Most Dangerous Homemade Hoverboard Fail
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Most Dangerous Homemade Hoverboard Fail

August 27, 2019

(aggressive rock music) – Yo, it’s your boy, Kill’em For The Win, I always kill ’em for the win, and you’re watching me,
Kill’em For The Win, woo! Have an idea. I want to try and make my own hoverboard, or sweg-way, whatever the
hell you want to call it. I can’t see this ending well. It probably says broken
bone alert in this title. (laughing) This is kind of how I’m imagining it. I can’t explain, so I’m trying
to draw a little diagram. I’m thinking like wheel barrow wheels. Something big and chunky. And then some kind of
bar going through it. I need some wood or something
like a little platform to attach to it to stand on, that’s it. (laughing) That’s all I’ve got. Or maybe I can somehow make the bit you stand on made out of metal. We’ll see what I’ve got, I don’t know. It’d be a miracle if this thing works, or even resembles a hoverboard. What the hell we havin’ here? Milkshake, vanilla. So cool. Oh, that is gorgeous. That milkshake was gorgeous,
that just went down, woosh, easy. – [Girlfriend] 40% off. It’s just 77 euros. (gasping) – Think a Go Pro would be cool, don’t you? Gettin’ different angles going, woah. Which one? That looks cool. What accessories do I need? – [Girlfriend] If you wanted
to do it helmet or wrist– – Head strap, chest or wrist. Oh, oh that looks good. So I’m gonna get that Go
Pro, the little session thing and the handle. – [Girlfriend] Hi. (chuckling) We got it, baby. This is what Go Pro’s were made for. (atmospheric instrumental music) – [Girlfriend] I got something for you. – What is it? – [Girlfriend] A surprise. – She won’t let me look at it. – [Girlfriend] Something
you always wanted it. – What. (chuckling) Ooh, wow. (laughing) – [Camerawoman] Squeeze it. They’re awesome, isn’t it? (atmospheric instrumental music) – Okay, where do we start? Start with the wheels? It’s not looking good,
can’t find anything. Mmm. I literally just pressed
to start recording and I found these and these. – [Girlfriend] How ’bout those, look. – [Kill’em] Oh, they got loads. – [Girlfriend] Up there, look. – Woah, wheels everywhere. I can have any size I want. We’ve got metal poles, too. Oh, it’s looking good. It’s looking good. Yeah, I’m thinking that one. (indistinct speech) Yeah, there we go. Oh perfect, made for it. I think this would be good to hold the platform on, seem like a perfect sign. You get the platform
there, screw this to it. We’re in the wood section, we found the off-cut section, look at this. This, this is the one, this is the one. Yeah, that’s gonna be awesome. That’s alright. – [Girlfriend] I want it glittering pink. – Let’s do this. The final dilemma was keeping
the wheels on the pole. My girlfriend found these little beasts. It rings with a little allen key in there. You put the ring on the pole, then tighten the allen key and
that’ll hold it in position. We’re gonna spray paint it. Lookin’ weird. Black, matte black. (atmospheric instrumental music) Here we go, off we go. We’ve got everything in the car, let’s go home and make this. Oh I cannot wait to
see how this turns out. If this don’t work now. Well that stuff cost 70
euros, which is about 60 pounds? 80 American dollars? I could have nearly bought an
actual hoverboard for that. (chuckling) It better work, you think it’s gonna work? – [Girlfriend] No. – It better work. – [Girlfriend] You’re gonna
end up in the hospital. – Let’s make this thing. (sighing) (energetic electronic music) (laughing) We’ve invented a new sport. I just feel cool just holding this thing. The beefy wheels, the Monster logo. Now it’s time to see if it actually works. (chuckling) Let’s go. I’m gonna die today. I think we’ve got everything. Got first aid kit, ’cause
I’m gonna need that. Got the blog camera, Go Pro. Some Coca-Cola just to
make sure I’m fueled. Let’s do this. Cool. (atmospheric instrumental music) Here we go, we have arrived. My heart is pumping so fast. On flat ground you can get
a bit of balance on it. (groaning) (farting) That was a complete fail. This is still in one piece, so we’re moving on to somewhere else. The grass here were a bit long, and under the grass there
was quite a lot of bumps. It’s hard enough to balance
on this thing without bumps. We’re at location number two. I’m gonna start up there,
hold onto the barrier, get some balance, and then
just let go of the barrier, and I should fly down this hill. All the way down there. Let’s see me fail. It doesn’t look it, but
this is really steep. (aggressive rock music) And that moment right there is the reason I’m sat here right now editing this video with a bandage on my knee. Oh, my back’s killing as well, but you’ll find out why
later on in the video. I hope you enjoy it, make sure you give me a thumbs up if you are. Let’s carry on. (aggressive rock music) (bleeping) (groaning) My knee hit something. (groaning) I landed like sideways
and my knee twisted. – [Girlfriend] Maybe we
try it from a bit more down where it’s not so steep. – Yeah, not steep. It’s not quite far. That was stupid. Okay, next. I’ll just go. That was a test. (aggressive rock music) Such a fail. – [Girlfriend] Bye. I like that. It looks really good and professional ’til you’re on with two feet. (chuckling) – Then I’m a noob. – [Girlfriend] Yeah. (chuckling) (aggressive rock music) That was awesome. – That went bad. I’ve just seen this hill. We’ve gotta try it. – [Girlfriend] It’s so steep. – [Kill’em] Woah. (inspirational instrumental music) No! – [Girlfriend] (laughing) – Okay, I’m up here. This is crazy, look at this! You can see everywhere from up here. Oh God. (aggressive rock music) – [Girlfriend] Woah! – Did it look good? – [Girlfriend] No. – I didn’t even stand on it. – [Girlfriend] Yeah.
(chuckling) I could see that. Oh your. (gasping) Did you fell on your bum? (gasping) – [Kill’em] Is that from? (laughing) (aggressive rock music) (groaning) – I’m okay. (aggressive rock music) (groaning) What the hell. (aggressive rock music) (bleeping) It’s been kind of a success. I hope you’ve enjoyed that video. If you have, make sure you
give a nice, big thumbs up. We’ve got to go, it’s getting dark. Thank you for watching,
please comment, thumbs up, subscribe, tell your
friends, tell your family, let everyone know about me. Kill’em For The Win. Stay awesome.

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  1. Maybe you should make one more of those same and put your feet on one of them and then your chest or stomach on the other one 😂😂😂

  2. U could just build a four wheel skate board with rockets strapped in the back but ur guess is as good as mine so just accept my suggestion plz

  3. The first thing I thought when I saw you grabbing the barrier: "Se va a pegar la hostia de su vida…". I was right.

  4. to late now but kill em needs to bond the board to the pipe so it wont move some epoxy putty or something like that would work stuff dries hard as steel maybe weld it thats whay he needed to do to finish that thing so be can at least stand on it strait.

  5. If you needed protection you should of used elbow and knee pads


    You probably thought I was talking about something else 😏😏😏

  6. I don't want to tell you how to build a hover board but…..wouldn't it work better if you used two pipes and 4 wheels? Then the top would be stable to the wheels,… I think it would work great that way! DO you see what I mean? Fasten the metal pipes to the front and back edges of the board the long way.. then you put the 4 smaller wheels to the ends so the 4 wheels would be at the short part of the board, sort of?? SEE??? You could ride stationary and the top wouldn't twist.

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