NH90 NFH (NATO Frigate Helicopter)

September 8, 2019

the needs of free fetch is one of two versions of the nh90 twin-engine multi-role helicopter being developed by a niche industries the other version is the nh90 tth tactical transport helicopter NH industries the prime contractor for the program is a joint venture company owned by Agusta Westland 32% of Italy eurocopter 60 2.5% and stock Fokker 5.5 percent of the Netherlands eurocopter is a subsidiary of VA DEA’s european aeronautics defense and space company formed by Daimler Pressler aerospace of Germany era spatial Matra of France and gasser of Spain nh90 nfh need a frigate helicopter rules the primary missions of the nh90 nfh helicopter are in the autonomous anti-submarine warfare SW and anti surface ship warfare ASUW pool in a typical for owl relocation on-call operation the helicopter would take 35 minutes to reach the area of operation 20 minutes releasing sana boys 2 hours on surveillance in the area of operations 30 minutes releasing torpedoes and 35 minutes to return to ship and land with 20 minutes in reserve in a typical for owl screening operation the helicopter would take 15 minutes to reach the area of operation 3 hours and 13 minutes in the operation zone carrying out 11 consecutive cycles of ten minutes sonar dipping and 15 minutes to return to the ship and land with 20 minutes reserve in the anti-surface warfare role the helicopter is capable of detection tracking classification identification and attack of hostile ships and has over-the-horizon capability secondary roles include anti-air warfare aw vertical replenishment VRT REEP search and rescue SAR troop transport and mine lane cockpit and avionics systems the helicopter has a crew of three the pilot and tackle the tactical coordinator responsible for mission management and the sensor sensor systems operator in the the cabin of the NFL is equipped with an avionics Bay with a sensor operator station and a tactical coordinator station a dipping sauna and a sauna boy launcher the cabin of the nh90 is equipped with an avionics Bay with a sensor operator station the nh90 has fly-by-wire all-electric flight controls from Goodrich actuation systems and Liebherr aerospace this full authority quadruplex system increases the maneuverability of the aircraft while decreasing the weight the avionics system is supplied by Thales avionics and is based on a dual molesty d1 5 5 3 B digital database the cockpit has five eight inches x 8 inches color multifunction liquid-crystal displays for flight mission systems and maintenance data Honeywell Primus 701 II whether EDA is fitted the avionics package includes the fields to Apple helmet-mounted sight and display which has a 40 degrees field of view Topol also equipped see Tiger Andrew of alka TAC helicopters and they contract awarded in January 2008 German nh90 helicopters are fitted with the a Deus defense electronics mil owes a military version of the helis laser based helicopter obstacle warning system armament the NATO frigate helicopter can be armed with anti-submarine torpedoes air-to-surface missiles and air-to-air missiles countermeasures the helicopters for France Germany Italy Portugal and Finland are fitted with a self-protection suite from EAD s defence electronics which has also been supplied to the tiger helicopter the suite includes EAD s and R 60 mi LDS missile approach warning system feels twee threat warning equipment with integrated radar warning and laser warning receivers and MBDA suffer and chaff and flare dispenser Norwegian and FH are to have the ITT and al to 211 integrated radiofrequency countermeasures ir FCM suite Swedish helicopters are equipped with a new suite supplied by Saab avionics in conjunction with tronics of South Africa of atronics is jointly owned by Saab and grinntech the nh90 is equipped with an integrated communications and identification management system senses the nfh is equipped with a tactical forward-looking infra-red F aligner system mounted in the nose a magnetic anomaly detector mat and a sauna suite French Navy and FH is fitted with the flash sonic sonar system from fields underwater systems which combines the flash active dipping sonar with the TM is mm on a void processing system the Norwegian and Swedish Navy and FH operate a version of the system flashes optimized for conditions in the Baltic Sea Dutch Italian and German nfh are equipped with the helicopter long range active sonar hgl aureus BHEL ras dipping sauna is supplied by elec nautic of Kiel Germany is subsidiary of l-3 communications the nfh is equipped with it fills European Navy Reda E&R 360 degrees surveillance radar mounted under the news P&R is derived from phase ocean master and has been developed in conjunction with the 80s and Galileo of Veronica Swedish nfh has an an ApS one for 3b v3 ocean I’m ultimate surveillance reader from US company telephonic s’ ocean i has boots off synthetic aperture radar and he’s our inverse synthetic aperture radar imaging modes communications a nh90 is equipped with an integrated communications and identification management system the secure radio system provides air-to-air