My real age? How to Besiege? Why Rule Steam Workshop? | Q&A With Shadé
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My real age? How to Besiege? Why Rule Steam Workshop? | Q&A With Shadé

August 16, 2019

Hello everyone! As promised last week this video will answer a lot of questions you have sent. The number of question sent are over the early estimation, so not every question will be answered. Let’s start with, Mi-Michael? Milchael? Well, he and others asked “How old are you?” And also Luc Fontanelli “Hey Shade! How old are you and did you decide to be a youtuber for a job?” It’s 23 years old, thank you. The revenue from Youtube is not enough to sustain living here, not even half yet. So other than still doing freelance work, Patreon also has been set up for a while. If you are interested to become a patron please visit and surely with enough support, full time on Youtube is not impossible. Pro Parkour, “Where are you from?” Milord Anonymowy asked to put its flag in the background. There you go. It’s a country located on South East Asia. Indonesia is the largest country in Southeast Asia and it also the largest archipelago in the world by size. Mr. Ivan, “Do you like waffles?” People rarely eat dough-based western food here but waffles is fine. Bika ambon is far better in any aspect tho. Mr. Duck, “Do you eat potatoes?” What with these men asked about food. Our staple food is rice, unless we are eating steaks we usually prefer potato over rice. Christoph Materna, “Do you like Bananas?” WINSTON: No I do not want a banana. Juicier fruits are more desireable especially watermelons, banana is too creamy. I snasy sans, “Who do you like, boys, girls, or both?” Both Wasted Flesh, “What music do you like to listen too, and do you listen to Daath, Abominable Putridity, Magic Kingdom, or Darktribe?” Iosef Pindo also asked similar thing. Just like how all music used on this channel video, but no not brutal death metal kind. Usually they do not have a vocal. Most of them has distinct orchestrated violin or piano melody. If you want one song title, it’s 終わりの世界から by Maeda Jun and Yanagi Nagi. “chiisana toki Kara nan de mo shitte ite” “kimi no shumi sono risou ni awaseyou to shita” “sonna kimi ga kossori oshiete kureta, suki na hito” “toshiue no kirei na josei” Peter Lin has a bunch of question, but they won’t be answered at the same time. 1) About much time is put into each build? Four other people asked similar things too. If you watch the last timelapse video, you can find the actual time spent for one creation was 2-3 hours, but sometimes for more complex one it will takes five or more which spans for some days. Especially if it did not work as intended. Another one from Peter Lin, “Do you ever end up scrapping projects because they don’t end up functioning?” There’s a lot! This is the space shuttle. The orbiter vehicle is working as intended. But the rocket booster dislike to leave the planet. This is the Propaganda Airship from Rise of the Reds. It’s becoming too big and very laggy and the motivation to finish it already lost. Maybe someday it will be remade with less parts. This is the H-8 Defender from the new Independence Day Movie. Realized it late that this kind of engine didn’t resembling anti-gravity engine like in the movie and it will not work at all. Next from Jared Jimenez, “What inspired you to play Besiege?” It is Leo’s coverage of this game on Kotaku. “Game Where You Build Stupid Shit But It Actually Works”. His funny video and his stupidly sexy soothing voice convince me that this game should be on my radar. “Besiege lets you build really stupid things” “You can build anything but often they turned out really stupid.” “And it’s great!” “I mean just take this level” “You’re meant to destroy the thing all the way up there on the hilltop” “Now I could construct something really complicated to get up there” “But instead I just built this” “And it no way its elegant or smart” “But it works!” Turns out that one of my friend already owned it, and when I tried it on his laptop, finally sure that this game is so much enjoyable. This is the steerable ‘car’ I first build on Besiege. OrangeBean, “In Besiege I know you like to make allot of different types of aircraft, but what made you decide to choose Besiege instead of Simple Planes? Have you even seen Simple Planes? Was it because of that art style besiege uses? Or the physics?” Well, there’s some problem with playing Simpleplanes: It’s too hard for newcomer. In Besiege, we usually can build a simple medieval weapon right away which works on most starting levels. In SimplePlanes, Building a working airplane was not straightforward, even with tutorial they included. In Besiege, it is a game about building medieval weapons. If you build a plane, it is a feat. But in SimplePlanes, if you build a plane. It is too ordinary unless your plane have shit ton of features. The most popular creation in SimplePlanes are either tanks, walker, animals, human, or even ships. Krautregen HD, “Why have you started building planes in Besiege?” Because it would be so interesting to see a plane in a medieval settings game which originally focused on siege weapons. Just like in SimplePlanes, the popular creations in Besiege usually are not the siege weapons. Jack Delauder, “What made you start YouTube, and make the videos you do?” And, Kaua Matheus Oliveira Uzeika added “What was your first plane in besiege? No mods” This is the first plane. Even though it flies it’s very much unreliable, Haven’t understand how lift works in this game that time actually, how aerodynamics works in general. Just look at where the elevator control is located. The rotors were tiltable so that it can at least takes off. It also has tons of flying block set vertically. It does not even glide. It drops like a rock when the engine are turned off. Starting from the second plane, you can find the rest on the workshop. They have that distinct default thumbnail. Only since the Perfect Attacker plane, a video regularly accompany every uploads. Why? Originally it was for evidence that this plane can fly, perform this and that. Since youtubers like Draegast and Mattshea can not fly a machine in Besiege it is safe to assume that many others can not too. So if someone claim that this plane can not fly. Just point them the video and