MOST RIDICULOUS MOD EVER? – Fallout 4 Mods – Week 27
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MOST RIDICULOUS MOD EVER? – Fallout 4 Mods – Week 27

August 16, 2019

What’s up boyos? Welcome to Fallout 4 Mods Weekly! Really appreciate all the support on that random facecam video that I did for Skyrim! Maxing out any more likes than, like, any Weekly Mod series, and it also took, like, a fourth of the time. So… Yeah, I don’t know what I’m doing with my life, guys, but I appreciate it! Also, if you guys didn’t know, I’m giving out away a $200 gift card and there’s only a few days left to promote my new Instagram. So there’s a link down below and feel free to check it out if you want to! Roll the intro! ♫ The Wanderer by Dion ♫ You know what’s kind of weird that I never really noticed until now? The roads in Fallout 4 are really light, especially when compared to New Vegas and Fallout 3 And that is why this guy made his own road retexture and it is called: “Realistic Roads”, a mod that aims to make roads more realistic by making the concrete darker. I have lived in Boston, I do remember the roads being darker than vanilla, but lighter than this mod. Now some of you might also argue, right, ‘MxR, it’s been so many years after the great war, you know, nobody’s repainting the roads, they’re gonna look washed out.’ And you know what? You might actually be right, but until we have the research, right I’ve actually got my immersion scientists on this; we are running an experiment currently to see what roads would look like in 200 years if they were not painted at all, and I will get those results back to you in about 200 years. Just kidding, uh we actually have like a time machine so I don’t know how realistic or lore friendly these roads might be, but if you want to stay on the safe side just to, you know, cancel any possible risk that your game might become un-immersive you could also download the faded version which is kind of in between vanilla and the concrete. I personally enjoy the dark one just because I like the way it looks and if I’m wrong and my immersion has been compromised, I am willing to take the risk for a slight increase in the aesthetic levels of my game. And roads really do make a difference. I mean they’re fucking everywhere in your game so they might as well look aesthetic as fuck. So you know when you complete Vault 81 and they give you that room to stay in? Yeah, you know, it’s not the best looking room out there. In fact it’s probably one of the worst looking rooms out there. Erin’s room is better looking than mine and she’s like 11, and you know, I like Vault 81. It’s one of my favorite places in Fallout 4, but if it means that I have to stay in this room, then I’m gonna have to get Elianora up in this bitch to do some serious room renovating. She’s about to go all HGTV house hunting up in this shit. This is “Faction Housing Overhaul Vault 81” by Elianora, and behold, from prison cell to 5 star accommodations. That’s right Erin, suck it. My room’s better than yours. Ha, loser. So the first thing you do when you step into this place, is immediately go up to the dinner table and steal her steak. So this room now has a fully stocked kitchen filled with Insta-Mash and *gasp* Saddle Up Salisbury Steak, radiation free. You have your own custom Vault 81 chest. You have your own terminal that you can play holotapes at. You actually have your own bathroom, ya know, equipped with a sink and a toilet, and even a trashcan. Holy shit. You have a television, weights underneath the bed for emergency gains, your own issue of ‘Coffee Magazine’ featuring Elianora, and books! Real books this time without the generic titles. Yeah, I have no idea what Bethesda was thinking when they made this room. They were probably like ‘Yeah, nobody’s gonna use this room. Let’s not even like, put any effort into it. Let’s just, like, put the intern on that.’ And also outside there are now crafting stations. Now this place is actually usable and inhabitable and just a pleasant place to be in. Do you like jetpacks? Do you want a jetpack without having to wear a power armor? Don’t fucking lie to me. From the creator of “CROSS Cybernetics” comes “CROSS Jetpack”, a mod that allows you to craft a jetpack. ‘But MxR, it’s just a jetpack. We use that on power armors all the time.’ NO IT ISN’T JIMMY. It’s not just a normal jetpack. This jetpack is a jetpack sprinter: jet assisted sprinting which means sprinting will cost less stamina, and when you jump, you will jump higher and further. But is that all this jetpack does? No, right, you can also upgrade it at any workbench. You can turn it into a standard jetpack which is basically what you have on a power armor, or you can the best of both worlds with the advanced jetpack. So now you can sprint with ease, jump high, fly, and then unleash your load of shots into your enemies faces, and then fall and kill yourself since you’re not in a power armor. Fortunately, these jetpacks can be modded to reduce fall damage for some reason, and this mod also works as an add-on to Cybernetics frame mod. And of course like this guy’s other mods, you can craft it and color it to your specifications to match whatever armor you’re wearing. You can also change the flame to blue if you’re more, I don’t know, if you like blue