NASA captured gigantic fireball eruption off the sun
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NASA captured gigantic fireball eruption off the sun

August 11, 2019

NASA’s solar observatory has captured this
incredible solar ejection with giant bursts of solar material erupting off the side of
the sun. The Coronal Mass Ejection, known as a CME,
erupted from the sun at outward speeds of 1.5 million miles per hour. NASA say the field of the solar ejection was
about five Earths wide and about seven and a half Earths tall. The IRIS Observatory is NASA’s latest observatory
launched in June last year to look into the lowest levels of the sun’s atmosphere.

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  2. whats interesting about this is that the sun has been at solar minimum for a long time now….and historically after a prolonged minimum it goes into a really active period….and we dont know what the active period is going to look like this time it may be moderately active or it may be massively active…which can be a problem if it spits extremely large CMEs, toward earth during that time…..

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