tell them that it was their fault. Khadhroo Shaquille Rifqi, “What’s the hardest and easiest creation you’ve made? And what’s the best creation you’ve proud of?” The hardest is the V-50 Jumphawk. That helicopter which was used to carry the Gipsy Danger. The double version is pretty straightforward but the single version is significantly harder, it need helps, like five other builders to make it right and it’s still have problems until now. The easiest is the Messerschmitt Bf 109, because it just the Messerschmitt Bf 109Z splitted half then mirrored. Works really well! TriggerCrazedLunatic, “What’s your favorite creation, and what do you want to make ultimately?” It’s the Nod Vertigo Bomber! Quite proud of how accurate the shape was. Also the weird not-sure-at-first steering works really well. The quite complicated bomb has really wide area of effect. And of course it turns invisible just like in the original game. Cameron Oakes, “Do you prefer modded creations or vanilla creations, or do you like them for different reasons?” Modded does not automatically make your creations good. Also, it’s not just these two. This is just a personal opinion but think it like this: 1. Pure vanilla: This is what we expect on what players build for the first days after playing Besiege. This should work and good enough for clearing zones. You should always play like this when clearing zones, otherwise it’s cheating. 2. Advanced Vanilla: They usually discovered some tricks on the Internet or by accident. That they can bypass intersection, exploit the symmetry tool, perform half-block placement or maybe utilizing other bugs we did not know about. 3. Modded: This is the most common machine found on the front page of the Workshop. They were built by installing mods that can perform custom rotation, custom placement, block scaling, and also has power or speed far higher than a block usually allow. It is more prefered because that way replicas can be more accurate and faithful to the original, but still machine that trying to keep the Besiege looking aesthetic has its own charm so try your best to use block scaling as less as possible. 4. Extremely modded: This kind of machine has feature that it didn’t work if you did not install the mod. But they have some cool feature like lasers, multiple homing missile, even cloaking device. Personally did not like this kind of machine unless none of the mods are required for the machine to play. stuChris, “I know I could ask this on Slack, but I feel like I’m not the only person that thinks this. Do you ever get stumped on what to do or build?” Nope, never. Especially with a growing list of aircraft suggested by community that currently hold 49 aircraft. Making the aircraft is not the big deal, but deciding what video will be is the real challenge. Kevin Suhardjo, “How did you get the inspiration to build them?” Inspiration came from anywhere: real world modern or historic aviation, games, movie, even anime. Have you watched Izetta: The Last Witch? It’s full of dank dogfight scenes nowhere to be found on other things. “2. How can you comprehend to build something so intricate and complex?” And those planes actually were not that intricate nor complex. Planes in Besiege mostly just a couple pistons for steering surface control and wheels in the engines for the mechanism and landing gear if you’re into that, some designs go crazy there like this one from Neutex. That’s it. The rest lies in proper placement of props/panels, smooth fuselages, nailing the proportions, structural integrity and tons of fine-tuning. Luca VASILE, “How do you come up with your designs and mechanisms? Do you blueprint it or come up with it as you go? What is the design process and where do these ideas come from? It is very easy if you build a replica, the blueprint is already available on the Internet. Search for it. Display it on the second monitor, then use it as references. Watch a lot of flight footage too, easiest to get was War Thunder for World War II planes, or Ace Combat for modern planes. There you can see how and which part of the wing is moving when a plane perform a maneuver. Another one from Peter Lin “Are there any major (or minor) features that you’d love to be seen in Besiege in the future?” Sure, mostly is Level Editor with workshop support. This will grant infinite possibility of environment settings for my videos. What are a couple of your favorite features about Besiege? Best feature of besiege other than it’s a sandbox is that everything you build is destructible with each parts has its own physics, falling everywhere and remain there until you restart the simulation. Any features you hate or dislike? Worst feature was walls on The Rift Sandbox and Barren Expanse. It’s not a big deal since you can remove it with mod but it does limit on what is supposed to be a sandbox. “Will you ever create particular series where you have separate topics like World War II vehicles, World War I vehicles, modern vehicles, futuristic or medieval?” Currently no plans like that. But let’s just see where this channel developed. Brittney Greene, “Hey will you be playing any other games on the channel in the future?” There is no plan to play other games for this channel. Isn’t it good to keep this channel specific to Besiege? So people know what do they expect when they subscribe to this. Marc schoones, “Do you like making your videos and how long does it cost to make a video with the editing and stuff?” Of course enjoying it so much. Recording and editing usually spans over two days. Two computer were used every time video is being produced, one with better processor for recording, and the other one has better graphic card which perfect for editing. CardsCardsAndMoreCards, “What computer do you have? What editing software do you use? Do you have a job other than youtube?” The one for building and editing is MSI PE60, a laptop which cost around US$ 1.200 For the editing software, its Premiere Pro, a very powerful tool for video editing. Currently works as freelance graphic designer, doing animation project outside Besiege. King Derpy, ” What do you like to do when you are not building in Besiege?” While not working, usually killing times by playing other games like playing Overwatch on PC. “Defense Matrix activated!” “Running power to forward barrier!”
