News: GTA V Jetpacks, Wildstar PvP and Sexy SMITE! | The Daily XP April 23rd
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News: GTA V Jetpacks, Wildstar PvP and Sexy SMITE! | The Daily XP April 23rd

August 14, 2019

Welcome attackers and happy hump day. I’m
here to get you all the latest gaming news for today, April 23. We do this every day
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as we’ve caught wind of a possible jetpack in grand theft auto, smite’s bastet got a
new skin and wildstar talks warplots. Your daily xp starts now An interesting discovery in the code for Grand
Theft Auto V points to the possibility of Jetpacks soon making their way into the game.
A modder known as Chrome x modz discovered the possible leak in the most recent 1.12
update. GTA V is an incredibly deep vibrant world with some ridiculous intricacies, one
of the most mysterious of them being the mystery of mt chiliad. Different symbols and pictures
of ufos are scattered throughout the game world possibly alluding to the flying technology
and no one has been able to put the pieces together with any certainty. This new revelation
hidden in the code however could be the answer that players have been searching for coming
in a future update. Jetpacks were a means of transportation available grand theft auto
san andreas but then were noticeably absent from GTA IV. The addition of the jetpack through
update would be a welcomed addition by much of the grand theft auto community SMITE’s weekly wednesday maintenance has come
and gone, this time ushering in a devilish new skin for the beastly Bastet. Night Prowler
Bastet is now available for purchase, looking something like a mix between cat woman and
a dominatrix – a fantasy combo, I’m sure, for a few of you out there. Along with the
new skin, Scarlet Coven has gotten a unique voice pack for her new skin, while frost Maiden
Freya and Ms Diagnosis Neith, seriously, this game sounds like it’s filled with strippers,
have gotten a new loading screen card look. Compared to many of their previous patches,
this was a relatively small update with Nemesis being the only god to get actual tweaks, giving
change to his previously overpowered retribution shield ability. So let’s talk Wildstar PvP. Last week Carbine
teased the mmo community with some small details into the Warplots PvP system but today they’ve
broke it all down in typical humorous dev speak fashion — damn right. Basically, Warplots
combines your love of housing with massive strategic battles of 40 vs 40 teams. Build
a team, Construct a fortress with all the defenses you can afford and wage war to destroy
the opposing teams construct. A strategic approach will be advantageous as maneuvering
opposing players and their defenses won’t be an easy feat — choose your team and your
plans carefully. A warplots match ends when either every enemy player is dead or after
destroying all enemy structures and generators. Players can look forward to the game mode
after achieving level 50. Alright guys, that’s everything that I’ve
got for you. Like I said at the top of the show, make sure youre subscribed so you catch
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