monpjc LP S2E25 – Steampunk Airship Balloon
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monpjc LP S2E25 – Steampunk Airship Balloon

September 26, 2019

Hello and welcome back this is Monpjc
here in my let’s play world and as you can see I’m somewhere a little bit
different today and that’s mainly because I’m actually preparing my server
for some new features and fun fun things that we’re going to be doing and that’s
what all this stuff is behind me but I’m not gonna tell you any more about what
that is you’re gonna have to start watching other videos in the future to
see what it is and you can see I’m in creative mode but today we’re going back
to the steampunk castle and I’m gonna stick on screen right now hopefully a
picture of what we’re gonna do this is from the Mojang minecraft creative
builds guidebook which I got over the Christmas period and as you can see this
is a steampunk airship and this has been part of my inspiration for what we’re
going to be building in this area so I’m going to hop over there to that world
and we’re gonna get cracking on seeing how far we can get through building this
thing so here I am I’m over in the steampunk area now but with the castle
behind me here and I’ve just been looking around trying to decide exactly
where I’m gonna build this airship now the top of the castle behind me up there
is gonna have the living quarters for the people on that that live mainly in
the castle at the time and if we scan round behind me we can see we’ve got
this big gateway which I’ve been building and you’ll also see where
there’s a lot of trees has been taken out from the game and this I did in my
last episode to actually collect a lot of the resources that we’ve been using
so I didn’t want to go through the complete build process doing this
because it’d be quite a long and tedious and this is gonna take quite a lot of
time but I’m sort of building the front of the airship here so it’s
it’s normal boat it’s gonna look like a normal boat but which is this big air
balloon above us up here sorry I’m waving around quite a bit so this is the
main side so this is 13 blocks long so we’ve got one two three four five six
seven thirteen probably one of the most exciting pieces of Minecraft content
you’ll see which is someone counting on screen um the other way to do that of
course without actually worrying about how many numbers you’ve got is to sort
just cheat and only actually put the right number in your inventory and then
I can just sit here and keep putting blocks down and talking to you so I’ve
been done all right I’ve only felt once so I’m really glad
I’ve got feather falling boots on because I didn’t make too much of a mess
of myself falling down there all of this wood so far has come from one stack of
oak wood which I think was fairly good going I’m just having to look at the
plan in front of me want to build in here so this floor that I’m putting in
here is potentially gonna be a lot of this is going to be temporary because
primarily it’s quite difficult to get down below I mean obviously I’ve built
this this ladder out this step way out here which I had to pull her up and do
some work from to get that looking like a like a walkway plank but it’s quite
difficult building the underside of the ship normally you want to start at the
bottom but I wanted to sort of line it up with the front there first of all so
I had something to work with so knew where it’s gonna be able to lined up so
I suppose there’s probably other ways to go about doing that but this will do for
now and so potentially a lot of this wood
will get cut back out once they decide on how the main decks going to look and
certainly as this is all very one light color of the moment as well so it’s not
exactly the most exciting color in the world I can’t quite reach that I’d be
able to there we go I’m hoping to get this bit done with you on camera let’s
try not to fall off there again and then I will actually run out before I get
that far give you an idea of something shape so I guess part of the idea some
of this might be why steampunk well a lot of the cities I’ve built so far have
been pretty much all very medieval style and Weiss medieval builds are are quite
nice and very sort of Minecraft in their sort of shape and structure it suits the
stonework and the swords and those parts of the game but steampunks a little bit
different and so going to be a little bit more difficult to portray because
you’re normally associating steampunk wave cogs and gears and actual steam
coming out as well so with regards to steam the way I’m going to get round
doing that is literally by using the new features of 1.14 the the game is going
to be changing quite a bit in that as good
get these Indians because got that temporary for now the game is changing
such that we’ll have things like campfires and when I saw campfires it
was like ah that’s absolutely perfect for what I need because campfires give
off these puffs and their floats of smoke which I can be great because what
they’re gonna do is they’re they’re actually going to allow me to create
these columns of smoke coming up which we’ve not been able to do before a
normal fire in Minecraft creates no smoke at all if you look at those fires
over there that nothing there at all whereas by powering parts of this by
having like some pipes maybe sticking out where steam would be coming out from
boilers and engines and all that sort of thing that allows us to do and there is
no let’s thing punk it’s just like part of the whole idea the goggles the the
lack of any electricity or circuits that are in the game in dev by designing it
in this particular way so I think that’s gonna look really cool once we get this
game and we’re gonna have some big cogs and some big gears and machines and
we’ll have smoke coming out of buildings etc so well actually look proper lived
in which are really quite enjoyed looking so this is the shape of the
steam punk punk airship so far it’s a good decent size this is gonna be for
transporting cargo around our world or this is the sort of thing it would be
useful for obviously there’s no water so we’ve got having an airship instead so
this is the main deck this is the outline of the main deck that we’re
actually gonna have so I’ve got to work out how the floor is going to go in here
