NASA Fails Again & Again | Space is Fake | Glitch on the ISS ▶️️
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NASA Fails Again & Again | Space is Fake | Glitch on the ISS ▶️️

August 29, 2019

Oh DD TV TV so on January 3rd 2018 there was a major malfunction on what’s called the international space station in a video on NASA’s YouTube channel called space station crew members discuss life in space with the media the three actor nots um excuse me astronauts all disappear simultaneously while the background layer of the high assess remains intact thank you very much again thank you for your time have a good flight and many more exciting experiments on the orbit thank you station this is Houston ACR back include Stephen when you look at this thing this thing this and the actors they are the only things that mess up watch closely this is a big deal because it means without any doubt whatsoever that there was live editing and video manipulation not only with the background get scrambled as well but these guys wouldn’t all disappear at the same time so check that one out on NASA’s channel I’ll leave a link in the description there are a lot of us that have been showing this stuff for years and people are waking up to the deception while some refuse to acknowledge it in fact many people hold the idea of outer space and NASA very near and dear to their hearts so much so that when they are shown this evidence their ego won’t allow them to accept that space as a hoax years of psychological programming through various media doesn’t help either but whether we like it or not NASA and all the other space agencies are lying to the world they’re lying to you they’re lying to your kids we’ve caught NASA too many times to count at this point we catch them glitching [Music] there’s this one video where the actor is going around a corner and he has faded out before making it completely out of the viewers sight [Music] let’s not forget space bubbles [Music] [Music] dave williams about to move out of the quest airlock those particles that you see emanating from the airlock is said by the e VA officer paul bay manned mission control to be particles of water from the crew’s sublimator x’ on their spacesuits [Music] so many times during spacewalks outside the International Space Station we can see air bubbles rising up can you touch on how there are air bubbles in space can you be more specific air bubbles so yeah like a lot of times during the footage the NASA footage you can see bubbles coming up by the helmets or come from underneath you how do you explain bubbles in space yeah sure exactly oh and it just happens that actors train in an underwater tank [Music] NASA tells us that the earth is photoshopped because it has to be [Music] it is photoshopped but it’s it’s has to be then there was another layer to sort of simulate the atmosphere and then there’s this little bright spot it’s called the specular highlight so it’s the reflection of sunlight off of water those are the pieces but you can’t just slap them all together just didn’t look realistic it looks kind of flat or the clouds are sort of to see through so I just hit command Z a lot there’s artistry to creating the world what I imagined it to be unfortunately I’m not an astronaut I’ve never been to space [Music] some NASA actors say that you can totally see stars when you’re in space whilst in space have you ever looked away from earth into the black for white [Music] yeah as you can see the stars oh yeah you know and pretty much all the time you can see the stars although there’s all the stars in the cool thing is about you can see it during the day yeah you can’t and there’s more than stars you can see planets rising moons you see the get the guest magellan clouds of yeah yeah that’s olynyk’s yeah I was jealous a large but I didn’t want to kill one right yeah you can see the Daiya Kalai whoa but the NASA actors from 1969 say that you can’t see the stars in space we were never able to see stars from the lunar surface or on the daylight side of the Moon but I without looking through the optics I don’t recall during the period of time that we were photographing the SONA birla what what stars we could see I remember seeing any you can see the stars oh yeah you know it and pretty much all the time you can see the stars [Music] NASA says that we can’t leave low-earth orbits right now we only can fly in Earth orbit that’s the farthest that we can go the kinds of technologies that we’re testing out on Space Station are definitely helping us with our goals of going beyond low-earth orbit early in the next decade the set of crewed flights will test and prove the systems required for exploration beyond low Earth orbit and this is really the beginning I think of human beings leaving low-earth orbit well one thing I really want your generation to embrace is that the earth is a closed system we cannot leave the earth but one thing I really want your generation to embrace is that the earth is a closed system we cannot leave the earth NASA tells us that they lost the 1960s technology that took us to the moon I’d go to the moon in a nanosecond the problem is we don’t have the technology to do that anymore we used to but we destroyed that technology and it’s a painful process to build it back again the ultimate destination