New York City (NYC) Manhattan Tour with Helicopter ride
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New York City (NYC) Manhattan Tour with Helicopter ride

December 8, 2019

What now? Nothing! Now we are walking through the Central park and? Tell at least anything! Well now we are at the lake where Jacky Onassis was already Jacky Onassis already jogged through the lake We are on the tracks of the Kennedys Right! Exactly! Wow! Well and we are walking to the Upper West Side Upper East/West/East Side?! West Side East Side Man! East Side!!! Ja, you are right! It was recommended by the shoe seller between 70ties and 80ties ?! Show my shoes! No, they are not good! They are super, Man! Well then And here are Skyline of New York New York City and gasping Joggers behind us Holy Shit, the police got us Lets escape with the helicopter Look, over there is New York Really?Where? There, don’t you see it? Manhatten After arriving on Top of the Rock, we threw down the No Excuse Juice which we have stolen from the supermarket and then carried it through the whole city to be safe from the police we threw it down on the ice scating field where some idiot tried to catch the thing well he didn’t catch it or someone drunk it anyways, we collected from the public toillet the money out of the flush and after that the thing was done on the evening we were drinking a lot and celebrated massivly On the next day we still had a little time, it was a nice day we went shopping in the apple store we wanted an iphone but then we also bought an ipad because money doesn’t matter any more it was still double price, but so what… we were still on 5th ave and bought some decent cloth that the police won’t notice us anymore …but NOW we are being cool on the way and then we took the train to Newark to fly from there back to Germany After we were finally in the Skytrain, we felt completely secure and were quite happy but then something strange happend Crass, pretty dark now Well we are sitting in the skytrain and had a power break down and now we are waiting for support out there are two guys trying to repair the thing, but… let’s if he will be able to fix it? it’s not really far, just one more station, then we would be at our destination there is another one coming with his tool box crass man, we are being evacuated… Evacuation!!!

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  1. Can you please tell me which camera have you used here; also, i will be ever so grateful if you could let me know the editing software that you use. I love your videos – they are so creative! Especially I enjoyed the 13 day Annapurna Circuit trek in Nepal. That is an awesome video.

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