NASA Now Minute: Model Aircraft
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NASA Now Minute: Model Aircraft

August 31, 2019

[ Sound Effects ] The science of making models. [ Sound Effects ] The reason why models
are built is because it’s very inexpensive. Take for instance the people
building a new space vehicle or new aircraft, it’s best
to build a smaller model because when you
test this vehicle and it’s not what you’re
looking for, you have to go back to the drawing board and
recreate and redesign. You have a very fast turnaround
time with a model vehicle versus a full size vehicle. So that’s why models are very
feasible and easy to work with. The engineering design process
is the researcher’s side of the process with the
engineering designers. Basically, they get together, collaborate about a particular
design that they’re going to come up with and what they
want this particular vehicle to do. And when they come up with
this design, the material, the drawings are given to us and then the technicians
will review the drawings. Once the model is built,
it’s then taken out and then into the wind tunnels. [ Sound Effects ] Be sure to tell your teacher to visit the NASA Explorer
Schools Virtual Campus. [ Sound Effect ]

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