NASA’s Two Modified 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft Flying in Formation
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NASA’s Two Modified 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft Flying in Formation

September 12, 2019

It had never happened before and most likely will never happen again but for a few minutes recently NASA’s two modified Boeing 747 Space Shuttle Carrier aircraft flew in formation over the Edwards Air Force Base test range in Southern California. Commencing a roll out 3…2…1…Rolling out now. Both aircraft were scheduled to be in
the air that week. NASA 911 on a pilot proficiency flight and NASA 905 on a functional check flight following maintenance operations. Since both converted jet liners were scheduled to be in the air at about the same time pilot Jeff Moultrie of Johnson Space Center’s Aircraft Operations Directorate arranged to have both aircraft fly information for about 20 minutes. OK, I’m gonna move in for close up…Sure NASA Dryden photographer Carla Thomas eagerly took the opportunity to capture still and video imagery of the two aeronautical giants from a NASA FA/18. That’s a pretty picture So, if I angle a view I’d just like to keep separation between the two What’s that? Keep separation, uh…between the two aircraft OK…Like that? Yeah The two modified 747s were used to ferry the space shuttles after landings at Edwards to the Kennedy Space Center and to and from various other locations during the shuttles more than three decades history. They’ll also carry the now-retired Discovery, Endeavour and Atlantis to their final destinations for eventual public display.

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