MOST RIDICULOUS MOD EVER? – Fallout 4 Mods – Week 27
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MOST RIDICULOUS MOD EVER? – Fallout 4 Mods – Week 27

August 16, 2019

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  1. What an ugly, terrible, shit game. I can't believe people actually like this! Bethesda make extremely bad games and only really gain most of their fans from loser console lovers who've never tried a PC XD

    "oo look, this game is so amazing! Oh wait it's because console never actually gets a single half-decent game BECAUSE IT'S A WATERED DOWN PC!"

  2. Well I know that radiation had affected the Asians, I mean there is no other explanation for someone like tits of that size.

  3. You legit sound like a youtuber i first watched on this account that over the years fell off as i grew to newer things (thanks for the intresting turn back in time)

  4. to shadow the point watch the Vid on cherynobl, roads cease to exist after a few years they become a vegtable patch 🙂

  5. I could honestly give a damn about Fallout 4.. or skyrim (its been 800 years!) but i watch ALL his videos because his humor and voice are hillarious 😛

  6. Just sayin, there’s a road by my house that’s like 10-15 yeas old and it’s nearly as light as the vanilla Fo4 roads but I use the mod just because it looks good.

  7. Not gonna lie the atomic beuty mod is how the majority of girls at my gym look like. The windows loading sign.

  8. Well…when concrete is exposed to super ionized rads it would bleach the first foot or so and yeah would actually be pretty white.

  9. I got the Immersive As Fuck coffee cup…whats the Immersive As Fuck shirt mod??

  10. Heh. That's funny Becuase all the smart players already have walls. The first thing you wanna do when you acquire the allegiance of a settlement, Is to build a solid wall around a parameter. To help segregate the dangers of the wasteland from the safety of your extra home base.

  11. Soooo no mention whether this is for Xbox One or PC , we'll just assume it's for PC no mention of that though

  12. in reality The asphalt becomes brighter over years. Surely a mod that make it look like fresh in colo e with still the painted stripes after over two centuries, isnt exactly immersive

  13. The roads look more realistic faded the dark roads looks too brand new like they've been maintained

  14. I remember a video where he explains how he makes his character in the thumbnail of this video but I cant find it again it was a video with a list of mods to make that character if you know the name of the video please put it in the comments

  15. I want this looks menu for xbox one… my game breaks or I get a mod requiring a new game, but now I am faced with spending another 2-3 hours trying to remember what my character looked like so I can make a not so repulsive un-generic Nora character who isn't named Nora cuz that name sucks!

  16. Immersion scientist here, the roads being faded and washed out would be correct looking. I’d still use the black or in between one. The reason being I like the look. But living in a city, I’ve seen the difference between old roads and the freshly paved. They do get super light. Love the mods mxr I’ve watched and rewatched tons of episodes

  17. For the roads, they depend mainly on the climate for where they are, like here in Canada, in the more northern cities they have more tar in the road’s gravel to moderately withstand the whether from changing. On a different tangent, for it to still be black is not very immersive as the excessive radiation from the war and sun, plus the rain, the road will most likely turn into a smooth-ish backroad.

  18. Hey Mxr after seeing many of your videos i still am not capable of using mods correctly to give female follower's better boobs especially when i need to use slides thingy it's a nightmare

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