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NEW JETPACK MYTHBUSTERS | Fortnite: Mythbusters

September 1, 2019

What’s happening, everybody. My name is Sxvxn and welcome to a brand new Fortnite video. that video now myself and storm official
have been going crazy trying to find the jet pack for you all to do a Mythbusters
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I’m gonna do a bunch a different test look how amazing that looks boys oh my
god there’s also a vbuck giveaway as well link there as well here. Shane
this looks dope thank you for finding it bro it’s taken us a little while you
should celebrate by dancing. I found it okay okay okay let’s pick it up
so now put it on it’s got whoa dude that looks so cool I can course I can I can
see my character Shane. Yeah, I said so if I jump press jump while in midair to activate (Sxvxn enjoying the jetpack) Hello Okay, so first thing is we want to know
so if you jump a normal at this that’s fine but if you double jump that’s when
it will go up so I want to see if I can take fall damage is that fall damage
from this let’s see okay so if you okay so this is fall damage so basically
you’ve got to be super careful we’ve also got a bar on the side does not
recharge but does it does it cut out I don’t know it might be our fuel alright
let’s head into the zone just so we can be sure and let’s see if I can use this
to save my life. oh my dude dude (sxvxn laughing) Okay, okay! So, we can use that to save our life
so we could literally I’m gonna I’m gonna it what I’m gonna do is I’m first
I’m gonna I’m gonna go up and I’m gonna just gonna build up all the way let me
see let’s edit you don’t want to follow me by the way this is a bad
idea Shane. I don’t know why you would you actually gonna follow me well you
get okay okay I’m doing a test I’m gonna build up
to the highest point of the map and I’m gonna try and jump off and see if I can
survive using the jetpack well as long as you’re nearby and I need in case I
need an instant revival which should be dandy okay this is freak this is scary
this is scary all the zones come in the zones coming yeah I see it
head this way okay I feel a little safer having a you know a launchpad on my back
pretty much pretty much that’s exactly what it is okay here we go sir we’re on
the edge of the zone the zones coming in whoo okay I’m still building up to the
top of the map a little zone how are you doing
Oh boys this it’s dude is so high it’s insane how high this actually goes I’ve
used I think I’ve used oh I thought I felt my death
whoa okay okay okay okay here we go okay so I’m gonna jump off let’s see if we
can from the highest point in the map which is a really good view for me let’s
see if we can use the jetpacks down okay so it slowing me down coming down know that
that’s dope that’s it I’ve just survived from the
highest point in the map dude okay I want to see I want to see how high I can
actually go I might end up getting knocked down from this let’s test how –
okay let’s test to see how high we can actually fly before it cuts out okay
let’s go so it’s going up is there a cut out point okay it’s
cutting out what’s cutting out it’s cutting out
okay okay okay so you can’t actually hold it down for the entire length of
its life it starts cutting out so that was probably what the height of that tree
wasn’t very high okay you’ve got you’ve got many resources by the way because I used all mine can I have a mix please please here what we’re going to do is
I’m going to test it with a launch pad I want to see what happens if we fly onto
the actual launch pad using the jetpack okay so it’s reset let’s see if we reset
this some reason I can’t reset my stairs what are those up okay so let’s use a
launch pad zones not too far away thankfully okay let’s do this got the zone it’s you that it’s gonna be in
the panic mode right now cause you’re gonna have enemies hopefully miles away
but if they are nearby well yeah because you can get shut down Shane I didn’t mean
to do that a genuine that I so rude of me I’m sorry
it’s okay okay okay so so that’s let’s fly up let’s fly up let’s fly
okay so if I open that there’s people going up to the mountain here by the way
to the right if we go let’s head yeah let’s head this way to the
left and then we can go up on this hill and get some more resources so what I’m
trying to see is a so oh okay I can’t actually use it now that I’ve used a
launchpad there is no use of the jetpack whatsoever I can’t use it at all what
else come it could be what a lot tires dude what about tires we could use it
on tires coming what about the launchpad I’ve got a Port-A-Fort then I’ve got
no no I’ve got tires I’ve got a Port-A-Fort by the way look at the tower as
well you see the tower over there that’s how it so now I’ve got a port for let’s
test it with a pop-up okay so see okay so yeah it adds to it oh oh that’s
cool so you can jump on the tire and then and then jetpack to go higher what
about if I what if what if I a fall from okay yeah do is okay that’s not to bad that’s not to bad don’t you back yeah I seen that Oh! WHAT A KNOCK DOWN! what a knock down so you’re not gonna be
able do long-range flying unfortunately on grounds towards do they fall down yeah we need to get them before they get
revived that was a nice snipe yeah someone that’s this they still they’re still
trying to revive him there oh I hit him I hit him I hit him I sniped him I wish
we had a launch pad yeah we’ve got the pink okay I haven’t got much salt
reference either I ain’t got many lefted okay so what what other the tests can we
do then see what what else could be do so we test it wit the Port-A-Fort so the
Port-A-Fort ties in general do you add to it we’ve done the jump from the
highest part in a map what else can we do we’ve went to the height limit we could rocket ride can we rocket ride with it that would be a cool thing let’s let’s go for
these supply drops let’s go for the supply drops we’re gonna get laser down
yeah we’re get look at yeah they are we’ve got a team up on the hill still
shooting at us as long as- oh that player who acts like oh it’s no dead
okay that players coming down to think the cool team leaders here one for the
Supply Drop on the Supply Drop I’m gonna open this please please please
dude I got rocket launcher okay you sure we could we could pick them out okay
okay ready let’s head up here to the left on that left appear to the left
okay all right let’s do this we’ve got this bro we’ve got we we’ve
got this we’ve got this okay I want you to shoot me
let’s see they’re having a bit of a build-off so lets get on here okay find it
obviously place a roof on there’s the RPG and there is the Rockets too so you
need to tell me okay you need to tell me when so – Oh is he ‘s here- yeah wait one sec what were you doing by the hill-
to our right there’s a guy literally here somewhere on us Shane
I have 11 bullets just so you know knocked him but I got one bullet there you go any spare
bullets for me got him as well let’s go thank you yes I see you still got the RPG
yeah okay I’ve got him I bet that’s another one knocked get em nice let’s go yo another yo-yo okay here we can test
this too right so if I pick up another jetpack while using one already what
happens woo does a weird like my characters go boom and it gets rid of
the other one so we can have one each but there’s really not a lot of health
on the other one they’ve used a lot of it it did a double click dude right okay
so let’s let’s do a rocket ride with it okay so let’s let’s try this into the
zone rocket ride me into the zone
Storm: Get rid of that tree in front of us, do a little bit extra Storm: Ready?
Sxvxn: Ready to go I’m ready
Storm: 3, 2, 1 there’s someone pushing Sxvxn: He’s here, he’s here, they are here nice gg on the knockdown Sxvxn: I need ammo, I need ammo, okay lets pick up the shotty did he have a jetpack no you don’t have a jetpack
impulse grenade with a jet pack impulse walking under the jetpack I’m
gonna impulse grenade oh you can!
Storm: that is sick
Sxvxn: Oh that’s cool
Storm: I got 54 rockets now a stay back stay back the more we have a
space between us is it go, nope go again
Storm: I thought I had a jetpack Three, two, one oh I’m going I’m going Storm: Rocket ride it as well
Sxvxn: They are here, they are with me
Storm: I am flying
Sxvxn: Knocked him Sxvxn: It’s us versus two, where’s the other two then
Storm: Down here! there’s a person for that they sniped me
down on the hill dude they’re gonna finish me they’re gonna finish me tell me build, build, build damn it did the other one get knocked down did you knock through the guy down
Storm: no he’s coming in launched panded down
the final guy this might be the final guy he’s finishing me
he’s on my body revive revive revive 4 HP whoa that clutch revive that clutch
revive eight seconds for the zone eight seconds for the zone yeah you’ve got any
Storm: No, follow me Sxvxn: They are going to clip me, they are going to clip me
Storm: It’s just this guy up here now
Sxvxn: one guy left yeah? Storm: yeah, I think he’s low pop a 50 one sec so whereabouts is you
on the hill
Storm: yeah hes in little pot Sxvxn: Where sorry? I’m completely lost
Storm: North, right there you’ll see him building
Sxvxn: Oh yeah on the hill I see I see I see where are you bob he’s on the highest point i think
Storm: He’s coming down
Sxvxn: I am just going to keep building alright that loads the sniper for the win dude
GG alright fortune oh man we’re gonna have to do dive seven kills as if I
rocket rided in I didn’t usually good average of the jetpack and picked off two
players we got to test so much in that video that was insane

