My $17 Million Brand New Private Jet ride – Embraer Praetor 500
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My $17 Million Brand New Private Jet ride – Embraer Praetor 500

September 2, 2019

(upbeat music) – Praetor 500, that’s
sound like new name to me. (intense drumming) – Welcome onboard. – I like this. Look a this. Beautifully done. (drumming) – Today I’ll be the captain for our flight from Punta Cana to Fort Lauderdale. (drumming over pilot speaking) (intense drumming) – I have my name on the menu. This is so luxury. So quiet on this plane. – It’s a social jet for the social age. – It’s $16,995,000. (Sam laughs) How creative the Embraer Praetor 500. See this. (intense drumming) Bossa nova, what a theme.W (energetic piano music) Hello, good morning. – Morning Sam. We’re gonna leave Punta
Cana and head to Miami on our lazy graze Praetor 500, Embraer’s mid-sized jet. (soft piano music) – Hi Sam, welcome onboard
our new Praetor 500. – Wow, this is the new cabin. I like this, look at this. It smells brand new. Brand new aeroplane. And it’s a lot wider, actually. It’s really, really comfortable here. Beautifully done. Very, very upscale. (rhumba music) – Hi, my name is Eduardo Camiliere. I’m a test pilot for Embraer. Today I’ll be the captain for our flight from Punta Cana to Fort Lauderdale. And we have a route already set up here in the cockpit. We’re gonna be flying at 43,000 feet. The weather is nice. Winds are also helping us
in the direction of Florida. And I hope everybody on
board has a really nice time. I’m here with my fellow
captain Louis Sogado. He’s one of Embraer pilots as me. And we’re flying today the Praetor 500. This aeroplane is one of
the most modern aeroplanes in the market. It’s a full fly-by-wire aeroplane. We don’t have a yoke. We fly side sticks. We have a full set of huge, beautiful, colourful displays. And all these displays
we can put our charts for flying. We have our informations that we use for basic flying. We have our flight plan down here. We even see the synodic pages that we can see all of our systems, how they are working. So this is the best you can get in the market today. – I literally have the
whole jet to myself, but there are just a few more passengers tagging along with me. So this is Alisa. Alisa’s from Embraer. And this is Jay. So they are riding together with me. Also I have Tiago here, so they’re all Embraer experts. They’re riding with me and showing off this brand new Praetor 500 with just 14 hours on the clock. It literally flew in from the factory brand new from Brazil to here. – Morning, my name is Pam. You’re onboard the Praetor 500. Today we’re going from Punta
Cana to Fort Lauderdale. Our flight time’s about
two hours and 22 minutes, about that time. I just wanna give you a safety briefing. We have two entry, emergency exits, the door that came through and the one that’s over the toilet. Your life vests are
located behind your ankles. In the incident of a loss
of oxygen pressurisation, your oxygen masks will drop from here. We have a light breakfast for you. Any questions? – [Sam] No, ready to go. – Okay, let’s go. (upbeat techno music) (plane engines revving) (engine noise over
pilots checking systems) – Check. (aeroplane engine) (upbeat techno music) – Sam, do you mind? I’m gonna set your table
for a light breakfast. – No, sure. (table clicks) (upbeat music) Thank you. Look at that. (upbeat music) I am so amazed. I have my name on the menu and look at, it’s beautiful like I was ready for a treat. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. It goes really flat. Incredible, incredible. (clicking) (upbeat techno music) Cheers, guys. – Sam, let me help you move forward. – Okay. Ah, I see. Thank you. (smooth jazz music) I’m just showing you how creative the Embraer Praetor can be. We can turn all the seats
facing sideways like this. How nice this is. – So Sam, we’re halfway
to Fort Lauderdale now. How do you feel about the Praetor 500 and your experience so far? – You know what Jay? This is the best experience of a mid-sized private jet I ever have because the cabin is wider, much wider that a typical mid-sized jet. And best of all, it’s so
quiet on this plane, you know? Really, really good experience. Really comfortable. – Praetor 500 is a 3,250
nautical mile aeroplane. As you mention, the
comfort that you experience is because it’s the widest aircraft. Actually, the closest competitor is five inches narrower on the shoulders and seven at the floor, the flat floor. Six foot stand up cabin. With 5,800 foot cabin altitude pressure at 45,000 feet, our bodies only feel like we’re at 5,800, which allows us to have
less cabin fatigue. It’s a social jet for the social age, I like to say. We do have connectivity. Not only the overland Wifi capabilities, but KA band as an option, first for the mid-sized jet category. – The nice thing about this plane is, it’s a mid-sized jet for
mid-sized budgets and cost. However, it gives you a
feeling about this is actually wider so it feels like
you paid for something better than the mid-sized jet, right? – Absolutely. – And Jay, I wanna ask
you like how much a jet like this cost? – This aircraft is 16,995 so almost 17 million well-equipped. – I like the way you say it, 16,995. It’s $16,995,000, right? – That’s right. – Oh my gosh. So if I give you $17
million, I get $5 back. – That’s right. – Okay. – As long as you give me even bills, I’ll give you the five back. – So this is the bathroom
on the Praetor 500. It’s also pretty volume and spacious. I’m telling you for a mid-sized jet, don’t think about the plane, but a mid-sized jet to have a
dedicated bathroom like this, this is luxury. – We talked earlier about the social jet, or social media jet. And I just happen to have
your YouTube channel up here. You know, served from our Wifi system.
– Oh my gosh, you do. – And the nice thing is we have Homelife Entertainment
so through Apple TV, I’m able to put the presentation up onto the monitor. The chair turns all the
way around and create– – Look up. – Hey, Tiago, Alisa.
– Hey, Jay. – How are you, see? – [Sam] Can I do this? – Do it. – Oh my gosh. So fast, this is amazing. Now I turn into a 360 like this. Oh my gosh. – So, a social has now
given us social opportunity, no matter where you sit on the aeroplane. – So this is the back seat here. What I like about this one is, it’s not cramped. There’s a lot of room. ‘Cause see this. And you can still recline all the way. So there’s actually even
if you’re sitting back, it can be really comfortable seat. It’s not a bad seat at all. – Sam, I’m gonna show you
how we berth these seats into a full sleeper. (jazzy music) – All right. Nice. (smooth jazz music) (engine noise over
Eduardo and Sam speaking) – [Sam] Very, very easy. Very easy. (smooth jazz music) – We’re gonna land on
this airport right here, the Fort Lauderdale International Airport. This is the approach
chart that we’re gonna fly to land in Fort Lauderdale. And you can see here, it also has a depiction of
our position in the chart so he’s gonna bring us around here, turn us in and then we’ll land here. (smooth jazz music) (clicking) (aeroplane engine) (aeroplane touches down) (jazz music) – That was a great flight. – ‘Kay, Sam. Now we’re excited to
show you the Praetor 600. Come on inside. (smooth jazz music) – With this interior being
called the bossa nova, what does that really mean? Of course, it’s a form of music that became very famous and– complicated, rich interior. But really, it’s about the
Americas coming together, North America and South America. And what can you do
with that kind of power? Well the bossa nova. When translated, it means
new trend or new wave. So what we’ve captured
now are two Americas finally giving the best they have for a single purpose. And that’s creating the ultimate, crafted, stylized interior in the ultimate super mid-sized jet with the Praetor 600. (jazz music) – What a beautiful jet. Look at this interior. It has the x factor and bossa nova, what a theme. – And we have the ability to keep a 105 degree seating angle while at the same time when berthing the cushions it flattens out. And then the cushions fall back into the hold and create the bed. – [Sam] Wow. – So you could have somebody sitting, somebody laying. – I like the greatness
about the business jet. It’s not like the airline travel. You can customise the jets to the way you want. You can decide and you can literally have your own airline design. If I ever gonna run my own airline, Air Sam Chui, I know what the interior will be like. (jazz music)

