NASA Leads Demo for Drone Traffic Management Tech
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NASA Leads Demo for Drone Traffic Management Tech

September 11, 2019

The future of drones is out of sight We’re testing an automated drone traffic system That is safe and efficient We call this UTM UTM is the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management UTM uses cloud computing, AI and automation The latest UTM tests took place at six sites over three weeks They focused on flying beyond visual line of sight Simulating a variety of scenarios Search and rescue Infrastructure surveys Railway inspections Package delivery Our UTM work inspires collaboration between government, industry and universities Test partners supplied drones, pilots and platform services The next UTM demo starts later this year over moderately populated areas Our research continues through 2019 All results go to the Federal Aviation Administration to implement the system

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  1. These things should be outlawed… invasion of privacy big time. I see one over me , I plink it out of the sky…

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