Nickels Only Arcade Fun Run! Winning JACKPOTS and Winning Arcade Tickets at Nickelmania Arcade!
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Nickels Only Arcade Fun Run! Winning JACKPOTS and Winning Arcade Tickets at Nickelmania Arcade!

September 1, 2019

hey guys we’re here today
and we’re in Dallas Texas we just found a Nickelmania arcade we’ve never played arcade games here we are really excited to go here gonna win so many arcade tickets like we don’t know what’s gonna happen
we don’t have one of these in Houston know so it’s very exciting I mean it’s
really a nickel arcade I don’t know that let’s go find out alright guys so we got a hundred nickels
we’re gonna go play some arcade games how much is 100 nickels
five dollars hey free tickets my goodness there are a lot of arcade games
here for nickels Kevin win tickets 294 tickets with a bunch of
nickels together how many nickels in this game 25 cents of play
and everyone knows Kevin he’s going at the jackpot right I don’t know how this
game works I guess Oh okay okay I see what you’re doing
there’s no bug what does that mean I don’t know I think you gonna eat the bug
okay balloon game that is something what is
the balloon games I don’t know how you play this game okay he’s actually playing at this time
this emojis on the balloons that’s really good one more time okay
you just want five more for the jackpot jetpack joyride everyone’s played this Oh guys just controlling it with the
joysticks on the seat that’s cool how do you feel sitting in the seat
that’s pretty good yep fun my favorite game and there’s 11 bonus
balls I hope I can get it they give you a grocery bag for a ticket
I’d say you know we’re a winner boom we’re back all right I want to play want
to drop there are 11 bonus ball I’m a there’s a ring around this one whoa
we’re not used to ring around the bonus come on oh I definitely got more than that did you break the machine Shan I’m gonna wear it proudly I hate this game I hate this game
I wonder why so your jackpot this time is 500 tickets
if you pop the lock oh no it has music lose the first time as you’ve never
plays with music you don’t sound very excited I thought
you’re gonna but I thought either way I’m gonna carry all this tickets oh yeah
oh we didn’t think about that our guys play a game where he spins the gears don’t break it this time alright you got that one good job that was okay now there’s a moment of
truth the moment of truth right in there right in there aim for it
right oh if you lost on that one we haven’t played crazy tower in ages
yeah that’s gonna go for the 1000 concentrating in arcades
relax be one with the game 1,000 tickets I need
something really cool oh you missed a piece okay oh no be careful
you’re gonna get it Wow look at Shan she’s totally
trying to hold these tickets so 10 let’s gonna play one more one more game one more game yeah great job a great time so we have a
lot of tickets alright alright guys so let us know in
the comments and how many tickets you think we got let’s go
plenty of time to guess what we got so close to 1500 guys 1485 I still
can’t believe all those tickets it’s only 1485 there’s a lot of paper okay
yeah I take it you got a receipt let’s go see what we get from the prize wall
all right guys so we got everything we with those tickets we got ourselves a rainbow dolphin we got two rocket
balloons and two lollipops yeah thanks for watching guys and make sure
you like this video and we will see you next time on Dragon Claw Games!

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  1. Oh my God those rocket balloons are awesome! I need like 400 of those to play with Ha ha ha great video as always guys keep up the good work

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