Mystery Aircrafts or UFOs Seen around the World! “Government Knows UFOs are Real” Pt. 2
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Mystery Aircrafts or UFOs Seen around the World! “Government Knows UFOs are Real” Pt. 2

August 8, 2019

well you may not have heard about this
since apparently it’s not a big news story somehow but UFOs turn out to be
real we’re not kidding a strange sight in the sky last night we’re talking
about unidentified flying objects at least
visiting why do you say that UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying over our
heads well because I know that they are UFO means unidentified flying object
this is a highly nonspecific term you know what we’re looking at you stare at
the cosmos for linen I’m not authorized to go beyond the cosmos for linen I’m
not authorized to go beyond alert I have detected the presence of a
large metal object of enormous weight sensor readings indicate that the object
is not explain to pieces have been recently
reported fuck is that UFOs have been the stuff of conspiracy
theorists for decades often mocked for talking about it which might explain why
director of public relations Steve Herbert is wearing this aluminum foil
hat we know through our own research that aliens really love snow and maybe
why some say you can see the the black spot a spaceship it’s been enhanced was
spotted flying over the ski area given the snow at Winter Park in the winter
that we’ve had that it would attract some sort of alien visitation caught on
a window part webcam a somebody who monitors our cloud seating had noticed a
black dot that looks suspiciously like an alien craft flying in and out of a
secret alien base ship sir flying over Winter Park to drop off extraterrestrial
skiers nanu-nanu dude it could also be
something a little less weird huge drought it’s just a big black plastic
bag then again maybe they shouldn’t be mocked you we’re talking about unidentified flying
objects UFOs you can laugh about it if you want but a
lot of people are taking this revelation very seriously correspondent Garrett
Tenny is here with more on this program could even care yeah Brett good evening
to you we may not know if aliens exist but it turns out our government had a
special team of UFO Hunters that was trying to find out the Pentagon now
confirms the existence of a secret of UFO program tasked with investigating
reports of unidentified flying objects the advanced aviation threat
identification program was created in 2007 at the urging of n Senate Majority
Leader Harry Reid and over the next five years the program received more than 20
million dollars for its work which included analyzing a variety of
aeronautics threats ranging from what could be our adversaries next-generation
aircraft to reports from military pilots of encounters with unknown objects like
this one in 2004 that appeared that to defy the laws of physics now the
Pentagon tells us the program ended in 2012 when officials determined there
were other higher priority issues but the program’s former director who
resigned in October says it was only the funding that ended in that over the last
five years the program has continued investigating incidents alongside their
new responsibilities this weekend Harry Reid said he has no regrets about
the program he championed tweeting in part this is about science and national
security if America doesn’t take the lead in answering these questions others
will and this isn’t the first time the Pentagon’s investigated UFOs between
1947 and 1969 the US Air Force’s Project Blue Book investigated more than 12,000
UFO sightings and while most of those ended up having reasonable explanations
700 sightings remain unexplained ret q the x-files music the people’s war
it is our war we are the fighters fight it then fight it with all that is in it
may God defend the right

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  1. I am enjoying your videos-you're as good as Secureteam10! Very awesome videos- if YouTube doesn't screw you (& us) over, you're well on your way to a million subscribers if you keep this up. Thank you for your videos!!

  2. And there you have it. There is no more denying it anymore. The sleepers better wake the hell up or they will be RUDELY awakened.

  3. Damn right they exist. I seen them appear out of clear blue sky and disappear just as quit. Some are big black metallic craft bigger then aircraft carrier. But best time is a night some look like stars and then just started floating and then bam zips off like lightening. Cool video eyes to the skies. Always watching.

  4. Thank you,, Jesse, glad to see you're awake to the deception. It's no coincidence the MSM is talking about this now. Stay strong .. Be blessed in all you do!

  5. I think its another way to divert attention from things they don't want to be revealed, just like Qanon which in my opinion is more smoke and mirrors people think Trump is our savior, or sent by God. But how could he still be alive if , the Killers he faces aka Evil Deep state have gotten away with all these fake false flags and 9/11 factions within factions are trying to keep us in the dark about something much more important or cataclysmic. This is the facts as I see em. Also 2.6 trillion missing b4 9/11 and since another 8 trillion unaccounted for thats half of our national debt! All spent on what? Dumbs, Space, Weapons, Autonomous Battle ships, Jets, drones, chem trails! Something Huge is on our doorstep and its a 13000 year or so occurrence, all tied to the dark rift, Orion, and cyclical events that have happened time and time again since the inception of our species on earth, this is why all the advanced ancient people's from different epochs have vanished now it's our turn. Thanks bud sorry so long of a comment lovepeacechickengrease

  6. Just more disinformation,distractions!!! Wake-up sheeple!!! MGB-All- Of Humanity!!!!πŸ‘€πŸ‘‚πŸ’‘πŸŒŽπŸ“’πŸŽΆπŸŽΆβ°πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜‡

  7. Wow…. Amazing, smh. At 4:27 he says, "someone who monitors our 'cloud seeding'…. The arrogance of these people.

  8. Bro! This was awesome man! I know theres something out there. I have seen a couple things myself…blue fireballs at low altitude in Illinois and Colorado…saw a (this may sound funny) but a ufo shaped like a mentos candy…I was in the back of my dads van looking out the window it was right behind us and followed us then was just gone. In Illinois I had a friend named Jeff…I was 14-15 years old at the time…we were standing outside and he said he could talk to aliens…he went to a tree put his head down for about 2 minutes…came back and immediately a huge blue fireball flew right over our heads and it wasn't high….it was low. That kid was always a weird one so to this day i wonder if he really could talk to aliens…then in Colorado I was coming back from a park with my cousin and right behind us another blue fireball…loud and low and then disappeared. Crazy stuff man. Love your work! Hopefully ill get another shot and get some video so i can send it to you!!!

  9. It is strange how it's all of a sudden it's getting into the mainstream media now…I wonder y the interest..after all the years of ridicule from them ..however Love the video bro keep it up 🀘🀘

  10. Makes me wonder when the world is going to accept truth. I didn't ask for what happened to me, I'm still a working citzen and still try and my part in society. I still am unsure of the race that took me, my second time seemed different but who knows, my point is if I lived through it so can all of you. Stop freaking out about the unknown and accept it. Maybe it was the government fault, or maybe it was society's fault. Who cares live your lives like normal people and it's fine. The world cannot say they do want to live life like it's lived in the movies, get real people fiction or not that can happen when we accept their existince.

  11. Why the sudden change with media/public opinion? Because our government now admits to taking it seriously.

  12. Drag disclosure out into the open light don't leave it in the dark over ridicule any more push them to bust this knolage wide open fir our own rights to open and fair disclosure no more can the things that we see but can't describe be left untold put stop to the liars that keep you in the dark

  13. Our government is known for lying to its ppl and hiding huge massively important secrets so if there telling us its happening what real news are they trying to sneak past us this is how they roll they tell u one old secret to hide hundreds more we need to focus on what they arent telling us

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