New 8.2 Mounts and Where to Get Them
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New 8.2 Mounts and Where to Get Them

August 30, 2019

Hi! I’m Hazel, and today we’re looking at
all of the new mounts on the 8.2 PTR so far and a rough idea of where you’ll be getting
them. This is just what’s actually in the mount
journal, so these are the most likely to make it into the game. I’m not digging much into datamining yet
because my heart can’t take the disappointment. First, the Wonderwing 2.0. You’ll get this glorious golden parrot when
you earn your BfA Pathfinder Part 2 and unlock flying in BfA zones. So far, all you need for part 2 is revered
with the Mechagon and Nazjatar rep. It should be pretty quick. If you don’t have BfA Pathfinder part 1
yet, Wowhead has an attunement checker tool that can tell you what you still need to do. Next, the Xiwyllag ATV! This is a crafted mount that’s split between
two professions. Blacksmiths will make a chassis, engineers
make an engine and slapping them together gives you….this. The Child of Torcali is the final reward of
that green baby direhorn quest that Horde have been doing. In 8.2 the last legs of that are being added
along with the How to Train Your Direhorn achievement, which will reward the mount. Horde characters can finally see their baby
grow up. The Onyx War Hyena is a slightly mysterious
one. Obviously this comes from rated PvP, but it’s
not a Vicious Mount, and it’s not an Honor Level mount, and it’s not a glad mount. Exactly how you’ll get this is unclear so
far. I’m kind of hoping that it’s a freebie
from your first win to just kinda get people in the door of rated PvP. That’s just a guess, though. Next, The six zone reps of BfA are getting
a new flying mount each, available at exalted for a whole bunch of gold. Alliance factions get armored gryphons. The Stormsong Coastwatcher is for Storm’s
Wake, the Proudmoore Sea Scout is Proudmoore Admiralty and the Dusky Waycrest Gryphon is
from the Order of the Embers. Coming in at 90K gold each, this is a big,
thick and probably unpopular gold sink. These are not new models. For the Horde, you get pterrorwings. The Captured Swampstalker is from Talanji’s
Expedition, the Voldunai Dunescraper is obviously Voldunai and the Zandalari Empire gets the
Spectral Pterrorwing, which at least has the decency to be a little unique. Someone probably wants that. Next, let’s dig through the Mechagon mounts. The X-995 Mechanocat is something you can
craft with Tinkering at Pascal in Mechagon. Basically a questline and some material farming. It may look kind of plain like this, but you
can actually paint your mechanocat. Different colored paint sprays will drop from
all sorts of Mechagon activities, and you can use those to spice up your mecha-kitty. The Rustbolt Resistor is fittingly enought
the Rustbolt Resistance rep mount. Right now on the PTR,it costs an awful lot
of gold. That could change, but it also might not. If your pockets aren’t deep enough for that
one, you can try for the Aerial Unit R-21/X. That one drops from King Mechagon, the last
boss in the Operation: Mechagon dungeon. It apparently comes with foot warmers, so
I vote for this one. While you’re in the dungeon, keep an eye
out for the Mechagon Peacekeeper drop. Same colors, fresh mecha spider tank look. Another color of spider tank is available
from a Mechagon quest. The Scrapforged Mechaspider is something you
can build through what I hear is a fairly long and involved journey. Worth it though. Yet another color is the Rusty Mechanocrawler
for fans of the dingy aesthetic. This one is just listed as a Mechagon drop,
and it’s been reported to drop from the Arachnoid Harvester rare out there. There could be more sources, but definitely
at least that one. Next, the Mechacycle Model W. This is the
wheel. You sit inside it, it spins around you, and
it’s everything that you want it to be. This one is rewarded from the Mechagon meta
achievement, which is going to have you doing all kinds of tinkery stuff out in the outdoor
mechagon zone. Expect this to take a while, and you’re
gonna do it anyways because look at it. The Junkheap Drifter is another wheel color,
and this one drops from the rare mob Rustfeather out in Mechagon. The thing I really like about the wheel mounts
is that they’re very narrow, so you know precisely where you’re going. As much as I love a good hippo mount, they
can feel a little iffy when you’re trying to tightrope around some trash, or get onto
the boat in Boralus. So with the Mechagon mounts out of the way,
let’s check out what we’ll be finding in Nazjatar. The Unshackled Waveray is a Horde rep mount,
on the new Unshackled reputation. These are obviously reminiscent of the Argus
mana rays but I love them so much more because they look like real animals. The Ankoan Waveray is the Alliance version
on the Ankoan rep vendor. In my opinion, this is the best color scheme
for them and I need it immediately. I give it strong odds that these are flying
and not only underwater mounts, but I can’t know that for sure yet. The Azshari Bloatray is in my opinion, the
ugliest color scheme of ray. If you’re after the manta ray that wanted
to be a banana when it grew up, here you go. This one is from Glory of the Eternal Raider,
the meta achievement for the Azshara’s Palace raid. The fourth ray color is the Silent Glider,
which drops from the Soundless rare out in Nazjatar. We’ll see how rare that is. Next, the Snapback Scuttler is our crab mount,
but not just any crab mount. This one walks sideways, like an actual crab. Obviously you’re still going forward, and
the crab is just facing to the side, but it’s cool anyways. This is listed as Zone: Nazjatar, which COULD
mean that it’s a world drop out there. Maybe. Next we have three snapdragons, which supposedly
have something to do with some kind of Warcraft Naga Unit. I missed that era myself but you don’t need
to be a Warcraft buff to want naga-mermaid-dog-thing. The Royal Snapdragon is another Zone:Nazjatar
source, while the Deepcoral Snapdragon and Snapdragon Kelpstalker colors are from Nazjatar
quests. The Tidestallions are next, and we have three
of them. The Inkscale Deepseeker is from Nazjatar Battle
Commendations, which sound like a new version of a Service Medal. We’ll get back to you on that once Nazjatar
opens on PTR. The Crimson Tidestallion doesn’t have a
listed source yet, but Fabious will drop from Fabious, a Nazjatar rare. These are Gorgeous but they’re almost certainly
underwater only mounts. I will get excited about those the day that
they go as fast as my Underlight Angler shark. I have hope. Notably missing from this list is the bee
mount. There is no bee mount in the mount journal
of the 8.2 PTR, YET. That doesn’t mean it’s not coming. There have been hints of a bee-related reputation
buried in the data for 8.2, so don’t lose faith just yet. So those are the 8.2 mounts so far! If I’m picking a favourite, it’s the Ankoan
Waveray- assuming it can fly. Let me know what you’re excited to get down
in the comments, thank you for watching and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!

