Morning Mario #202 – “Think outside the box”
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Morning Mario #202 – “Think outside the box”

August 24, 2019

Good morning, and welcome to “Morning Mario” here on StephenPlays. Today, we have a “Super Mario Bros. 3” themed level called, “Think outside the box,” created by Jacob. A very low clear rate. And the world record, is about a minute and a half. What does “Think outside the box” mean, Jacob? (100 second jingle plays) Oh, OK. Apparently we have very limited time to think outside the– Oh, what is this? Oh, what fresh hell is this? *groan* Oh, God… I– Honestly, the idea is very clever. The idea is very clever, and, um, might be the death of me. Oh… Dah… God, go under. ‘Kay, this one we’re going to avoid. And then go this way, And then, oh… There we are. All right. Doing pretty good so far! Just– Oh, wait! Wait, wait! No! No, no. *sharp inhale and groan* Clever! Jacob, clever. I actually quite– Ah, shoot! Actually quite like– The level idea, when I’m not stubbing my toe. *groan* Okay, I made it. What is this? Ah, thank God! Oh, really? Really? You want some of this? Do you want some of this, now? ‘Cause I will take you down. Downtown! Oh, God. Please! Things are going pretty good. Oh, geez! Yeah, I knew that was coming. Well, at least I’m still big. Could be worse. Oh, wait. Yeah, I was gonna say. I see– I see what’s about to happen. Oh, shoot. Give me something! You son of a– Okay. Well, this is… This is awkward! Just floating through with this thing. Um, Where am I going? Should I? Should I be stomping this? No, I’m trying to get to this, door. Oh my God. That was very cool! That was very, very cool. I’m actually– I’m continually impressed, by the interesting game mechanics people are inventing within Super Mario Maker. That was so cool! Now the problem is I haven’t played all of the 2D Mario games, and sometimes I’m concerned, like, maybe this was already shown in, one of the games that I missed. Um, but I don’t think so. I don’t think so. That was really cool. Loved it! Fantastic. Anyway. That is it for today. Thank you so much for watching. If you have a level of your own that you would like to submit, you can do so using the link in the description box down below. Otherwise, I’ll see you next time for more StephenPlays “Morning Mario.”

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  1. These are always the best type of levels. They have a cool idea that they use to full effect without the level going on forever and just when you feel the idea and level has done enough, the level ends. Very well designed and nice difficulty.

  2. StephenPlays Morning Mario : EP 202
    Totals/This Episode
    Hits :859/4
    Deaths :495/1
    Resets : 12/
    Time Ups : 3/
    Levels Tried :202
    Levels Beaten:195
    Records Beaten as of EP.81 : 44/
    Auto-Levels : 2
    1 Input Level: 1
    Music Levels : 1
    Super Mario 1 : 75
    Super Mario 3 : 26
    Mario World : 55
    New Mario Bro : 46
    Items gotten :
    Mushrooms :293/2
    Flowers :154/2
    Tanooki :021/
    Feather :051/
    Stars :160/
    Propeller mushtoom : 17/
    Amiibos :239/
    Giant Mushroom : 8/
    Lanky Mushroom : 22/
    1-Ups mushrooms : 405/
    Score :10094950/ 9950
    Coins :00014552/ 49
    Goal 1-ups
    Mario 1 :39/
    Mario 3 : 4/
    SMW : 10/
    New Maro:12/
    Sweaty Palms : 9/

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