and air-to-ground communications the TSC mm iff identification Friend or Foe supplied by Thales was developed under German and French cooperation the helicopter is equipped with a link 11 secure datalink propulsion the NFS helicopter is powered by 2 or TM 320 201 nine engines supplied by rolls-royce Turbomeca the nh90 nfh can be armed with anti-submarine torpedoes for the Italian requirement G aircraft engines and a vehicle producing another engine model 5700 t6 c1 the engines are fitted with AFA d AC system the senton has also been selected by Spain in August 2007 a version of the RTM 322 for hot and high conditions was certificated by rolls-royce Turbomeca for the helicopters form on the fuel tanks which hold 1900 kilograms of fuel are fitted with crash resistant self sealing cells supplied by Uniroyal Engelbert raven based in Aachen Germany the fuel management system is by AFG the auxiliary power unit apple from the micro turbo division of the lab on a group provides electrical engine starting and powers the ground operation environmental control system in CS nh90 orders and deliveries the NATO frigate helicopter nfh is one of two versions of the nh90 twin-engine multi-role helicopter from NH industries in June 2000 the participating countries signed a contract for the production of 243 nh90s France 27 nfh Germany TT th with an option on a further 50 for Italy 46 nfh and 70 t th and the Netherlands 20 nfh Germany converted forty two options to form orders 30 t th for the army and 12 t th for the Air Force in June 2007 the first series production t th helicopter made its maiden flight in May 2004 and the first in effect in August 2007 the French army ordered an additional 34 nh90 t th helicopters plus 34 options to replace its ageing puma helicopters the french nearly placed orders for 27 nh90 nfh helicopters to replace its links and super frelling helicopters first deliveries of the nh90 to place on the 13th of December 2006 when three tth transport helicopters were handed over to the German army following German type certification deliveries of the TTH to Italy began in December 2007 the Italian Navy received the first nfh helicopter in June 2011 in June 2001 Portugal became the fifth nation to join the nh90 program with a requirement for 10 nh90 tth helicopters the Portuguese industrial partner is or more in September 2001 the nh90 was chosen as the common helicopter for the Nordic standard helicopter program for the navies of Norway Sweden and Finland Sweden has ordered 18 13 TT t5 n FF England 20 t th and Norway 14 n FF 6 Phi ASW and six for the Coast Guard the first a transport variant called HK P 14 in Swedish service was delivered to Sweden in June 2007 Sweden is the first customer for the high cabin version HCV which has a cabin height of 1.8 2 meters compared to 1.5 8 meters for the standard version deliveries to Finland began in March 2008 in July 2004 twenty nh90 helicopters were ordered by the royal air force of the Sultanate of Oman ten helicopters were handed over by June 2012 in August 2004 the Australian Ministry of Defence selected a version of the helicopter the mr h 90 to meet the australian army requirement for 12 troop transport helicopters under the air 9000 programme the contract was signed in June 2005 the first four helicopters were built by eurocopter in France the remainder by Australian Aerospace a subsidiary of eurocopter the first mr h 19 8 its maiden flight in march 2007 the first two helicopters were delivered in november 2007 and entered service with the australian army December 2007 a further 35 helicopters were ordered for the Australian Navy in June 2006 for delivery by 2014 the first locally assembled mr h 90 was delivered in December 2008 initial operating capability IOC for the Navy and the Army was delayed due to technical issues the mr h 90 replaces aging Navy seeking and army Blackhawk helicopters in April 2005 the nh90 was selected to replace the Royal New Zealand Air Force’s fleet a few H 1 inch Iroquois helicopters a contract for nine helicopters was signed in July 2006 the first two helicopters were delivered in December 2011 in 2003 the nh90 became the first medium-sized transport helicopter to fly with full fly-by-wire controls in June 2007 Belgium placed an order for a 10 H 90 for nfx naval and 40 th transport plus two optional t th helicopters in January 2007 the Spanish government placed an order for an initial batch of 45 helicopters in the TTH configuration in December 2003 the nh90 became the first medium-sized transport helicopter to fly with full fly-by-wire controls with no mechanical backup this is the serial production configuration in July 2009 the French Navy completed the compatibility tests of the nh90 helicopter onboard horizon class ship Chevalier Paul the helicopter entered operational service in December 2011 seven helicopters were delivered by July 2012 deliveries of 27 helicopters will conclude by 2020 the first nh90 helicopter was delivered to the Royal Norwegian Navy in November 2011 total nh90 orders are 529 fixed and 60 options from 14 countries

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