MY FANCY NEW BASE | Slime Rancher #15
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MY FANCY NEW BASE | Slime Rancher #15

August 30, 2019

*Woosh* Top o’ the mornin’ to ya laddies!! My name is jacksepticeye, but shh; a hush comes over the slime ranch today as everybody’s trying to sleep… … except EVERYBODY! Why don’t you guys ever try to sleep?!? You just – you just go all the time! Imagine- okay, if you will, If you had kids, Okay, I know scary right? (ba-dum tss) Imagine if you had kids, Who NEVER slept? Who all they did was caused a commotion and shit everywhere. All they did was eat and shit. THAT would be… horrible – that would be fuckin’ hell on Earth! *gags* Can I buy anything? No. Okay. Whatever. Cool. Pfft. So, people were telling me — as always, thank you very much — that the quantum slimes that I have in my other place are. — Wait, hold on.Let me get these… The quantum slimes, as long as I keep them happy, they should be fine. And as I kind of figured out myself last time, but I wasn… fuck… I kinda figured it out my la- myself the last time, but I wasn’t sure that all the… the… quantum slimes that are coming outside the pen are not actual quantum slimes. They’re the, the ghosts that they – it said it in the Slimepedia that they make ghosts of themselves and that they kind of wander around and The – they were talking about making infinite energy out of cloning or something like that So the versions of them that come outside the pen are clones; they’re ghosts, so they don’t actually count towards Losing my quantum slimes, which I kind of figured the last time. I – I figured I wasn’t actually losing NOOO!!!!!! Oh God he’s outside! Okay. I’m gonna get rid of that, you in there, and there you go. Aw my little baby! Because they kept going outside the – the pen, but I kept having the same amount inside the pen so it was kind of freaking out my brain a small bit.. I mean, doesn’t take a whole lot to freak out my brain. You could just show me pretty colors, and I’d be like “Wow what the fuck?!” I have sixteen thousand, nine hundred monies! What am I gonna — what am I gonna buy with them? Like Slime Rancher hookers. Oh look at these little dudes. Come here little friend! Here ya go, you can eat. Aww…

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  1. Jack, to honor their dead fellow Vikings, they float the body in a small boat and shoot an arrow that is on fire and the flaming body's ashes spread throughout the ocean, so their nomadic soul can continue adventuring and dominating inter afterlife

  2. Person: i have a cousin in another state
    Another person: i have a cousin in another nation


  4. Me: (watching video)
    Captions: (Jack's slow realization that the Tarr was, indeed Dumbledore)
    Me: (while laughing) I mean, same, though.

  5. Why did you do that to the Quantum slimes they are worth so much money and you just threw them in the slime ocean RIP Quantum slimes? I couldn't find a slime emoji so I'm using a moon emoji do not hate me

  6. Vikings do die on fire cause I think as their funeral their body would be let out in sea on fire on a raft :p

  7. Jack/Sean: Imagine you had kids that never slept and all they did was eat and shit all the time
    Me, an owner of 28 rats: oh i fuckin know

  8. jack you didn"t know that when vikings die they get put in a casket set out on water and shot with flaming arrows

  9. I just realized, two years later while I'm rewatching this:
    Quantum slime + Hunter slime
    Jack created the Hounds of Tindalos. You mad Irish bastard, you've killed us all!

  10. Actually! When vikings die, they get set on fire in their ship and then get sent off into the ocean!
    -Fun Facts With Via

  11. JACK: Kids who only eat and crap everywhere
    ME: Where's the 12 gauge need to erase some mistakes that have been made.

  12. Starts discover more slimes that give more than a 1000 coins and realizes the game will never be completed

  13. i babysit part time. This is how it goes:
    parent: there so quiet and only need a nap at noon
    me: ok, sounds good, enjoy your dinner!
    [puts the kid to bed]
    Kid: shits in bed, pisses pants, draws all over walls, and starts crying
    Me: …

  14. um, jack. fun fact! when Vikings die the village of said Viking put the dead body on a boat and shoot flaming arrows at it

  15. 22:11
    "It's like a f*cking light year away"
    Jack just made a reference to the end of the game without knowing it.

  16. Jack i know this is like forever ago and u wont see this but viking when they pass away they wuld be put on a boat set on fire and wuld cast the boat away fun fact im recovering from my toncilectomy so why not

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