NASA’s Global Hawk Aircraft and the Dropsonde System
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NASA’s Global Hawk Aircraft and the Dropsonde System

September 27, 2019

[music plays] I’m officially the NOAA lead on the Dropsonde System that’ll be flying on the environmental Global Hawk aircraft during HS3. Dropsonde is a science instrument very much like what flies on the Radiosondes that the weather
service and offices launch throughout the, throughout the world The sensors on a Dropsonde measure the temperature pressure and humidity in the atmosphere so, we get very high resolution vertical profiles of the temperature and humidity
through the atmosphere, and then also with GPS receivers on the sensors Then we also get the very high resolution winds and directions and so the wind and the direction is particularly very valuable at the low-level in hurricanes to get
information on just how strong hurricane is. On the aircraft there is a a custom
design launcher specifically for the Global Hawk That sits in a rear portion of the aircraft and it looks something like a coke dispenser A shuttle kicks it out of the back of the
Global Hawk aircraft and immediately after launch then a parachute opens and it continues to fall to the ground. it’s fun to be doing work on such a
novel platform like this and and being a being a part of really very exciting
new cutting-edge science. I’m loving it [music plays]

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