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Nelio Content – The Editorial Companion for WordPress

August 25, 2019

Running a successful blog used to be complicated
and time consuming. Looking for new ideas, planning content in
advance, writing impactful posts, promoting content on social media… there was so much
to do it wasn’t hard to feel overwhelmed and let the blog fall by the wayside. Not anymore! Nelio Content is the all-in-one solution for
WordPress that offers an easy way to publish and promote new content saving you plenty
of time. Nelio Content brings Social Media right into
your WordPress dashboard, turning the promotion of your posts into a simple step of your content
creation workflow. While you’re editing a post, Nelio’s Social
Timeline offers an overview of its upcoming promotion on social media. With our Social Message Editor, you’ll be
able to simultaneously prepare messages on different social accounts and preview them
before sharing. You can also select the exact date and time
of promotion or schedule them in relation to the publication of the post easily and
effortlessly. When the time comes, we will automatically
publish the messages for you. Nelio Content helps you give each post the
promotion it deserves. The Editorial Calendar makes the creation
and management of your content straightforward. It offers a unified view of all your content
in one single place, including all your upcoming posts and the social messages you scheduled
to promote them. Just drag and drop your content to reschedule
it. What’s more, when rescheduling a post, all
its associated social messages will also be automatically rescheduled according to the
new publication date. Moving around all your content is easier than
ever before with Nelio Content. Nelio Content analyzes the quality of your
post and warns you if it’s not complete. Make attractive, structured, and readable
posts ensuring you never miss a thing. Nelio Content is the perfect companion for
your editorial team, helping you turn ideas into real content with clear deadlines and
easy communication. Facilitate the work of your authors by suggesting
references related to the content of a post. Assign tasks to your teammates with specific
deadlines to control the progress of your plan. Or use editorial comments to discuss any aspect
of your post/content. Keeping track of all your relevant teamwork
has never been this easy! Hit every target in your content strategy
without ever missing a step and ensure that your work is accomplished as simply as possible. Nelio Content–the editorial companion for
WordPress that saves you time.

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  1. I want to publish a post only for two page one on twitter and one on facebook . Where to select these two pages?

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