flames. And yes, it is balanced because you do need like level 4 Science to craft the advanced jetpack which is pretty much the same requirement as the jetpack on your power armor, but without the power armor, because fuck power armor. Does it look like I’m made out of fusion cores, Bethesda? Fuck you. I’m just kidding. Next up we have another incredible user interface mod by Expired. So this mod does several things to improve your showlooks menu. First thing it does is it allows facial features to be selected from a list. I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I pull up the show looksmenu and my character was not fully zoomed in, I had some serious trouble trying to choose the body part I wanted to modify. It didn’t help that my character kept moving around and fidgeting. How am I supposed to select your upper lip when you keep moving? No longer is this a problem now because you can just select it from a list. Second thing it does is it expands the feature list to fit more items. The vanilla feature list felt claustrophobic, and the mouse wheel never really worked properly so it was just a pain to navigate. It is so much better when everything is visible from a glance and you just choose what you want. And thirdly, what this mod does is it allows you to create presets and this is great because if you like the way somebody else’s character looks you can now just save a preset, send it to you, you download it, you go into your own chill looksmenu, and then you use this preset, and you don’t have to play a saved game, or if you just want to be able to swap out your looks instantaneously. This is another mod that I will never consciously uninstall. Next up we have a deceptively simple mod, but the consequences may never be the same. This is “Locksmith”, a mod that allows you to lock any door or container, and it’s very easy and intuitive. If it’s a door, you press ‘R’ and if it’s a container you press ‘Space’. Now you might be wondering, ‘But MxR, why in the world would you ever need to lock stuff?’ That’s actually a really good question and exactly what I was wondering before I downloaded this mod, but it wasn’t long until I saw the opportunities flash before me. I went to Sanctuary and quickly built myself a pen. This pen is where everybody in Sanctuary that annoys the crap out of me gets stuffed in to. So if you’re sick and tired of Preston Garvey marking your goddamn map, this mod essentially allows you to create a jail cell. Keep NPCs that you don’t wanna talk to away from you. Preston Garvey: “At least it’s not rainin’.” Do you like to roleplay and immersively take shits in the virtual bathrooms scattered across Fallout 4? Are you tired of Piper joining you very closely? No? ‘Cause it’s Piper, and she’s ho- What if it were Paladin Danse? Or Preston Garvey? Now you can make sure that you have your privacy. Is it after hours for your car dealership? Now you can immersively lock the doors instead of just turning off the lights. Don’t want people having access to your stash of coke? Close the refrigerator door and lock it. Corpse in your locker? Lock your locker. Dirty mags in your desk? Lock your desk. Sex toys on your bed stand? Lock that, too. Your precious pubes in your trashcan? Lock that shit up. Vault 81, Erin loses her cat in the beginning, lock that door. Don’t even let the cat out. Go to Erin, she’s sleeping, wake her up, get the quest, lock her in her room so you know where she’s gonna be when you come back to turn it in, and *gasp* The cat somehow escaped even though I locked all the doors. This mod is a lie. Whenever any load screen appears, apparently NPCs are able to escape whatever place they’ve been locked into which is very unfortunate ’cause this would’ve been such a cool mod, but not all hope is lost, friends. There’s another great use for locking doors that is temporary and that is combat. It adds another combat to mention in which you can run and attract the attention of many, hide into a room, cower like a bitch, and rain death upon them. All of a sudden, doors become something that you kind of look out for in combat because you can lock them, and it gives you an advantage. A very immersive one. Alright guys, next up we have a perfectly normal and naturally proportioned body mod called “Atomic Beauty”, and uh when I said natural proportions, I actually meant like Windows loading sign proportions. This is pretty much the Fallout 4 equivalent of “Blessed” by DiBella except Fallout 4 doesn’t exactly have a lore reason for having basketball sized titties. Or does it? The great war and the atomic explosions had radiated the area which had given her a mutation, ya know, the Tittious Maximus disease which causes the breasts to swell up to voluptuous sizes for no reason. This body mod only has one outfit available and that is the slutty vault jumpsuit. So you’re either going to be wearing the slutty vault jumpsuit or you’re going to be wearing nothing which is how I like to play my Fallout 4. Bow chicka wow wow, okay I’m just kidding. And that is it for this week, guys. Hope you enjoyed all the mods, and I hope you guys have a good rest of your day, and uh take care. Lookin’ for some cheap games? Check out, use my code ‘MXR’ for 3% off. Link down below. ♫Guilty by The Real Tuesday Weld feat. Claudia Brücken♫

