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Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Hawai safar| Wow Kidz

September 10, 2019

Wow! O king, that man is sitting in your seat. I will go right away and tell him that you are the king of Najabghad and he is sitting in your seat. It’s all right, I am comfortable here, you go to your seat. Sir, what would you like to eat? I want hot samosa please. We don’t have samosa sir. What? What did you say? You don’t have samosas?!! I want samosa. I want samosas and that too piping hot, If you don’t get them for me then I will complain. I will get this airline shut down. Motu, we have won this flight ticket in a lucky draw are getting a trip to Goa with two nights stay and food free. Don’t create a scene, just quietly take what you are getting free. If I don’t get samosa then I don’t want to go, let me get off this plane right now. If we can get samosa I too would enjoy it. Oh my God! He is the king of Najabgadh, Sir! The passenger in Alfa one seat is the king of Najabgadh. And he is threatening to shut down the airline if he does not get samosa to eat. King of Najabgadh! He is a very powerful man. Alfa bravo Charlie to Charlie Bravo Alfa I need samosa lots of samosa. That too piping hot and urgent ,send piping hot samosa as soon as possible, over and out. Thank you for the quick delivery, wait for a moment, I will just come. Sir here is hot samosa for you. Oh thank you, what is this fork and spoon? Move it away. And take this plate away, give me that vessel. Long live! Excuse me, can I have one samosa? Please sit down sir, the King is eating. This is a hijack! There is a bomb in this plane and I have the remote. Can you not see? The king is eating, go and sit down. I said this is a hijack! I have hijacked the plane!! Did you not hear? Did you not hear? I told you to sit down, let the king finish eating then you can do what you want. Excuse me, I think you should listen to him, I am the king he is not the king. What? Then who is this? Whoever he is, why isn’t anyone taking me seriously? I am not on a picnic here, I am a terrorist and I have hijacked this plane. Motu, quick, do something, my brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach, You think of something. Idea! Let’s take his remote and run away. Help! Hi, I am Motu and this is my friend Patlu, Good to meet you. I am not here to shake hands with you, give me my remote. There is a magnet in that remote, where ever it is thrown it will always come back and stick to the plane. Give me that remote, If you press the red button by mistake then there will be a blast in the plane. Which red button? Is it this one? This is very good music. You are thinking of the music! There is a switch that says on and off, put that switch off. Or the plane will blast. Give that remote to me. Motu, don’t let go of the plane, I have no such intentions. Oh dear lord above, do something. Sorry brother terrorist, I can’t shake hands now, If I let go of even one hand I will fly away into the sky. I am not trying to shake your hand,I am trying to save you, I want my remote back. Thank you brother, Thank you, big brother. What thank you! I am the one hijacking the plane and you two are scaring me Give me my remote or else. On one, condition, first show us where the bomb is, I feel you are lying, there is no bomb. Why is no one taking me seriously? Come with me. Idea! Sir, take this bomb, throw it out! Bomb! What are you saying? Long live!! The bomb is gone, we are safe. Yeah! But there is one bad news, the pilot is unconscious and there is no one to fly the plane. No!! Save me, help me, I am not ready to meet the lord yet. Save me. You were going to blow up the plane with a bomb, can’t you just keep the plane up without the bomb? That was a fake bomb, this remote is also a fake, I’m the only real thing. Someone please fly the plane, Please help! Mummy! Motu do something, this terrorist turned out to be a very weak hearted fellow. My brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach, You think of something. Idea! Remember we had once flown Doctor Jhatkas’ plane? Come on, let’s fly this one too. Wow! Yeah! Where are you going like this? This is like taking a straight road to the lord above, Take it down! Mummy! Where are you taking us? There is a sea below, this road too is going straight to the lord. Go ahead hijack some more planes, Will you ever do it again? Sorry! I will never do it again, save me this one time please. Now watch how I fly this plane? Motu, fly it carefully, now let it continue on this straight path. Why is it so quiet? Something is not right. It’s the calm before the storm, both the engines of the plane are not working. What? Be thankful the plane is flying straight. Go away! fly away!! Forget the pigeon, control the plane. Yeah! Thank you so much, thank you oh great one, my boss. my star, my hero. Do not fear, when Chigam is here. It’s impossible to get escape from Chingam’s web. Oh my god!! This is the first time I’m seeing that a plane that got hijacked then crash landed. And the passengers who are behaving like they are on a picnic. What else could we do Inspector Chingam, no brain functions on an empty stomach sir. So we were making arrangements to fill our stomachs.

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