Morning Mario #167 – “Do It For The Vine!”
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Morning Mario #167 – “Do It For The Vine!”

August 21, 2019

Good morning and welcome to “Morning Mario”, here on StephenPlays. Today, we have a “New Super Mario Brothers U” themed level called “Do It For The Vine!” Created by Tyler. World record looks to be about 1 minute and 46 seconds, and only a 4% clear rate. Will we be doing it for the Vine or for the sake of completing a level that most people haven’t completed? What have we got here? So there’s Yoshi waiting on us. Let’s do some hopping, shall we? Oh ah, there’s vines. Sorry! I just realised that there’s…. *Mario’s Death Sound* Was really sad.. Um.. Was probably the saddest thing, actually because like you can jump, but also there’s vines. Can I fit up here? I can! I’m just gonna scurry across the top here.. Uhh, very careful, ver-very careful. Alright, that’s alright. We’re good! x3 And down we go! There’s a star in here that would heeeelp alot. And there’s a P block.. Which would make all of the stuff solid? So I don’t know how that helps. *Noise* Oh my God, I stubbed my toe. Oh snap, now I’m big. So what I decided to do, was I went to the other side, and instead of going up through that maze I just hit that P block which doesn’t do anything for me. And then I came this way. That seemed like the best course of action, because now I can get up here and get on Yoshi. What good does that do me? I have no idea! Possibly no good! To be honest, I don’t know. Here hold on to that thing. Did we go anywhere? Okay I can go up through these blocks. I don’t know if Yoshi is gonna help me out or not. Uhmm. But we’ll hope so. Okay I can go up higher. Oh God, x3, this seems like death! This seems like death! We’re fine! Everything’s fine! I worried for nothing. Actually it’s working. Actually, everything’s fine. I also have a P block in my mouth. In case I need one later.. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), I don’t know. It seems like something’s gonna hurt me soon! SOMEHOW this is okay. I hope I’m supposed to bring the P block so that I can feel really clever at the end here. Oh my god I did it! That wasn’t that bad at all! That was really quite easy! I don’t know why it has 4%, like I guess people are really intimidated because of the beginning. Otherwise, it wasn’t bad, once you get over- To the other side, so you can get a mushroom, so you can break the block to get to Yoshi then, it’s fine. That wasn’t bad at all. I was doing it pretty quick. That’s it for today. Thank you so much for watching. If you have a level of your own that you’d like to see here on Morning Mario, you can submit by using the link in the description box below. Otherwise, I’ll see you guys next time for more. Stephen Plays, Morning Mario.

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  1. Stephen has their ever been levels that you started recording and couldn't because the were of lesser quality

  2. Stephen very quickly u have become my favourite Lper, i love ur content, and i really like the border u put up on the channel its very well organized

  3. Ah the suspense, of me waiting for stephen to play my level is overwhelming, let's just say he's not going to be happy by the end of it…..(or maybe he'll be overjoyed that he never has to see that level ever again!) 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  4. The genius of this comment is how relevant it will be for years to come:

    What do you guys think of my new profile pic?

  5. I don't always speak so crudely, you know. I'm just worried about you because you play so badly!! Why do I care? Because I'm the one that feels it when you screw up, that's why!!! So just try to get better at this game, OK?! I'm begging you!

  6. StephenPlays Morning Mario : EP 167
    Totals/This Episode
    Hits :623/2
    Deaths :363/2
    Resets : 07/
    Time Ups : 3/
    Levels Tried :167
    Levels Beaten:161
    Records Beaten as of EP.81 : 29/
    Auto-Levels : 2
    1 Input Level: 1
    Music Levels : 1
    Super Mario 1 : 65
    Super Mario 3 : 19
    Mario World : 43
    New Mario Bro : 40
    Items gotten :
    Mushrooms :223/1
    Flowers :102/
    Tanooki :019/
    Feather :038/
    Stars :147/
    Propeller mushroom : 17/
    Amiibos :221/
    Giant Mushroom : 8/
    Lanky Mushroom : 9/
    1-Ups mushrooms : 397/1
    Score :7952030/ 44400
    Coins :0011894/ 92
    Goal 1-ups
    Mario 1 :34/
    Mario 3 : 1/
    SMW : 6/
    New Maro:11/
    Sweaty Palms : 6/

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