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  1. I am HYPED for the mechacycle! it's looks incredibly cool! but 90k for a gryphon in new colors? have the blizz team been licking funky looking frogs again? if they put that kind of price tag on a mount, at least make it somewhat interesting, original or usefull since they are trashing the waterstrider.

  2. I honestly really like the Gryphons, they're great for roleplay as they don't look like something an OP character would have. But I wish that they'd give them all their own unique armour and items attached to them, that'd make them a lot more interesting. There's so much opportunity with customizing the deco and armour they wear, it's a shame that most of them all just have the same armour. They could do this for pretty much any mount that has reskins, and I'm sure a lot less people would complain!

  3. Honestly, I think these "Gold sink" mounts are actually having hidden intentions in them. I think Wow is trying to force casual players who don't make much gold to buy Wow tokens. I don't think many players have 100k + gold to spend on a mount.

  4. 01:27 Recolor time, for Ally! 02:23 Mimirion Head wannabe! 02:46 WOW! Ghost in de Shell? Nice! That surprise! O_O
    03:15 Original mount … for all! /sigh Ankoan things … lame! 04:59 For da Horde … again!

  5. ok so i want. #1 The Krabbo, #2 that one wheel motorcycle, #3 the spectral swamp dragon thingy 🙂

  6. So sick of blizzards bullshit with alliance mounts. They go all out for the whored side… WTB devs that play Alliance so we get the same sweet goodies.

  7. Ion hinted that the bee mount was going to be alliance only and a continuation of the bee pet quest chain, he said this in response to an interview where someone pointed out that thus far horde got all the cool mounts and alliance got jack shit once again.

  8. All of the mechanical mounts. The sabrekitty will go will with the sabretron and P4-N73R4 mechanical Kitties.

  9. Always love watching your updates. This expansion has made me lost the ability to even care about playing. This is the only time ive stopped playing for the longest time since my July 2007 start. But heres hoping for 8.2 and hopefully ill stay on board for a bit!