is Mars if you gave me all the money in the federal budget today I could not get a human to Mars I think that what you’re doing is taking a shot in the dark you have no way of knowing if any commercial entity will ever be able to put a man in orbit no matter how much money you throw at them what you’re doing is you’re taking NASA’s manned space program and making it a faith-based initiative I yield the rest of my time NASA also says that they lost the telemetry data for the moon missions I haven’t seen anything that indicates say kilometer II data is even an existence and as I said even if we have it we don’t have machines to play it back unfortunately I’m afraid I can’t really give you much of a clue as to us to where this data ended up and whether it still exists or not [Music] speaking of fabricated moon missions we as humanity have been being systematically brainwashed to accept the moon landing when they finally did fake it for instance in 1902 the very first sci-fi movie ever made came out it was called a trip to the moon [Music] [Music] the guy who made this George Molly’s made all sorts of similar short movies around the same time the astronomers dream [Music] impossible voyage courtship of the Sun and Moon [Music] conquest of the pole the north pole that is [Music] anyway more pre moon landing movies that conditioned us mentally were destination moon from 1950 [Music] 19:55 conquest of space [Music] 19:58 from the earth to the moon that’s the same year NASA was established 1960 12 to the moon then in 1962 JFK gave his famous we choose to go to the moon speech we choose to go to the moon followed by more mental conditioning in first men in the moon 1964 and Jules Verne’s rocket to the moon in 1967 in 1969 NASA goes to the moon for the first time where President Nixon talked to them on the phone with no problem I just can’t tell you how proud we are for every American this has to be the proudest day of our lives only there is a problem Nixon would not have been able to talk to them because the moon is supposedly two hundred and thirty eight thousand miles away from then on most of the world believes that NASA really goes to a place called outer space and anyone that disagrees is an ignorant conspiracy nut lacking in education it’s not all their fault though the propaganda is rampant in 1981 MTV launches and does their first broadcast with the use of NASA imagery seven six five or we’ve gone for main engine start we have ladies and gentlemen rock and roll [Music] MTV even uses an astronaut on the moon as the logo for movies [Music] and they give out the astronaut statue for best music video award [Music] this is because MTV is ran by freemasons [Music] they even operate out of a free Masonic Temple [Music] you see NASA is also a Masonic entity most if not all NASA astronauts belong to a lodge like our buddy Buzz Aldrin here Freemasons are just two dredges in the grand scheme of things they do a lot of grunt work for the grand deception and the New World Order Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment whose history grades official appointments passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end Isaac wise also I’m not saying that all Freemasons are bad or in on any conspiracy there are certain lodges and certain individuals and families that are privy to the teachings of the mystery schools because of their social status it’s not for your average freemason that joined the local lodge down the street anyway back to Buzz Aldrin this guy has lived his whole life being a puppet for a more sinister power he is still a hundred percent under oath to obey today here he is at some fashion show with Bill Nye looking good buzz looking good speaking of Bill Nighy this guy was an actor on a sketch comedy show called almost live before being picked up by Disney in 1993 [Music] we all love Disney right well Disney with the 666 in his logo has a special Club at Disneyland called Club 33 and if that wasn’t enough Walt Disney helped found NASA along with Wernher von Braun l ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons here to introduce you to this new series is Walt Disney in our modern world everywhere we look we see the influence science has on our daily lives discoveries that were miracles a few short years ago are accepted as commonplace today many of the things that seem impossible now will become realities tomorrow to this day our minds are under attack constantly by these parasites we are submerged in a sea of programming and brainwashing to believe in things that have not and cannot be proven they want us to believe that earth is the result of an accidental Big Bang that gave way to life of single-celled organisms that eventually turned into fish then in phibian z– then monkeys and then us we are told that we live on a rock that spins as it flies through outer space and at any moment we can be destroyed by an asteroid or invaded by aliens they say that one day the Sun will die out and all of this is over well gee if that doesn’t make you feel special then I don’t know what will question everything because everything you think you know is wrong this has been Oh DD TV until next time everyone [Music] fly me to the moon let me play among the stars let me see what spring is like on a Jupiter and Mars in other words [Music]

