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NEW DRAGON vs FLYING SNAKES! – Beast Battle Simulator Gameplay | Pungence

August 28, 2019

– Whoa, they’re flyin! Dude, he’s like walking on air! They’re attack is, oh! Is, oh! (beep) Hey, what’s up guys? Welcome back to Beast Battle Simulator. Guys, I don’t know how they do it. Every time we play this game, they add something to
make the game even better. Guys, today is a big one. Dude, they added a dragon! A fire-breathing dragon. Guys, I can’t wait to do this. But really quick, before we get into it, thank you so much for your
support on this series, on my channel. Guys, YouTube’s made some changes lately and it’s been hurting some channels. But guys, because of
you, all your support, hitting that like button. I know it just feels like something small, but it makes such a big difference. So guys, I had to say thank you. Dude, last video was over
3000 likes, that’s crazy. But guys, what if we
hit 4000 on this video? I don’t know man, maybe
we’ll do more dragon stuff. But guys, let’s get into it. Oh, really quick, I’m gonna
do another onslaught level. Guys, we’re so close to beating this. But guys, really quick, I’ve never really set up a definite schedule. I’m gonna try out a schedule this week. Guys, I upload a video every single day, but the time kinda changes sometimes. So I’m thinking every day this week and maybe for a while, if it works out, I’m gonna upload a video
at 5:00 p.m. Eastern. And guys, if you don’t
know what time that is in your timezone, dude, all you gotta do is just google 5:00 p.m. Eastern and it’ll tell you what
time it is in your time. But, that’s the plan guys. So, I want you guys to
be able to expect a video at a certain time every day. So guys, let me know if you like this. Also, dude, we’re gonna
be taking some ideas that you guys gave last video. Keep the ideas coming for
matchups you wanna see. Okay, let’s do this, Spell Master. You have very little
money, but high mana regen. You’ll need to cast a lot
of spells to win here. Okay, guys, like I did last video, I think you guys like that when we don’t spend a lot of
time on the onslaught mode. I’ll show you guys the level and stuff. Maybe we’ll do one round together. But, I’ll do most of it off-camera. Okay, so we got nine elephants
or mastodons or something, 18 finbacks, three Spinosauruses, okay. Dude, you know me, uh oh. Brachiosaurus flamethrower
and, dude, this is a tough one. They weren’t kidding, we
don’t have a lot of money. Let’s just get a bunch of these guys. So, I think we just
gotta rely on our spells. Okay, can I just get a regular Stegosaurus and a clubtail and a raptor. Guys, let’s do this, let’s do this. Okay, dude, the mana regen is really good. All right, what if we throw
some of these guys out there? Throw these guys out
there to distract ’em. And I could probably bomb these guys. Let’s put ’em on fire. How do you like that? How do you like that? Uh oh, zap this guy. You thought you were
gonna get to my tower. You’re not gonna get to my tower, uh oh. How about zap you? And then, pour rain on you. What’s my tower doing? Health is kinda hurting. Dude, these elephants aren’t that great. Okay, I was trying to save on my animals. I wanted to save some for next round. Okay, are they getting this guy? Dude, this elephant’s crazy! Take out the blasted elephant. Oh my goodness. At least distract him. Okay, next round. Look at all that mana. Guys, look at all that mana. Okay, dude, we got so much. Okay, once these guys get to
the tower, I’m gonna blast ’em. You know what, let’s
just blast ’em right now. Just blast ’em now. (meteor crashes) Did that hurt my brachy? I think he’s still alive. He’s still alive, heal him! Yes, he’s still alive. Yes, okay. I think they’re all gonna
go to this point right here. We gotta time it just right! (meteor crashes) I got two of ’em. I got two of ’em. Zap this guy. Uh oh. Zap this guy, whoa! Dude, this is crazy. Oh my goodness. Dude, that’s a lot of those guys. Please all go to one point. My voice cracked, it’s okay. Yes, they’re all at one point. (meteor crashes) Okay, dude, how much more is there? There’s the Spinosaureses. There’s the Spinosaureses. Okay guys, I think I wanna flash ’em. Flash ’em. And then hopefully that times it to where they’re all at
the same spot, please. (meteor crashes) Oh, no! That guy got away. Uh oh, zap him. Please, zap him. Zap, we missed! Are you serious? Dude, he’s going in circles. We missed, okay, he’s fallen. And zap him. Okay guys, we survived round one. I wanted to have some
dinosaurs saved for next round. Okay, guys, let’s see what happens. Dude, what do we got? Ostrich, kangaroo, and penguin? How hard could that be? Dude, I can’t hit this guy! Hit ’em! Oh my goodness, guys we’re so close. Look at our tower. Guys, we’re so close. Hit ’em! Oh my goodness. Dude, our tower was so close. Okay, we beat it guys. We got one more level to do and then we beat all the onslaught levels. Guys, I don’t know if we get something. Usually, we beat all
