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  1. Sorry if there were some mistakes on pronouncing your names, a lot of your name sounds foreign to me.
    Thanks, I hope you enjoy this long episode

  2. I noticed in your aircraft builds the cockpits normally comprise of the blue starting block stretched or duplicated. would you be opposed making cockpits for VR? Also, would be opposed to PVP multiplayer for dogfights and battles between creations with different objectives. I think air and ground races around the sandbox pretty cool.

  3. I think I've commented on one of your videos ….. I can't remember if it was nice or not I'm cman DA GREAT on steam do you like me,kinda know me ,not know me,not fond of me,or dislike me. pls be honest

  4. This means the crusader tank has been shade'd? XD
    Now seriously, i enjoyed a lot this one, honestly ^^ too much questions correctly answered, some of them unexpected :p You even sing!
    Oh, you gonna use "that vertical engine" in that H-8 Defender?
    And in general terms, wow, such a nice vid, a lot of stuff and very mild 🙂
    Keep the good job!

  5. So you like Japan anime too
    That why you know Lovelive XD
    Your Japanese pronounce is good!

    By the way~don't let Draegast flies any aerial vehicle XDDDDD

  6. aha! i knew it!
    Me109 is lightweight frame and can take control as well. and fricking WW2 plane in besiege and like "Ich bin der Gott, Hündin. So verpissen!"(i'm the god ,bi—. So piss off!).
    the double-copter is like a LOT of block count and heavy.
    in the past, i doing some testing. what is heavier??
    and the answer was single block. because, double block is the same weight as single block. even brace was same weight as single block. MIND BLOWN!
    and one last thing…. ohh come onn, you can't pronounce my name too?!
    i'm usually called "aldo".

  7. My first flyer was a decent full vanilla dualcopter cinda like the ones in avatar.I'm real proud because i was 12 when i built it

  8. If you guys ever heard the "V-1 Flying Bombs" noise, you're dead. They were used during WW2 BY the Germans, more than 10,000 of the "flying bombs" were launched at Britain, nearly up to 400 mph and altitudes up to 3,000 ft. When men heard the noise of the buzzing of the engine on the bomb, they knew they were going to die.

  9. Am still thinking about a way to built the seawing i played besiege soo much that the sandbox installed itself in my head and i make trials and error on building when sleeping kinda strange

  10. I can't tell whether you are male or female. Not like it matters though, your content is gold anyways. Keep up the Ace Combat works! Those are my favorites

  11. My first vehicle was a wooden tank and I remember that I always died for archers.. but i have a real tank now ^^

  12. This kid is just clueless how 99% of the population dont know how to organize or create intricate mechanism or how aerodynamic work. Even read real life plane blue. Prints. Continue studies in areocraft engineering

  13. okay so no one wants to address the elephant in the room here ? who is this person? a woman ? or a man with a child's voice? or a child trying to act smart…..and ummm…is smart…. too smart…god….this video doesnt answer these questions….im not interested about whether he/she likes bananas ….i wanna know who is this crazy besiege genius??? who are you man? were you born on this planet? or sent with an agenda? :p

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