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  1. Latest NASA Fail (at the very end of Video):

    NASA Fails over and over again. Yet, somehow they are still a thing in 2018. Just do a youtube search for NASA Fails or NASA Bloopers and spend a whole day or more watching NASA fumble. From obvious green screens, wire harnesses and space bubbles to permed hair, software glitches and inconsistencies in stories, the International Space Station is clearly being faked by the space programs of the world. It's so bad that all they really have left is brainwashing and mental conditioning through media programming and propaganda. It's really sad. It's time to put NASA to bed. Outer space doesn't exist in the capacity that we are told and the earth is level and stationary plane. NASA lies. Do your research. – ODD TV =)

    Check out another video of mine that covers more about outer space indoctrination – Flat Earth | History of Space Programming | Outer Space Does Not Exist ▶️️:

  2. This is interesting if you see 8:28 He says you can not leave low earth orbit but his head shakes saying no. Body language experts say the body speaks its own language. I would love to see you add some of these body language messages to your videos showing body language interpretations/meanings in regard to what people say vs what their body's say!

  3. I get that the footage looks dodgy and there's mistrust of NASA, but why is this guy saying space isn't real?

  4. It’s not the background it’s because everything that’s moving gets glitched. For example look the the frame looking thing on the right, it was moving before it glitched and it was one of the things glitched.

  5. why nasa and all countries even your country need to lie with you??? why your country lie to you when they sent satellites on space?? if iss and satellites are only photoshop

  6. I’m getting tired of being called stupid or a troll just bc I don’t believe nasa for one bit. I believe the earth is flat, I also believe the moon landings were faked. I did my research.

  7. 0:30 are you idiot? this is happening because of streaming. all the motion parts of the video glitching. even the frame-like thing on the right of the video.

  8. 3:00 this can't be a prove. because while you watching something live streaming or even on a cd this occur. speed of upload/download makes this happen. there was a SNL ROXBURY video that jim carrey and 2 other guys in it, and at the car scene, there was the same glitch and the were saying kinda "eject the cd, its burning" and after they eject they blow it and put back.

  9. 3:26 why they use A FADE OUT EFFECT in this "post-production" project? you think you are only smart just as you are?
    Also the actor is not just fading out object in the scene. look carefully the screen. there is a scene-stamp-like glitch. or maybe you just did it while putting those arrows and circles.

  10. The astronauts who landed on the moon probably couldn't see the stars because their visors probably were tinted.
    Also, about that glitch that you talked about. It's called datamoshing and it affects only the moving pixels of the video. It probably was caused by a split second of connection issues.
    Also also they probably routed president Nixon's phone to a radar thingy and communicated using that.

  11. It is called datamoshing and only moving pixels are affected by it. How can you believe what you are saying. Pathetic people like you still exist… Braindead

  12. im sorry when nixon is "on the phone" with the moon it just affirms to me that the govt and everything they do is one big fucking movie and they really think we are all absolutely fucking retarded

  13. They could fly to the moon in less than ten years of JFK's announcement, and they can't do it today, with the same scientists?
    * * * * * * *
    If an it don't make sense, ya know there is a buck to be made. Ruckman
    * * * * * * *
    Well looky here! NASA alone gets over $50,000,000.00 per DAY for the deception.

  14. If we can see Stars on Earth almost every night and even with clouds, why would they not see Stars out there in space? They're lying.

  15. The Neil Armstrong thing saying he can't see stars, and now saying they can, is something they need to explain.

  16. do you know what i love about the astronots, they where the same trousers, whoo needs pockets and hoops for belts in space.yir truncks will never fall down…MMMMMM !!!!

  17. How is Nixon in 1969 calling somebody on the moon when I have a iPhone 8 Plus and can’t talk to someone if I’m in a field

  18. It just confuses me why they would keep the mistake on their footage. It's almost like they want to get caught.

  19. Somebody tell me why the space station is the most cluttered room, jam packed with the most wires and "tech" we have ever seen? It looks like a disaster waiting to happen. Like the room designer was like, "well, lets just plug a bunch of wires into every available space and call it good. They'll never know." Meanwhile, astronots are doing back flips and bumping into everything that is probably crucial to each mission. Everything is fully exposed. I don't buy it.

  20. Scientists have confirmed quantum physics's bizarre predictions about the nature of reality, by proving that reality doesn't actually exist until we are looking at it, measuring it, etc. (simulation theory). If you have an object that can either act like a particle or a wave, at what point does that object 'decide'?. So, could matter end up being what we believe it to be? Just a thought.

  21. USA is a fraud. If they can’t recover the technology then that means they have something to hide plain and simple. It’s all part of an illusion of the world that we are living in under a false pretense.

    Edit: Love the content that’s being put out ODD ????

  22. Some of the best comments ever on this video. My favourite is a guy who cries 'fake' because they are wearing the same trousers (I believe Americans call them 'pants')

  23. I object. The footage you showed at 12:37 from Conquest of Space wasn't a movie dude. It was actual documentary footage of our conquest of space.

