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January 21, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen lucky lanterns is on the way and with it a new map the forbidden temple arena Oh, yeah it’s glorious before we get to everything that’s gonna be dropping with the lucky lanterns update if you haven’t already make sure you leave a like on The video and if you’re new to the channel, please subscribe I’m still pretty small YouTube channel. So you guys subscribing is like It’s pretty freakin important This event is gonna feel a lot like the hana hollows updates The frosty fest updates and even a little bit like the radical summer events So if you play in matches you earn red envelopes and with those red envelopes you get rewards and these are all gonna be free items But before I show you guys what those free items are gonna look like Let’s cover some other things that are gonna be dropping in this update Firstly the forbidden temple arena now this arena has been available in the Chinese version of rocket league But it has been one of the most Demanded items in rocket League up to this point and it’s amazing that it’s gonna be coming to rocket league I mean, look at this this is this is glorious Yeah, this is the forbidden temple arena that’s going to be available in the game. It looks amazing it’s gonna be a free Nerina and no premium anything and Along with this some people were talking on Twitter because here in a second they’re gonna show the titanium white Dominus which has been hinted at for a long time and they’ve Shown it a couple times and I believe the rocket past five trailer Featured the titanium white Dominus for a second And so a lot of people are thinking that this is gonna be coming to the item shop here soon But that is just speculation. We’ll see the event begins January 20th at 10 a.m Pacific time and ends February 10 and then of course They’re gonna have the redemption period for you to spend your extra envelopes just like they did with frosty fest Which I just realized I forgot to spend my extra snowflakes now There’s going to be free items available in the game that you can get with red envelopes But they’re also saying here that this in-game event will celebrate the Lunar New Year with items from the event store Unique items from the item shop in a brand new arena on January 20th So that means we’re also gonna getting unique items in the item shop so because right now up to this point the item shop has felt very recycled in almost everybody I don’t know anybody who’s buying any of these items from item shop unless they’re new items and We haven’t had a whole lot of new items in that store yet Which is another reason why the titanium white Dominus might be cool to drop Around the new years even though I don’t feel like that’s on brand for the lucky and lanterns event We’ll see, but let’s get into the items. The first I’m available is a player banner called. Goodbye Something I can’t pronounce Jesus. I’m just gonna be so offensive this entire video every time I try to pronounce something Oh, this is gonna be disastrous the second item available Celebration kite I can get this one and this is gonna be an antenna which I don’t use a-10 antennas a whole lot But if you guys like it, it’s only gonna be fifty red envelopes. So get on it The third item available is the paper dragon which in the released trailer. They showed a paper dragon goal explosion Which to my knowledge isn’t in the game. I feel like I would have seen it because it looked pretty amazing in the trailer I’m sure that’s gonna be available in the item shop here shortly But yes, this this is a pretty good antenna, and I’m really looking forward that goal explosion and then we’ve got the lantern festival Ike the only two toppers that I use in this game or the I really don’t use toppers, but the halo topper and the ghost topper and This reminds me a lot of the ghost hopper So depending on what kind of build you’ve got this could match really well With your cars and then we’ve got the paper dragon topper so we’re getting a lot of paper dragon items and I’m okay with that and then we’ve got the Ritchie rat topper, which I Don’t know what Ritchie rat is. This is some sort of I don’t know what brand this is like Guys, let me know down below in the comments if you know Anything about what Ritchie rat is but it’s cute little topper. I like the animal toppers. I don’t use them, but they look cute I like seeing them and then we have the ruckus trail, which I Mean, I feel like all the trails look alike, or is that just me, but it’s a nice. It’s a nice trail It’s a good end. It’s free. That’s the thing is like most these items. I mean, all these items are free So you guys that can’t get the premium rocket pass or anything like that? Here you go player title rat racer now I might actually equip this currently I’ve got soccer senpai equipped which I Mean is a winner for