  10. Unsure why blizzard is over pricing everything. 90k for a damn gryphon that's re colored is insane. ..

  11. Title should be, "Fantastic 8.2 Mounts and Where to Find Them"

    *Fantastic is merely whimsical and is not indicative of the quality of every single 8.2 mount. Your mileage may vary

  12. I'm at 382/400 right now, with the addition of Pathrunner the other day, I am closing in on the goal hopefully before all these make it easier, Silthide and the Wolf of Tanaan are next, wish me luck

  13. WoW Tokens! WoW tokens everywhere! Sink your money buy these store…. errrhmmm in game mounts for a cheep nugget of gold! 🤑

    I saw what you did there Blizz…

  14. 1: Get bee mount
    2: Create bind that spam yells "DO YOU LIKE JAZZ ?"
    3: Fly around Goldshire all day spamming bind.
    4: Profit gold from people who pay you to shut the hell up.

  15. Couldn't horde get new gold sink wyverns… well just to be fair. No offence but I disslike that Horde gets more unique things bound to the faction uniques, while alliance gets horses and gryphons at every turn.

  16. I'd be upset that horde get the direhorn and alliance doesn't, but we did get the Frostsaber from Winterspring. So, I guess balance?

  17. Yes FINALLY! We get the coolest mount model in the MMO genre! AKA THE AWESOME FABIOLUS MONOCYCLE! Oh I have to get them all!

  18. Hazel! Are you okay!?!? It sounded like you sprained your tongue halfway through pronouncing "Xiwyllag ATV". Should we call a holy priest for some healing?

  19. Imagine were WoW would be if the rest of the team brought their A-game as often as the art team does.

  20. Who would ever need 29 new mounts? It's an absurd. Wow team is clearly in panic mode. Lets add plenty more skins to current content, that will make the players to come back…

  21. Those gryphons are not only dull but 80k to expensive!! I’d be amazed if any one other than serious mount collectors get them

  22. They are probably fixing the bee animation so it doesnt look as clunky when sitting idle or when you go from idle to moving. I had a pet bee as a hunter and I stabled it right away because I couldn't stand to look at its disjointed loop.

  23. I was loving taking care of Kua'fon until he grew up into a beautiful mount…now I find out there's 3 new exact models with different color schemes..thx Blizzard.

  24. 90k for a not so good looking gryphon mount. Good job Blizzard… good job. I can barely make gold in the first place

  25. I am not going to give 90 k for a recoloured mount .. why the Alliance it’s so punished this Expansion? What we did so wrong to deserve this?

  26. Oh man! Blizzard should look at the poor inscription people… Got no money for the mounts 😭😭😭

  27. Wow overpriced recolored old models for alliance and recolored slightly new models for horde, so amazing good job art team. And only 90k for that trash? WOOOOOW. This game is screwed.

  28. How about the 5ook price for warframe in legion. the 5 million price for a large dinosaur or 2 million for spider mount. FU bliz i can afford it but im not a moron

  29. I really hope we will never ever get an expansion again where you HAVE to play both factions to get collectibles. Not cool

  30. Fabious can be obtained by taking a selfie with the mob in the background. It's pretty cool and easy but the Selfie toy is required.

  31. Yo fuck Blizzard. They are exxagerating with their "Gold has inflated" stuff. Not everyone has 500k for an ugly ass mount. It's just a way for them to sell WoW tokens.

  32. i'm a mount collector I have over 415 mounts across my account (367) on my main .. and honestly this buying mount is getting over priced .. I haven't been able to get 16 mount which I could buy with gold .. way too expensive .. I barely make 100k per month .. idk what to do to get gold ..

  33. …. I wanna add if you do get the water mount in Naztar buy Buddling Deepcoral, Sold by Artisan Okata!!! So you can fly baby 😃

  34. Whoever made the decision to make rep and other grind mounts unaffordable for people who dont have butrloads of gold should be fired. Why should I spend weeks on weeks grinding rep only to find out I need to grind 10000000 gold for the damn mount?

  35. I suggest you get Fabious NOW. It has several spawn points and you're going to have to camp, if you want this mount. I spent two days in two FULL raid groups and a total of approx 18 hours before I got mine. Good luck

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