“It’s high noon!” “NERF THIS!” “Draw!” “QUADRUPLE KILLS!!” “I’M ON FIRE!!”
“Please try me!” “How much time do you spend playing Besiege?” Steam record shows more than 800 hours, but actually it’s more than that since most build and record were using older version of besiege which has more mod support. “How many times does it take you to shoot 1 video?” On how many takes, the last halloween video has 126 takes, the Skycrawler video has 62 takes, and the Varcolac video has 87 takes. Do you think it was a lot? Exile, “How difficult was the Varcolac Video?” It’s one of the most difficult video to record, not only because the Antares squadron was made by a friend, it need San Francisco completely rebuilt with the Golden Gate Bridge, and also need to record Ace Combat Joint Assault last mission multiple times
“Now, Antares.” “It’s the moment of truth.” “It’s time to decide who flies, and who falls from grace.” Adrian Sbardella, “Do you use some kind of trick to make fight videos with a lot of things to render? Like run everything in slow motion and then make it faster on a video editor or something? Stuchris already replied with “I’m pretty sure the answer to your first question is “Recording at a VERY low framerate”.” No it is not stuChris, my frame rate is actually still high. Your assumption are correct Adrian. In game footage usually recorded at 25%, it makes flying easier since everything is in slow motion then you can just speed it up 400% in the editor. Drake77Warlord, “Favorite faction and General from C&C Generals?” “General Tao, Nuclear” No other RTS beat the nuclear explosion effect on that game. It is so beautiful. “2. Favorite mod from C&C series?” Best mod is Rise of the Reds, you can figure it by how many Rise of the Reds creation has been built in this channel. Game king, “Can you please play Scrap Mechanic, I think that you will be the best player up there.” Been interested in Scrap Mechanic since long time, but it does not have object with aerodynamic properties yet. How could one build a proper plane without that? Last one from Peter Lin. “Do you have any tips or tidbits of info that you’d like to share with other aspiring Besiege builders?” Let’s see.. First of all, this game is a sandbox game. You are free to do anything. Do not let anyone told you what you are not supposed to do. Nothing is stopping you from making your own stuff. Everything is fair in the sandbox aspect of Besiege. ‘Cheating’ is imposed by competition or contest. You can not ‘cheat’ at art since it does not have rules. The only rules in Besiege exist only when you are trying to clear zones. The only competition in Besiege is the ranks on workshop, which judged only by the community. So these are some things that might help you get more exposure on the workshop, thus you can get valuable feedback that can improve your creations: 1. Keep learning and always try something new. Browse other people works a lot. When you see something interest you, instead of letting insecurity stop you, try and dissect how it works. Curiosity is what keeps leading us down new paths. Connect the new knowledge you’ve had and create new things out of it. Eventually you will be able to create something amazing. 2. Have a brand or signature of your work. So you have create something amazing. But if your creation is displayed in the workshop alongside work by other builders, can people identify it? Developing a unique style is key in becoming a well known Besiege builder. You want people to immediately identify your creation as yours. For example you can achieve that by modifying the thumbnail so it has distinct feature. 3. Network with other builders. Besiege has discord group that open to everyone. There are also besiege subreddit, steam discussion page, and even spiderling forum. You can join and use this group as an arena for valuable feedback on your work, or to promote your new creation. 4. And most importantly, be kind to others, even if you don’t like them. Ok everyone, that last question wraps up this session. Thank you for watching this far and thanks so much for everyone who are sending questions, sorry for those whose question was not yet answered, but there is so much question and our time is limited. However, don’t forget to visit and subscribe this channel!

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    the double-copter is like a LOT of block count and heavy.
    in the past, i doing some testing. what is heavier??
    and the answer was single block. because, double block is the same weight as single block. even brace was same weight as single block. MIND BLOWN!
    and one last thing…. ohh come onn, you can't pronounce my name too?!
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