sure but rat racer does sound a little cooler Now this I actually really like Avatar border spring pagoda ie I’ll probably equip this I forget I don’t even know when I’ve gone on right now. It’s gold looking. It’s very generic This is a standout in my opinion. I think this is an excellent avatar border And then this is the best item that is going to be coming out for lucky lanterns the dragon octane decal now Everybody’s nuts about Dragon Lord, the you know, the octane decal Dragon Lord is is great. But this I think is sleek I think this is clean and my opinion, this is Dragon Lord 2.0. Could you imagine this just anodized? Oh, it’s gonna this this is this is this is the way chief I think a lot of people are gonna be using this and for a free decal this is this is fantastic This looks incredible. And then we have a Dominus decal. I can’t pronounce the name of so we have this Dominus decal really nice Really nice decal, especially for being a free decal This is this is really good to see especially since Dominus is one of the most used cars It’s really nice that they did that So we’ve got a good octane decal good Dominus decal and then and then we’ve got the same decal for the breakout So this looks really nice as well I mean, I don’t use the breakout but breakout is one of the most popular cars especially for you. Freaky freestylers And then we have the red envelopes boost which you know, I don’t use a lot of non standard boosts I use alpha the Alpha boosts and Bacchus mod or a painted standard But if you guys are fine with changing up Your booths red envelope is a good one to go to I’m surprised it’s one of the more expensive ones though for being a boost I would have thought that dragon decal that I really thought that was gonna be more expensive and then we have the fortune wheels, which at first glance when I first saw these in the Announcement trailer I thought these were gonna be a meme wheel and I’m sure they still classifies a meme wheel But I actually think these are gonna look really sick Especially if you put this on a closed wheel design like I use a Nissan Skyline I Imagine if you got the right color combo this would look amazing On a closed wheel design like the Dominus the tread does look nice so I’m just always thinking of that mindset with the Dominus or the Nissan Skyline and that is not the last of the free items that you can get from the lucky lanterns event We have the highlight of the lucky lanterns events The golden Lantern these golden lanterns going to function just like the golden presence The 8-bit golden eggs goal Nags the golden pumpkins, whereas they contain items from previous crates in the game these gold lanterns are gonna contain items from the champion series one two, And three and I’m assuming that these are gonna have fifty percent chance of painted 50% chance of certified just like all the other golden items now with the Haunted hollows update you were only allowed to get five golden pumpkins So I’m really hoping they increase the limit for this to ten like they’d done in the past That being said they are releasing a lot of free content with this update So I wouldn’t be surprised if they do limit this to around five. You guys. Let me know down below in the comments What is your favorite item that is coming out in this lucky and lanterns update and what about the update? Are you most excited before I think? universally everybody’s gonna be pretty excited for the forbidden temple this arena to me is like if you could take the beauty of salty shores night and mix it with the grandiose Ness of Champions field or Neo Tokyo and if you enjoyed this video make sure you leave a like and if you’re new to the channel Please subscribe. I’m pretty small YouTube channel, I think around the time recording about 2000 subscribers So you guys that click that bell turn on that notifications? You guys are the legends if you guys haven’t stopped by the livestream over on Twitch. I stream every single day at 5 p.m Pacific time details down below in the description and I’ll see you guys next time

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  1. I'm assuming since it will be the year of the rat, they just gave the rat a cool nice-sounding name, hence we have 'Richie Rat' LUL

  2. I tried to watch the video but your forehead and hair were distracting me.. Good video though for an amateur

  3. Hey tri I’ve been subbed sense you had 600 subs also I wanted to know if you wanted to play sometime we can do crate wars or somthing or blind trading I’ll record and play some 2s but my tag is Tviji

  4. why does your face look like the super handsome guy from this youtube video :kregasm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1YBv2mWll0

  5. OMG! you don’t know anything about Chinese New Years do you?!?! Richy Rat represents Chinese New Years aka the year of the rat

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