    I know it looks fake and bad, but as the pioneering god once said: "You can tell it's real because it looks so fake, honestly" – Elon Musk.

    That's how you know it's actual real footage from our first conquest in space and not some movie, stop the fake news man. ?

  24. Conquest of the pole wasn't just a 1920s movie. There was a remake 80 years later with some great adult talent?.

  25. one correction – yes, nasa is a scam BUT outer space is REAL. space can not have END! we are in endless space. but human beings are limited to reach heights above certain limits

  26. Well at least we know what they are spending all the money on…..a bunch of Crappy overpriced equipment that doesn't even work.












  28. APOLLOS-WERE-FAKE: Based on the Fake-NASA-Apollo-Saturn-acceleration-chart, Apollo claims an initial 12.5 meters/s/s (in a vertical-launch-takeoff), deploying a maximum equivalent of 13,636 bhp launch-thrust-force, thus equaling 13,636/3,000==4.5 bhp thrust-force (per-ton), claimed to lift off each ton of mass from the ground!!! 4.5 bhp motors also belong to the smallest of moped/motorbikes, to barely move someone on wheels!!! To further understand how ridiculously impossible this Apollo claim is, compare the claim with a Toyota-Supra (below), deploying its 1,360 bhp (1/10th of Apollo-bhp), weighing 1.7 tons, with a true max-initial-acceleration of only 5.4 m/s/s, thus deploying 800 bhp per ton (==1360/1.7), on wheels, on the ground (NOT for a rocket-liftoff) !! It is thus conceivable that the 1.7 ton Toyota-mass would require to deploy at least 10 times of its current horsepower to lift off as a rocket, with its very low acceleration of 5 m/s/s, and it is further conceivable that it would demand at least twice as much thrust-force to accelerate at Apollo’s 12.5 m/s/s rate (above), thus translating to 20 times of Toyota’s horsepower, or equivalent to twice that of Apollo’s maximum horsepower (thrust-force), thus concluding that Apollo-Saturn-Max-Thrust force could have lifted no more than half of the above Toyota’s mass of 1.7 tons (i.e.: Less than ONE-TON) as a rocket, with its claimed initial acceleration of 12.5 m/s/s. THUS: since the Apollo thrust-force was insufficient to liftoff even a ONE-TON-rocket, it was thus impossible to liftoff its claimed mass of 3,000 tons (i.e.: It was 3000 times more impossible, than lifting off a one-ton rocket)!!! Apollo had exactly 10 times the horsepower of this Toyota-Supra shown at 0-45 of this video:: Youtube: (World's best acceleration cars EVER! Compilation Crazy SPEEDS 0-500 kmh). NOW: For Further comparison, Google: “Bloodhound SSC” supersonic car, powered by::: Rolls-Royce Eurojet EJ200; afterburning turbofan; Nammo HTP hybrid rocket, altogether delivering a combined 140,000 bph-Thrust-Force, which is TEN-times that of Apollo-Saturn's, thus deploying 140,000/7 tons ==20,000 bhp per-ton of thrust force to move this car on wheels, on the ground, NOT as a rocket (against G-Force), while Apollo-Saturn claims to go hypersonic, with a thrust-force equivalent of 4.5 bhp per-ton of mass!!! which is beyond, beyond, fiction-fiction, as opposed to Science-Fiction!!!

  29. Lol! Nasa one big fat lie lol! Also all female astronauts are transgender! From male to female! There is not one real female! One only has to look at the bone structure! Visit my channel and watch Illuminati tranny playlist! Great work on this video!

  30. When they answer the question of the "black void" you can see them looking each other like "what the heck should we response"? this actors are not only dumb but blatantly dumb

  31. They have taken down videos they have lied about what the real universe looks like and now they are trying to say they can go to the moon it's crazy this world is controlled by the elites,demons , they have turned the masses into fools

  32. at 6:40 the guy on the right after reading the question looks nervously to his partner awaiting to see what he would answer to to follow in his steps……….. lmfaooooooooo

  33. At 06:40 you can see how they are freaking out and look at each other like "what should we say?" for a moment. This is really fucking suspicious.

  34. Whether you personally believe in God/Jesus/etc, you'd have to be a complete idiot to not look at the Bible as having logical, rational value, ESPECIALLY in this upside down world we currently live in. I think the deeper you go down this truth rabbit hole and peel back the layers of the Luciferian agenda we all live in today, the more God/the Bible is the only thing that gives us any direction, or purpose. That being said, in regards to space or flat earth – the "firmament" is mentioned 17 times in the Bible, heres an example…

    Genesis 1:6-8 says, “And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.” The “firmament” is called “heaven”; i.e., it is what people see when they stand outside and look up. It is the space which includes the earth’s atmosphere and the celestial realm. In the firmament, we see the sun, moon, and stars; in modern translations the firmament is often called the “expanse” or the “sky.”

