N. Korea claims to have succesfully conducted solid-fuel rocket test
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N. Korea claims to have succesfully conducted solid-fuel rocket test

January 15, 2020

Pyongyang claims to have taken another step
forward in its nuclear missile capability. A U.S.-based North Korea monitoring website
says it has also identified the location of North Korea’s nuclear warhead re-entry test
site. Connie Kim looks into what the upgrades would
imply In what appears to be another stride forward
in its nuclear and missile capabilities,… North Korea says it has successfully conducted
a solid-fuel rocket test. The North’s state-run Korean Central News
Agency reported Thursday that Kim Jong-un made the comment while supervising a ground-based
test on a rocket engine and its separation. Pyongyang has used liquid propellants to launch
long-range ballistic missiles, but has not yet used solid propellants for ICBMS.
Seoul’s defense ministry confirmed North Korea is in the early stages of developing solid-fueled
rockets. “Switching to solid fuel means North Korea
could frequently fire ballistic missiles. North Korea seems to parade its nuclear and
missile development progress within and outside of the regime.” If North Korea’s claim is confirmed, then
it would be harder to detect signs prior to any launch as solid propellants reduce launch
preparation time while increasing the rocket’s mobility.
It would also mean that Pyongyang is once again going against UN Security Council resolutions
that ban the North from developing ICBMs. North Korea has been stepping up its bellicose
rhetoric in an apparent protest to the annual South Korea-U.S. joint military exercises
and the UN sanctions announced this month. Connie Kim, Arirang News.

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