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Monsters Ate My Condo iPhone Gameplay Review –

September 1, 2019

How does Adult Swim do it? The last thing
a reviewer expects is for the late night comedy viewing block of a dedicated cartoon cable
channel to constantly hit it out of the park with such original and amusing iPhone game
releases. Monsters ate my Condo continues this trend with being an all out assault on
the senses hiding a pretty solid tower stacking puzzle game underneath. The game operates around a condo and monsters.
Two monsters out of four surround a condo that has floors constantly being added to
it. The floors are all different colors. By swiping your finger either left or right,
the floor will be flung into either monster. If the floor is the same color as the monster,
all is well, but if it is a different color, the monster’s happiness meter drops (if it
gets to zero, bad times are afoot). The trick comes in flinging the floors so that three
floors or more of the same color stack up together, creating a combo which will get
rid of that color monster (well, it will tag him out and another will take his place).
That’s the basic game, but the monsters having special powers activated by specially created
combo floors, and the addition of time bombs (and even just the precariousness of the condo
itself) keep things tense and always on edge. Where this game first assaults you is with
its presentation. Crazy character designs, an explosion of color and all the while a
high impact soundtrack blasts along. The game itself isn’t that complex, but just due to
everything happening on screen, your first few plays will be met with thoughts of, “What
the hell is going on?”. When the initial shock does wear off and you start enjoying
the game on its own merits, you have both the endless mode and the time attack mode
to keep you going. If this was just your run of the mill puzzle
action title where you were swapping out colors to create combos, this review would be less
positive. I mean let’s be honest, you’ve all played those games before. Where Monsters
ate my Condo excels is with its tone, atmosphere, and overall presentation, invoking laughter
and confusion during every second of play. This is worth a purchase just for the unique

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  1. Good review. I was watching some game play videos on it and could wrap my head around everything. This review cleared everything up.

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