    "Space," like NASA postures, does not exist. There are no aliens, only demonic entities (possibly conjured by Cern/etc) and postured Project Blue Light nonsense, DEFINITELY not of Gods creation. If you believe in the concept of flat earth, and see the Luciferian agenda before us, you are THIS CLOSE to accepting God/Jesus. Food for thought…

  35. 2024 there gonna go to the moon again so how much bs are they gonna do the same trick with greenscreens an cgi.. why would they wait till 2024 to do such a thing.

  36. Nice one, moron. If they were going to fake it, they'd still have the "actornauts" as you hilariously describe them, in the "fake" station. It's a bloody transmission glitch you numpty.

  37. Mind Control to Major Tom. Hang your green screen up and put your wires on. This is mind control to Major Tom. We fooled the human race. Now, the existence of the true God is far away. Mind Control….let's face it NASA NEVER A STRAIGHT ANSWER lies. They never got past the firmament above us. Genesis Chapter 1. Above that is water, no outer space. Besides the moon is not a planet nor a rock that can be walked upon. It's an illuminary like the sun only not as bright or hot. There are no space critters up there. When the false flag Alien invasion occurs remember they're not space creatures they're demons. Stanley Kubrick did a good job with the "going to the moon" movie but he was rushed. Astronots are high level free masons along with NASA. Tyson is an actor as well as Bill Nye Science Guy. There's no Musk star man and Tesla car floating in outer space either. Nixon talked to the Astronots on the moon by his regular phone? Whereas, my so-called Smartphone drops calls left and right when I'm only 100 feet from a cell tower?
    MTV is not Music Television it's Masonic Tell-a-lie-vision. Great video! The truth is so refreshing! GBY and yours. Maranatha Believe nothing you see and only half (maybe less) of what you hear.

  38. think hard who has the most to gain by all the lies. not money maybe souls. we know who freemasons worship. like money says in god we trust. it doesnt say jehova. it is their god… lucifer

  39. saw the ISS last night and thought it was a ufo, looked it up and was able to know when it was coming tonight, just watched it with my cousin, does that prove its real ? no, it just proves theres a reflective object moving around in the sky which is strong enough to look like a large satellite. It reflects more when its directly overhead btw so its not just a simple light, more like a directional light or reflector which reflects something else, either the sun or otherwise.

  40. Space is deffinetly not fake. what benefit could anyone have over us making the human race believe that space is real? ??? Absolute spastics

  41. The best one is when the actornaught slips up and says there in the states when there suposed to be in orbit ..what a goof

  42. you're….. just an absolute moron. First a video with ZERO real evidence that the earth is flat, now you believe space is real…. I just can't even find one video on your channel that proves anything with real facts???

  43. Distance to the Moon. In astronomy, the distance of the Moon from Earth is known as the lunar distance. The average distance of the Moon from the center of the Earth is calculated to be 384,400 km (238,855 mi). This is the average of the distance at the apogee and perigee of the Moon from Earth.

    The Van Allen belts are most intense over the Equator and are effectively absent above the poles. No real gap exists between the two zones; they actually merge gradually, with the flux of charged particles showing two regions of maximum density. The inner region is centred approximately 3,000 km (1,860 miles) above the terrestrial surface. The outer region of maximum density is centred at an altitude of about 15,000 to 20,000 km (9,300 to 12,400 miles), though some estimates place it as far above the surface as six Earth radii (about 38,000 km [23,700 miles]).

  44. now it is clear why the bible is. mentioning deception.. they are up to something, possibly want to control the world .. it's not just about the flat earth but the PLAIN TRUTH!

  45. The ISIS is 100% fake, I know it because just watch the fricking videos would ya? Can’t you see the errors?

  46. The encoder only updates changing areas of a video to save bandwidth
    which is why only the astronauts glitch out . They're the only moving
    parts of the frame . Static content of a compressed image don't update
    with new frames

  47. Fuuuuuuuuk ?‍♀️ it’s fake. They aren’t even GOOD actors. Ffffffffffffffff omg shhhhht I’m speechless except for cussing. Fish.

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