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  1. Hi Guys, I also just launched a new logo on Youtube (as well as other social and blog channel) let me know what you think!

  2. As the millionaire philanthropist that I Am, it feels good to fly in this manner!!! 😇😇😀

  3. As a south American proud to hear about Embraer, most luxury then all those others private jets. But unfortunately this can't fly over the Atlantic ocean to Europe, this is a issue that they must work very hard on it!

  4. Asian trash just hit the lottery? People with old money and class don't act like this. Embarrassed for him.

  5. Flying by joystick, amazing!!! Flight attendant excellent!!! $16 million and 45000 ft. Fantastic video!!🤗😎

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  7. The Jet is compact and fit to meet the needs of coming up millionaires. BTW it is the same girl who was in the Embraer Lineage 1000

  8. You lucky Bas****, some people have got great jobs. I suppose someone has gotta do it, may as well be Sam.

  9. That’s a bloody shame the poor lady flight attendant doing the safety briefing she’s doing her best. She’s actually working for a living, Sam probably earns more getting a free flight and sitting on his arse!

  10. That flight attendant was BEYOND shook when that camera hit her face!! Loss of words 😂😂😂😂

  11. Sam, how would you say did the Preator 500/600 compare with other midsize aircraft, and just how quiet and comfortable was the ride? Was the take-off / landing experience pleasant? Just a suggestion that might speak to your fans a little in terms of aircraft comfort.. maybe you could measure the actual sound levels in the cockpit, cabin and bathroom areas and share the readings with us so that we can compare that on a plane-to-plane basis. I have not come across dedicated aircraft review channels that do that and I think it would be a tremendous hit. That way you could talk your way into another Praetor flight and contact the full range of business jet manufacturers to let you review their planes and share those sound levels with your fans. That would provide manufacturers with a tremendous opportunity to showcase their planes, share some interesting information, and give you a chance to broaden your review scope across the business jet market. Hint: focus on the most recent aircraft models to hit the marketplace and educate business owners on what is out there. 😉 Thanks for always making aviation so exciting! You rock!

  12. Interesting that the airplane has the “Experimental” designation. That’s because it is not “Certified” by the FAA. 17 million bucks for an experimental aircraft and the pilots get to be test pilots. Won’t be able to insure it and if you have an accident or incident good luck with getting that taken care of. I’d like to hear from the manufacturer about why the airplane is not certified at the time of this flight.

  13. Private jets are still slow as shit in this day and age when they really should be way fast that flying couch you would think there would be at least one that could do mach1 or 2 by now

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    Um grande desperdício, a Embraer ter feito este voo de demonstração com este cara, sujeito totalmente desqualificado, abobalhado, não faz nenhum comentário pertinente, é incompetente para fazer a propaganda que vocês buscam. Embraer ,lamento pela péssima escolha que vocês fizeram.

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