pulses via a specific email address So it’s very helpful Now you’ve also got to be at the TT admin everything so if you’re in charge. You can create the actual account URL when the day weeks not sorry that you can change the branding to your own ones and Even update the email header when it comes through so that’s something that you can add the security is Fairly strong and you’ve got to step authentication and the ability to do the Google Apps Authentication as well And a password policy as well You’ve also got API tokens if you want to integrate it with the service. You already use the billing is pretty flexible I’m currently on the free trial with unlimited amount of users on the pro account and the invoices will be set up and of course you’ve got payment methods there and You’ve got the basic stats, so you can see all of the storage amounts that are available, which we’ll go over in a minute You’ve also got one ability to tidy up and organize all of the data in your accounts Now just a few notes on this side You’ve got that recycle bin, so you can go and see all of the columns and things that you deleted which is very helpful You’ve got integrations as well, so you can connect it with other resources like Excel Google Docs Google Calendar Dropbox Trello Zacky a and A few other things and they’re looking like they’re adding a few of those over time Now when it comes to being able to use this with teams and of course that’s really the benefit to this resource is Being able to write updates and updates are basically like comments to some extent so once you click on different a Pulse inside of that you get this window that pops up and you can write a little update now You can even write a checklist and a gif and files and mentions to other people who will come up so everyone in this board Hello, and if I click update that will go into my inbox which will be visible there now we can see an info box as well where I can add notes and files and Q&A s so if I want to do start a Q&A here that gives every nobility to ask questions and answers’ it just makes everything Easier now you may have noticed this as well. You can run updates via email which basically gives You the ability to if you copy that email you can actually send an update based on the task From the email, so it saves you time going into the likes of Monday comm so that’s very very helpful now up here You’ve got the ability to manage subscribers email preferences as well So you can get daily email all whenever something is updated in the project all or just no emails at all You’ve also got export Excel Archived pulse delete pulse and even pulse TV which is basically so when you’ve got the TV set up in the office um Many people want to know what the latest is on that pulse You can see this like view And it’ll give you an idea almost like a Twitter board to some extent But let’s say you and the team are updating something you want to see whether someone’s written something new so that’s a very helpful experience Now that’s pretty much everything when it comes to the product side of stuff again I can’t really demonstrate too much about it because it’s very personalized to your experience It’s very flexible and will give you this sort of functionality that you need so as you can see here I am still six days left on the trial Now if you’re looking for five users Now this is I would say this is probably one of the more complex resources when it comes to the payment side of stuff There is quite a few options that you need to take into account now just before we get started The clients that already use this. This is a good sort of acknowledgment The likes of Wix we work out brain and lead ass and Discovery Channel are already users Which is popular and there are a couple of departments? In some bigger companies that are using it as well So it is currently pretty on the on the rise and they do a 30-day back guarantee, so just being Just notifying of you of that, so let’s say you have five users. You’ve got a basic standard Pro and Enterprise option, so let’s say I wanted five users to be on The standard which is most popular you have the ability to do shareable boards for guests cost as much as one regular user So that is all of the other guys That are coming in you’ve got the timeline abilities and the advanced cross bored and file search advanced bored filters external integrations basic usage 50 gigabytes of storage on the basic 2 yet 5 and Priority and send emails to Monday full API access so you do get all of that lovely stuff there So just to note I was actually on a pro version, so I was actually on this version here, which gives me pretty much Thanks as to all of these two things here Plus unlimited gas tanks Google authentication usage and engagement stats unlimited storage and User Profile customization whereas if you wanted to just go basic to kick things off I mean of course That’s 22 pound per month billed annually so you’ll get the annual fee in two factor authentication unlimited teams basic search full collaboration That’s probably what you need to get started with but if you’re looking to scale what’s probably one of these three all These two at least in the enterprise you get quite an intricate you know abilities to sign on an advanced Security functions and as you can see as I raise the ten users I get higher billing so if I were let’s say a twenty five person team If I wanted to have the majority of what I mentioned in this video It would be around about between 150 and 300 pound per month, which is fairly priced But again, this is quite an advanced resource mainly because it’s flexible and that’s what makes it stand out Anyway, the one last thing I wanted to mention to you guys is actually on Monday comm so I’m just going to jump over to The main sign of course if you don’t know anything or you want to find out what the details? Remember that the pricing changes a lot, so just make sure of that you’ve also got this roadmap, so you can actually see upcoming features and goals for the Monday comm team Which is very helpful so for example. Let’s say you feel like damn It doesn’t have what tasks world has or it doesn’t have what a sauna has This is actually what they’re aiming to do so you can see here that the different stages of it so for example They’re just testing the support for more single sign-on providers and you can actually see the actual state – So daily digest revamp all this stuff is only available for the team at the moment so you can actually see How they’re progressing with their own ones and also what’s coming up next so it’s pretty impressive So you actually see everything you need to know? And actually be able to go in there any other guys are hopefully that gave you a nice overview remember They have a pretty extensive blog. They’re pretty expensive press key They have pretty much everything on that website, so if you need anything else it will probably be there they even have a Facebook community I’ll probably join it now I’ll just save that open there but if you are Looking to learn more about Monday comm feel free to use the link in description to get access to it and find out everything there My only other notes are that I will be doing their project management series So if you’re listening along and was like oh I need to learn more about project managers for work or testing them out Feel free to subscribe to me. I’m more than happy to give you recommendations Drop me an email more than happy to recommend you a few apps and resources anyway guys. Hopefully that was useful Let me know in comments. If you have any questions. Let me know if you have Any specific questions? I’m more than happy to help and we’re going to thank you so much for stopping by make sure every week keep productive And I’ll see you guys very very soon Cheers

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    I have Translators and a highly competent team for this job.

  32. I'd like to use this but I'm not gonna pay for 5 people if I'm gonna use this alone… make a cheaper solitairy alternative please

  33. You can't be advertising for the product you are reviewing…. WTF nonsense is this?

    Edit: Laughs complete backfire on your part, "Keep Productive". The first few minutes of this video as well as the comments confirming my suspicions have completely turned me away from this product. I was considering using it for work, but you have proven yourselves shameless. Trying to sell your product through scummy means may backfire. Keep this in mind next time.

  34. It was a good video. In the given market there are tonnes of task management software but I would generally suggest using SmartTask. It provides extraordinary features to the project managers and team.

  35. Dear monday .com please leave of putting your dammed advertisement , to the peoples who don t want to see it , it doesen t care to us , we thought about your advertisement is bad done and, it just does to the peaples annoy see it , all is bad done the persons look stupids , and the advertisement s music does me annoy too much.

  36. I work at a big company and we still use excel. I would love to use this but I don't think they allow it.

  37. Better than spreadsheets, just it. Not suitable for complex management tasks, where hierarchy of requirements ,features and tasks is needed. Jira is better IMHO

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