the levels in something, we get a new animal or something. So, hopefully that happens. But guys, dude, let’s do this. Where do we wanna see this dragon? Planes, let’s go to the Mountains. Dude, we’re gonna see a
fire-breathing dragon. So, they were saying this is the most requested unit they get. Okay guys, I am so excited
to check out this dragon. But guys, before we do, I gotta take a request from last video. Supergojita wanted to see 10 Thunder Mages versus 10 Space Mages. Have we done this? I don’t know if we’ve done this before. I think we did 10 Thunder Mages versus 10 something else. I don’t know dude. Both of these, whoops, both
of these are instant kills. So, I guess it’s whoever gets
their attack fired off first. The Space Mages, they’re
attack is, (explosion) Oh! (meteor crashes) Oh. Is (loud crash) oh! (laughs) Dude, that was the loudest thing I’ve ever heard in a video game. I’m gonna turn it down for you guys. Wait, why aren’t there
any more game sounds? Why don’t I hear anything? Okay guys, that was really loud. All right guys, let’s
check out this dragon. Okay, is it under dinos? It’s under dinos, dragon. Dude, 3.9 for this dragon. 3.9 thousand, dragon. Okay, he’s kinda blending in. Dude, he’s blending in with the mountains. Let’s put him on the other side. Let’s see what he looks like on this side. Dude, he’s bronze, whoa! And he’s got red eyes. Wow, does he have red eyes on both sides? Dude, he’s just got red eyes on this side. This one looks scarier. Oh my goodness. Okay, what do we wanna put
this dragon up against? I’m thinking, he’s a
fire-breathing dragon, so I was thinking for a warmup, we put him up against some pigs. Guys, I think you know what I’m thinking. It’s bacon time. (laughs) That’s probably what it would smell like. If you put a dragon up
against, how many pigs? 100 pigs, you put a dragon
up against 100 pigs, it’s gonna smell like bacon, okay? All right pigs, get ready to go, whoa. (dragon roars) Oh, dude! Oh my goodness. Dude, that is insane, that fire breathing. Okay, we’re going 50% speed. Let’s go full speed, full speed. Dude, the dragon is so vicious! (laughs) Dude, that flame! That flame throwing ability’s crazy. Okay, let’s pause it. Look at his legs, his
legs are like dancing. Oh my goodness. (laughs) Dude, that’s crazy. (dragon roars) Oh man, okay. So, he’s breathing fire. Dude, I kinda like this greenish flame– (dragon roars) Flame thing too. Dude, every time I get close to him. (dragon roars) (laughs) Every time I get
close to him, he growls again. Stop doing that. (dragon roars) Okay, this guy, he’s scary. But, he’s kinda funny at the same time. Okay, we’re back at 50% speed. Dude, he’s going crazy. Dude, actually let’s take control of him. I just took control of the dragon. I took control of this dragon. Okay, dude, this is crazy. How do I breathe fire? Is the game over? I think we cooked all the bacon. This dragon is, oh no, we
didn’t cook all the bacon. Wait a minute. Wait, let me breathe fire, yes. Now I’m breathing some fire, I think. Okay, can I fly? I think I should be able to fly, right? Okay, breathe fire. It’s no breathing fire. Left-click is attack. I think there’s only one pig left. (laughs) It won’t let me breathe fire. (dragon roars) Okay, that’s good. That’s good, we won. Dude, that was insane. Okay, How about dragon versus dragon. Dude, I’d love to see that battle. A dragon versus a dragon. (dragon roars) Whoa! Oh my goodness. Dude, they’re going crazy. They’re going crazy. Wait, are they mating? (laughs) Whoa, they fell over! That was very fast. Okay, well, dragon versus dragon. (laughs) I guess it’s whoever attacks first. What is their attack damage? Their damage is 200 and
their health is 700. I don’t know guys, okay. This is what I’m thinking. I’m thinking Titanoboas. We’re going snake crazy on this guy. We’re not just doing a few snakes either. We’re doing a ton, whoa! We’re doing a ton of snakes. We gotta do, dude, let’s
do the circle around him. Let’s do the snake circle. Nobody can survive the snake circle. How many do we wanna do? Okay, let’s just start off with 100. If 100 isn’t enough, we’ll do 200. Okay, let’s bump up its health. Let’s put his health at, dude, let’s put it at 10,000. 10,000 health dragon versus 100 big ol’ snakes. Here we go, here we go. Oh my goodness, dude,
they’re gonna lift him up. Are they gonna constrict him? Dude, I love this, oh! They’re doing it. I love when they wrap around ’em. Oh man, oh my goodness. Dude, look at this snake. He’s peeking over the back. Dude, the snakes are on fire. They’re trying to lift him up. They’re having a hard time though. They’re having a hard