and what I will probably do is try and concentrate on the underside of the ship
first so I’m going to go and get myself a load of dirt
which have been digging up to create some poor supports under there so I can
work out where the centers are on the underside of here and put some lines in
place and actually start getting some of the underside of the structure in place
because it’s going to be on our floor under here where we’re going to carry
our cargo so I’m going to crack on and do that so it’s definitely very
difficult to get an idea of the the shape of this way neon know when you’re
up so close to it and see what I’ve done itself actually built this in a lower
level so this is gonna be on a lower deck in here you got a bit of a cut
through here and I’ve effectively built one side of the ship so I’m going to run
down here I’ve been up and down these stairs like there is no tomorrow
so you go there’s our outline of the ship we’ve got so far it’s it’s actually
quite difficult to see close up I’ve had to run over here I can I have to get
myself a separate camera count I can actually come in and have a look at it
so it’s got quite an abrupt front to it but you look too worried about it it’s
got it’s quite large around the back there this is very early I’ve got a
rudder in the back here I’ve got a little bit of a an overhang at the back
here which is where the rooms are gonna be there’s gonna be a bit of room on the
back there and that sort of shaped there to be going up to where the deck would
be and then in here I’m gonna put some art cheers and have some windows in the
side to make it look a bit different I’m not sure whether I like the Spruce on
the underside here was actually contemplating changing out this wood
here for the oak so that we’ve got some bangs we’ve got these dark colors
here which I can contrast against and then sort of do i light a color down the
bottom half of the bow here I’m not too sure I did actually wonder whether I
maybe should have got some dark oak wood but this is definitely the same color
wood as the other area and that’s the only thing I’m concerned about is it
sort of blending in with the dirt in the background but that it’s a little bit
experimental hopefully bring some more detail into it as we go along it’s
definitely the palette we’re using but where it’s the right palette for this
that’s the that’s the important bit so I’ve got huge amounts of work to do this
is gonna be a bit of a I don’t know like an a feature on the front here trying to
break it up I’m working for as I said from the Mojang creative books on
following their idea I don’t know if it’s exactly the same as theirs but it’s
sort of bringing the theme in a little bit all right so I’ve come in on my
spectator camera here and just gonna do a swing around of what the airship looks
like so far so as you can see I’ve now built the balloon on the top which
totally in a bit of time it just took some time to put some earth down first
to get myself up high enough so then putting it in place I actually started
with the banding the brown wall and then added the other colors around it
afterwards I’ve also then gone in and put these
hanging lamps in place as well and with my texture pack four oak trapdoors have
got these solid panels on them a very much like the spruce wood ones in fact
they only look almost identical to be honest or they are identical and however
I quite like these in contrast to these sort of square ones with the little
holes in so I’ve done those out pin down a bit I built the front of the ship I’ve
changed the front round a little bit there so that we’ve got a little bit
more shape to it and because I’m inspect maids spectator
mode I can just dive inside the bubble here and you can see I’ve lit this up on
the inside so we don’t get any mobs spawning in here
and I actually really like the look at the inside of this it looks really quite
cool so I might actually have to build a little ladder up here that might be
quite useful and then the inside of our ship in the back here we’ve got a room
and there’s my character there already for decking out and then below decks as
you can see we have this large area where we’ll be able to store a lot Goods
etc so that’s just a little quick look at the final outline of the ship I think
that looks pretty cool so as you can see I’ve made a lot more progress now with
the steampunk airship and I think it’s looking pretty good from down here I’m
gonna take a little walk over towards the castle you can see I’ve now
completed the balloon section at the top there and I’ve also put a lot of
decoration on the outside here as well it’s gonna be a lot more difficult to
see from close up so it’s just hop up these stairs a little bit so much we can
see from over the edge OOP not much there from there at all yep so
on the sides of the airship I’ve put this studying these are buttons on the
side there and there’s a flag and we’ve put some windows in there as well I
really what I should do is just grab some earth and give you a look from the
outside but where I got a stack of let’s get a stack of cobble and we’re gonna
whip back down there and having a look from the other side so it’s much easier
to see from this position here so on the sides of the ship I’ve put these stone
buttons which just bring out a little bit more features along the side there
these windows have got this sort of it’s not a straight edge but it’s sort of
like a bowed arch sort of curved shape and I’ve made it so they don’t line up
with the windows they actually go further this is very similar to what’s
actually in the book you know the thing is I’ve added to this as well as our
flag which is for the area I put these windows in and something that what was
quite cool was the use of the jukeboxes now obviously they’ve cost me diamonds
to make these but I think it was well worth it and they just add a bit more
texture on the side and what I’ve also done that is because this is going to be
up against the village and pillage in one fall team I’ve actually put some
dispensers on the side here which as she looked like guns we’ve actually got
drop-down windows over the side there and then on the back of the ship I’ve
used iron blocks which obviously we’ve got quite a lot with with some
cobblestone just to make these sort of like flared I don’t know what they’re
