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Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Diamonds in the train | Wow Kidz

November 4, 2019

Hands up!! Hands up!! He robbed me!! He took all the diamonds from me. Somebody catch him, John is running away with my four crore worth of diamonds. Catch him!! What has happened Mani Champak sir? Chingam sir, John has just left with my four crore worth of diamonds, please catch him. Why fear when Chingam is here! You know it is impossible to get away from Chingam’s web, impossible. Say the Dialogue later, first go and catch him. John, it is impossible to get away from Chingam’s web, impossible. Oh my god!! I won’t leave him. Bye bye Chingam sir. He has jumped onto the train and got inside. I have also scored 1st prize in High jump competition. This is not my cup of tea. Motu Patlu, come fast. Thieves have come. Gangsters, Dacoits have come to rob us. Where are the Dacoits? Look there, they are c linging from the top of the train. Patlu, if I find John than I will show him stars in daytime. I will crush him. Hey Patlu, John is not to be seen anywhere. Until when will he not be seen? Hey Tea seller, one tea with extra cream. Ok. Come John we will serve you tea as well as serve you eatables. Where are you taking me to drink tea? I don’t want to eat anything, I have a fast. Where is the bag containing the diamonds, tell quickly. Help me!! Thieves are trying to steal from me, dacoits are back, help!! What happened brother? What happened? These are dacoits, they are trying to steal from me. Oh my god!! Not me, you have to catch John. We are doing that only, drive the jeep fast. Yes, ok sir. There he is. John cannot be seen anywhere, he might be hiding somewhere, what shall we do? If we cannot find him easily we will use some trick to get him out in the open. Hot tea!!!! Give me one tea. Give me also. Hey, give me also one tea. Hey brothers don’t drink the Tea, there is cockroach in the Tea. Cockroach in the Tea? Beat them!! Ready for jump? Motu, no matter what, now we have to catch John. John!! Motu, now take him up on the bogie or else again the passengers will start beating us. Tell me where the diamonds are or else I will make mince meat of you. Beat me up, I am habituated of your kicks but I won’t tell you where the diamonds are. Chingam sir, John is not telling us about the whereabouts of the diamonds. What? You found the diamonds, they are with the engine driver, thank you. How is it possible? Diamonds are hooked onto the hook below of this bogie. Who took them to the engine driver? Thanks, I was just telling lies to find out where you have kept the diamonds. Motu, send it through courier service to Chingam sir. Yes. It is impossible to get out of Chingam’s web, impossible. Impossible!!! Patlu, help. Motu, my brother, please keep holding my hand. Motu Patlu, thank you, there is no answer to your bravery. I will ask the mayor to reward you both and jail to John.

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  6. This is vey motu patlu chingam and bubble gum.are chingam papa agar ap.ko.mer a ye comment acha laga ho loke kingiyean and samreen.ali or my miss anand kay channhrl ko zaror like ki jmgeien allh hafiaz likesssssssssss

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