time lifting this guy up. Oh man, he can fly. Dude, he can fly away with these things. Okay, let’s look at, oh. I was gonna say, let’s
watch regular speed. Light wins, okay. So, we gotta bump up his health. We gotta bump up his health. That was 10,000, let’s do 30,000. 30,000 dragon health and then, for the snakes, let’s double the snakes. I’m thinking 200 snakes, 200 snakes. Whoops, wrong side. 200 snakes versus a big ol’ dragon. Let’s do this. Oh man, okay, whoa. Why are those snakes flipping? Okay, dude, we definitely have to go slow motion for this one. Okay, dude, that’s 200 snakes. Dude, you guys gotta get in there. You guys gotta get in there. Okay, he’s got, (laughs) he’s got, oh! He’s got, how much health? Whoa, they’re flying! They’re flying! (laughs) Dude, he’s walking on air. Oh my goodness. Dude, he’s falling, he’s falling. He actually can fly. But, so can these snakes. For some reason, these snakes can fly. Dude, oh my goodness. Dude, this is the most viscous animal we’ve seen in this game. He’s flying away. He’s flying away. And they’re chasing him down. Dude, I love how his legs
just keep moving in the sky. Oh my goodness, the legs moving might be my favorite part of this guy. This one snake’s trying
to take him on himself. Dude, look at how many
more snakes there are. There’s so many more snakes. These are all alive, right? Oh yeah, they’re all alive. Dude, he survived round one. Can he survive round two? Dude, I wish I knew how
to fly with this guy. Let’s take control, let’s take control. Whoops, take control of this guy. Let me fly. Am I flying? I’m pressing space, do
you think space flies? Okay, oh dude, I think it does, maybe. Yes, we’re flying! We’re flying, we’re flying. Okay, let’s let him take over. Dude, this is crazy. Okay, that’s actually a good tactic. Back away, back away from the pack. Dude, look at this guy. I love the red eyes too. For some reason, the light side doesn’t really have the red eyes. Okay, he’s coming in for the final round. Let’s take over, let’s take over. Yeah, space flaps the wings. Dude, that’s pretty
cool, that’s pretty cool. Uh oh, flap, flap wings. Please flap wings. He’s only got 6,000 health left. Okay, dude, flap those wings. Flap those wings. Okay, whoa, he’s flipping! We’re upside-down, we’re upside-down. Keep flying, whoa! Dude, that snake came out of nowhere. Oh my goodness, he’s flying with us. Okay, now he’s in the middle of the pack. Now, let’s see what he does. Let’s see how you do
against all the snakes. Dude, there they go, there they go. Oh my goodness. (dragon roars) Whoa! Dude, his growl is crazy. Okay, let’s just pause for a minute. I can’t pause, it’s over. He just finished off, I think. Oh, dude, the snakes won. Guys, that seemed like it was kinda close. Okay, let’s try one more matchup. I’m thinking let’s put him
up against a Spinosaurus, a bunch of Spinosauruses. Dude, these look weird on the light side. Let’s do a circle of Spinosauruses. 34 is good. Let’s see how he does
against 34 Spinosauruses. They’re closing in and he
doesn’t know what to do. I think he does know what to do. He’s burning ’em on fire. He’s burning ’em on fire! Oh man, dude, okay. Is he gonna fly with the Spinosauruses. I don’t think they’re gonna fly. He can fly though, he can fly. Dude, this dragon. Fly dragon, fly, fly and attack. Dude, health is going down pretty fast. Okay, let’s just let him do his thing. Let’s pause it, okay. Dude, is he biting into this guy? Okay, he’s biting into this guy. Look at those teeth, wow. Dude, we got a close up look at his teeth. Those are some pretty jagged teeth. And his eyes, dude, look at that eyeball. Dude, that is really cool. It’s a little touch, but
it’s the little things guys. Okay, how many Spinosauruses we got down? We got one, two, three, four, maybe five or six Spinosauruses down. Although, a lot of ’em
probably exploded too. Dude, I think the dragon’s got this. Come on, dragon, two left. One left, take him out dragon. Guys, I don’t know, this
might be my new favorite. Dude, you gotta be kidding me. This dragon is insane. Okay, guys this gives us
a lot of possibilities. Like I said, let me know in the comments some matchups you guys wanna see. Okay, well guys, that’s gonna have to do it for today’s video. I really hope you enjoyed. If you did, as always, feel free to hit that thumbs up button and subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you guys in the
next Beast Battle Simulator. Dude, we are right inside of his mouth. I wonder if I can attach him to that boat. Shark, boat, oh my goodness. Okay, guys, we gotta get out of the boat and we gotta drive these guys around. (techno music)

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