NICU Uses New Technology For Germ Prevention
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NICU Uses New Technology For Germ Prevention

December 16, 2019

I’m Carilion Clinic’s Karen McNew here to
tell you about new technology we’re using to disinfect personal items like
cell phones. The UVC light boxes are currently being used at Carilion Roanoke
Memorial Hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit. Each of the five pods has a
box for visitors and employees to use. It emits UVC light and disinfects any
object that you put in there that’s exposed to the light. It takes a 45-second cleaning cycle and at this point you’d be, if you’re a family or a visitor,
you’d be washing your hands while your phone is being cleaned. Parents and families tell us they love the added measure to prevent the spread of germs
and to reduce the risk for hospital-acquired infections. Parents want to communicate with their family about what how their baby is doing, take
pictures video, that kind of thing. And so parents know that their phone is clean after it’s been in this device. And special thanks to the Carilion clinic
foundation because all of this technology was made possible by
donations from the community. So thank you

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