like go faster stripes I guess or flames on the back
and then with the balloon obviously we show you part of the progress and that’s
now finished off there it’s looking fantastic by comparison one of the
things I’ve also done on the ground down here because this is a bit of a landing
spot obviously for our airships that would be coming in from the distance
just tidy up these stones here so they would come in from over here off in the
distance so I’ve put down these redstone lamps on the ground and these light up
are obviously in lighter at night so we can actually the ship can see its way in
and you can also see on the back of the propeller on the back of the balloon
that’s just made out of fence posts and a couple more guns on the back there so
I’m going to run back up I’ve just noticed on the underside here that it’s
not even look at that I missed a bit completely I need to go back and finish
that so I’m gonna run back up the stairs and we’ll have a tour from the inside so
another little feature I added just while I was up here on this platform
with these redstone lamp some switches on the back which allow
for bit of navigation when the ships coming in to land so we first have all
walk along our plank here and normally these would be out like that to be that
position when the be flying so to speak but when we come in we can sort of like
put these out and then we’ve got somewhere to be able to walk on board
not the easiest of access but it’s not too bad
the lamps I already showed you I put some are hidden some lamps as well so
our gun is made of two dispensers there’s actually nothing inside it and
I’ve used these powered rails over the top which I think look pretty cool and
it does actually fire the dispenser when you do that but I don’t know whoever it
powers that one a lot does it let’s experiment can I click on that let’s put
a let’s put a firework in it let’s see what happens
should we have some fun wiki oh look at that
oh that’s cool it fires a rocket oh that’s cool I didn’t know I could do
that I’m gonna put a couple in there right we all have to make some fireworks
now to put in this that’s gonna look pretty awesome and yeah I’ve got a
button on the back that will activate that’s what yes if we’ve got ones on
either side there that look really good fun we’ll be able to having some fun
with that but the key thing is on the inside here you see a proper decorated
hour in here so we’ve got a jukebox for a bit of music you see this is pretty
steampunk casual laid-back we’ve got these little
tables and some sofas not what you’d be expecting on a normal ship and then we
can hop up the top here to the captains area where to be steering the ship from
so it just put a fence post no it’s not a fence post is it that’s a gate on here
so it looks like we’re flying the ship from here look at that I’m in charge
saluté and then we’ve got some little bit of nice bits I think the propeller
looks awesome up the back there and then we’re just gonna run downstairs
and I’ll show you the the galley so down here huh I’ve put benches in along the
side here again using the green top tables a bit of a lounge area a bit of a
buffet area and the floor I saw this in the book as well this wasn’t
unfortunately not my idea I’ve copied this but I think this looks awesome this
is using Pistons to decorate the floor where you get these zigzaggy line wooden
patterns on the floor and it looks fantastic and then I went a little bit
over the top and added summary on the side here because they look fancy and
then I put glowstone in here and I got some would you call this word a chart I
cut cha cha would cha cha would to go over the lamps to make it look a bit
more fancy and up this end we have the cooker the ovens here we have I don’t
know what that is it’s just like a big fire and some more furnaces we’ve got
these fridges in place and we’ve got our banners out and about and everything and
there’s all natural lighting from in here so I think that looks awesome this
does I really like this build so what I’m gonna do now is I’m just going to
set the time to night let’s set it to midnight and then we can check out what
it’s like it’s getting darker is it getting dark out there
did I just completely mess that up I think you did there we go it’s definitely dark outside
now yeah and you can see the glow of the
village off there in the distance so as you can see in here nicely lit no
problems there’s I noticed over there there’s a lieutenant with some torches
around it I think that’s halo Phoenix has been
doing that I’m not sure so let’s pop up the top of the ship and have a look at
this because this looks awesome in the dark Oh oops
I didn’t mean to do that anyway this looks nice from down here Oh complete
goof so there you go there’s our ship at night and just take a picture of that
that looks absolutely awesome I think I think anyone building this would be
well-pleased this is taking me about five hours I reckon to build in total
and that’s without collecting all the materials beforehand so it looks really
really cool so let’s run back up here and have a quick look from this angle there we go it’s nicely lit up I think
this is an awesome little ship and I definitely going to be experimenting
around with the the fireworks and seeing what they look like when they’re going
off so I hope you really enjoyed this episode I this has definitely been one
of the biggest builds I think of them as I say it took me over five hours to do
please leave a like if you really like what I’ve actually been building and
please hit that subscribe button and don’t forget to hit the little Bell
button so that YouTube tells you when new videos come up thanks very much and
I hope to see you in my next episode bye

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  1. Hi Everyon and just want to say big shout out for all the new subs and thank you for giving feedback.

    I really enjoyed building this Steampunk Airship and was suprised that I got it finished in one video. Hoping to add timelases and get my Camera account working better for you all so you can follow the progress.

    Already started work on next weeks build so stick around as this Steampunk city is going to be epic! 🙂

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