Monster Shooter Review on Samsung Galaxy S3 Androidizen
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Monster Shooter Review on Samsung Galaxy S3 Androidizen

September 1, 2019

Hello everyone, this is Monster Shooter. Quite good fun. Although too many nag
screens for my liking. It’s a fairly old title now, but I
thought I’d do a review of it today because it’s
still quite popular and you know, I find it quite fun actually,
it’s quite a nice diversion when when you have nothing else to
do or new games to play. Just glorified killing monsters
basically, with big guns. The only thing that really, really frustrates me
with this game is the insane number of
nag screens it gives you before you can actually
get in to play. Other than that, the graphics are really nice cartoon style and the
game’s really responsive. Lots and lots of power-ups on it. It’s free to
play so I suppose you can’t grumble too much but the nag screens are a little bit old school
for my liking. I think we’ve moved past giving somebody 10 chances to upgrade
and pay anything else before you let them actually try out the game and play it. I’m not grumbling too much. It is a fantastic game and well worth
the download if you’re looking for something to play this
weekend. The idea is to complete each level by wiping out all of the monsters. You have your gun, which you can point
in any direction simultaneously and it keeps firing depending on
which direction you are touching the gun to fire into. Like that look. Whoops! Your guns have various
reload times on them which can cause you problems with lots of enemies
on screen, you need to reload your gun so watch out for that. The idea really is just to
clear the level. Without dying obviously. Your health bar is up at
the top there. The game definitely gets harder
as it goes along. There’s one level unlocked. And that’s
Monster Shooter. It’s a great little fun game.

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