Morning Mario #155 – “The Airship’s Secret”
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Morning Mario #155 – “The Airship’s Secret”

October 13, 2019

Good morning, and welcome to “Morning Mario” here on StephenPlays. Today, we have a “New Super Mario Bros. U” themed level called “The Airship’s Secret,” created by Alex. It’s got a pretty low clear rate. The world record’s about forty– Between 40 and 50 seconds. I’m gonna give it my best, and see what I can do. ‘Kay, first I gotta get ON the airship. ‘Sup guys! How ya’ doing? Give me this fire flower! Because that makes my life easier. ‘Kay, I know I can get up there. Can I not get up there?? OK, I’m gonna die here. Wait, can I really not get up there? What did I hit? Wait, what the? Uhh… That’s creepy. So in the process of trying to figure out what to do, I may have found a secret. See what we got here. So we got this. But there is some otherworldly garbage going on. It allows me to get up here a little more easily. Uh, pipe? Can’t do pipe. Running, running, running, running, running! Uh, door, door, door? Yeah, door. We’ll try door. I crushed him. Augh! Get through the door! I don’t know why I just stood there and was like, “No, I got– I can take him.” Oh God. Well, we’re going down. Uh, let’s try this door? We’re trying this door. That’s not very funny. Get back through this door. Um, pipe? What’d we got here? Uh, another one of these. Leave that there in case I need it! Back through the pipe. ‘Kay, we got this, garbage… Careful… Careful… Wait, what? I was sliding along the wall. Why did I fall in? I don’t understand. I am beyond confused. Gotta get up there! Dear God! All right, start by this. Where’s my– Where my secret block? Why I’m– Shoot. I’m gonna go– Oh God! I’m dead. I’m dead! I’m dead. I need the guy to jump! I think I’m going to try the lower path. I’m just– I’m gonna try it, just to see where it goes. Um…. But I am going to start with this, because it seems like a good… It’s kinda of an insurance policy, really. Killed that thing. Can I? OK, so you can’t go that way. Um… You also can’t go in here. So this actually might be faster. ‘Cuse me… Down I go. So that was pretty fast. So we gotta go do this again. I’m really hoping… God. What the? All right, I’ll just do that. ‘Kay, if I… What the heck? I– Why am I having so much trouble getting through there? Oh, snap! Little Mario is the way to go, man! Oh, but then I burnt my butt. But little Mario, yes! Oh my God! Moles! Where am I going? I have no idea! Oh my God! I was just running as fast as I could. That was probably a bad Idea. Oh my God! Oh, I did it! Oh, I did it! I don’t know where I’m going! I don’t know where I’m going! Do I go down? I guess I go down. Oh, crap. Oh, I fit in there. Do I– Do I go up the pipe? I go– I guess I go up the pipe. Oh my God! Yes! What do I? Is this– Is this it? I did it! I did it! Also, if I didn’t beat the world record, I’m gonna be pissed, because I was flying like a madman. I was running like crazy. Please… Oh, my God… *sigh* I’ll give it one more shot. And that’s it. All right, get ready, and run! Jump on this. Hit these guys. Keep going! Run! Jump! Air stall! Okay, that was not exactly how I meant to do that. Might have messed up myself. On time– There… Fall down into this thing. Go as fast as I can. Gotta wall jump this thing. Jump! Jump! Fall down… Jump! Up here. Over. Jump! Keep running, full speed, jump! Jump! Bounce! Go! Go! Air stall a lot! Watch out for the moles! Keep runna-runna, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run. Jump! Run, run, run, run. Jump! Get into the thing! Okay, go go go go go! We gotta go low, we gotta go low. We gotta go low, we gotta go low. Okay. Get in there, get in there. Okay, forget that thing. Go! Get in the pipe!! Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, I might do it! I might do it!! Jump up here, jump up here, jump up here! Yes. Yes. Yes! My palms are sweaty, and I am excited. Please, please be it. Please be the one. ‘Cause I was moving FAST. I thought I was moving fast on the other run. I did it. Oh my God, my heart is pounding. That was such a hard level. I spent way too much time on this level! *sigh* But it was fun, it was well designed, and it made me want to play it. So… I guess it worked. That’s it for today. Thank you so much for watching. Uh, if you have a level of your own that you’d like to submit, you can do so using the link in the description down below. Otherwise, I’ll see you next time for more StephenPlays, “Morning Mario.”

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  1. Do you ever look back on your past levels and see if anyone beats your world records? And if they did, try to regain the title?

  2. Ummm… I think that, by joking about Stephen getting world records, we might have made Stephen become obsessed with getting the world record now? ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Stephen when you are done Revaltions you have to play Bioshock infinite, if Bioshock 1 is a 10 then infinite is a 15, better story great characters great use of powers better combat system you just have to play infinite with us

  4. Wait, the flagpole was there the whole time? The same green pipe Stephen went into, he came out of. I don't think he had to go in there because the flagpole was to the right the whole time.

  5. StephenPlays Morning Mario : EP 155
    Totals/This Episode
    Hits :570/6
    Deaths :347/6
    Resets : 07/
    Time Ups : 3/
    Levels Tried :155
    Levels Beaten:149
    Records Beaten as of EP.81 : 26/1
    Auto-Levels : 2
    1 Input Level: 1
    Music Levels : 1
    Super Mario 1 : 60
    Super Mario 3 : 18
    Mario World : 41
    New Mario Bro : 36
    Items gotten :
    Mushrooms :211/
    Flowers :094/3
    Tanooki :016/
    Feather :038/
    Stars :142/
    Propeller mushroom : 14/
    Amiibos :186/
    Giant Mushroom : 8/
    Lanky Mushroom : 9/
    1-Ups mushrooms : 384/
    Score :7179690/ 98650
    Coins :0010512/ 385
    Goal 1-ups
    Mario 1 :33/
    Mario 3 : 1/
    SMW : 6/
    New Maro: 9/
    Sweaty Palms : 6/1

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