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  1. To the people asking about the first part of the video being in Replay Mode read the text at the start of the video, then watch the full thing to see the second half of the recording. You find the Jetpack in chests.

    I stop my face cam recordings around the 10 minute mark and when I did this I noticed I wasnt recording adn started recording, so check the 09:10 mark for normal gameplay.

  2. Nice video. The only thing that's missing are Boba/Jango Fett skins to go along with the jetpack and you're all set. 🙂

  3. Can you boost while under the effects of a boogie bomb? Will you still have low grav when you use a hop rock and jet pack?

  4. Okay, so notice his lack of UI and his minimap character marker is a camera instead of a character chevron? But the camera recording is so convincing. Why not just use the original gameplay?

  5. Why where you reacting to pre-recorded footage because of you look at the minimap you can see that is a camera and not an arrow, and also there is no hotbar. I'm probably am idiot but IDK

  6. It’s kinda weak to be honest and it also use up an inventory slot so it’s not what I would use that often

  7. What happens if you get downed with the jet pack thats what i want to know every one like so he sees

  8. I love this video and everyone before you just start typing that hes exposed hes not just read the pinned comment.Also 0:20 look on the bottom and it tells you why

  9. The first part of the video is prerecorded. You can see the camera on his mini map. You even acted like it was live gameplay.

  10. Myth: if you have the jet pack with full HP, and you build a sky base at max height how high can you go

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