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  1. What an ugly, terrible, shit game. I can't believe people actually like this! Bethesda make extremely bad games and only really gain most of their fans from loser console lovers who've never tried a PC XD

    "oo look, this game is so amazing! Oh wait it's because console never actually gets a single half-decent game BECAUSE IT'S A WATERED DOWN PC!"

  2. Well I know that radiation had affected the Asians, I mean there is no other explanation for someone like tits of that size.

  3. You legit sound like a youtuber i first watched on this account that over the years fell off as i grew to newer things (thanks for the intresting turn back in time)

  4. to shadow the point watch the Vid on cherynobl, roads cease to exist after a few years they become a vegtable patch 🙂

  5. I could honestly give a damn about Fallout 4.. or skyrim (its been 800 years!) but i watch ALL his videos because his humor and voice are hillarious 😛

  6. Just sayin, there’s a road by my house that’s like 10-15 yeas old and it’s nearly as light as the vanilla Fo4 roads but I use the mod just because it looks good.

  7. Not gonna lie the atomic beuty mod is how the majority of girls at my gym look like. The windows loading sign.

  8. Well…when concrete is exposed to super ionized rads it would bleach the first foot or so and yeah would actually be pretty white.

  9. I got the Immersive As Fuck coffee cup…whats the Immersive As Fuck shirt mod??

  10. Heh. That's funny Becuase all the smart players already have walls. The first thing you wanna do when you acquire the allegiance of a settlement, Is to build a solid wall around a parameter. To help segregate the dangers of the wasteland from the safety of your extra home base.

  11. Soooo no mention whether this is for Xbox One or PC , we'll just assume it's for PC no mention of that though

  12. in reality The asphalt becomes brighter over years. Surely a mod that make it look like fresh in colo e with still the painted stripes after over two centuries, isnt exactly immersive

  13. The roads look more realistic faded the dark roads looks too brand new like they've been maintained

  14. I remember a video where he explains how he makes his character in the thumbnail of this video but I cant find it again it was a video with a list of mods to make that character if you know the name of the video please put it in the comments

  15. I want this looks menu for xbox one… my game breaks or I get a mod requiring a new game, but now I am faced with spending another 2-3 hours trying to remember what my character looked like so I can make a not so repulsive un-generic Nora character who isn't named Nora cuz that name sucks!

  16. Immersion scientist here, the roads being faded and washed out would be correct looking. I’d still use the black or in between one. The reason being I like the look. But living in a city, I’ve seen the difference between old roads and the freshly paved. They do get super light. Love the mods mxr I’ve watched and rewatched tons of episodes

  17. For the roads, they depend mainly on the climate for where they are, like here in Canada, in the more northern cities they have more tar in the road’s gravel to moderately withstand the whether from changing. On a different tangent, for it to still be black is not very immersive as the excessive radiation from the war and sun, plus the rain, the road will most likely turn into a smooth-ish backroad.

  18. Hey Mxr after seeing many of your videos i still am not capable of using mods correctly to give female follower's better boobs especially when i need to use slides thingy it's a nightmare

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