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  1. I remember when nf was our little secret and then a bunch a people started knowing about him and the og fans are forgotten, but then again i’m happy nf is finally getting the recognition he deserves 💕

  2. People saying NF and Eminem should battle or compare them. They are both completely different artist. Yes, same genre but completely different

  3. for some reason this song brought me here,, what do u guys think of it

  4. Easily becoming a legend in the music world. Genius all around. One day I feel like you will see NF in the top 10 rappers ever in history.

  5. TO Anyone in the CALIFORNIA area. I have an extra digital ticket for NF'S concert on the 25th (house of blues) I ordered on the wrong day and I'm giving it away. Please comment back to this if you want it and I'll give my contact info. (I'm going on the 24th). I'm just trying to give this away before it is too late!

  6. Apex legends season 3 trailer release
    Nf the search :
    Apex legends players : ah yes finally some good Hecking music

  7. NF: I need a shopping cart
    Producer guy: For shopping?
    NF: yess
    NF: * makes song and only uses shopping cart to hold balloons *
    NF: balloon time

  8. Never have I ever until now cried and laughed at the same time because lyrics hit me so hard with truth, speaking to me the same things I hear in my own head, and yet he makes me laugh, pushing that cart, grabbing those balloons…it's what we do.

  9. NF im sorry to say this but slim shady is better but your still one of my favorits my real name is colin im mega sorry

  10. They got their free fucking dance….Now leave me alone….Liars and thieves….Washington D.C. your fucking Peter pan house…If you make laws follow them cocksuckers….well Hollywood actually but Washington's on the list…

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