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Ninja Fishing iPhone Gameplay Review –

August 17, 2019

Sit back, relax, and let the fattest ninja
since Chris Farley aid you in the unique art of Ninja Fishing. It’s a simple addictive title that consists
of four phases. First is navigating your fishing line as far down as it will go, avoiding all
the fish by tilting your iPhone. Then either when you’ve reached the bottom or accidentally
snagged a fish, your line comes up again, and now it’s time to grab up to twenty five
of the largest, juiciest pieces of sea life the waters near Mt. Fuji have to offer. Once your rod reaches the surface, all the
fish are flung into the air and it’s time to use your ninja prowess to slice all the
fish up for cold hard cash while avoiding the sticks of dynamite that somehow got tangled
on your line. Your earnings can then be used to buy upgrades from the fishing store, which
allows you to delve deeper, slice harder and earn greater rewards. Your fishing escapades are accompanied by
a gentle Japanese theme that helps set the mood and keep things fun. The visuals are
colorful and easy on the eyes while the control is fluid enough to make any mistakes that
occur fall directly at the feet of the player. Most of the game’s content is earning enough
money to purchase all the upgrades, but more upgrades, fish, and modes are promised by
the developers in the future. Ninja fishing is fun and addictive. Pairing
the gameplay of relaxing fish avoidance with rabid slashing with the lure of purchasing
more upgrades on top makes for a title where the words “just one more turn” will be
voiced on more than one occasion. This title is definitely worth a look.

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  1. seems like it would be enjoyable at first,but then sorta…i dunno i just doubt i would play this OVER and OVER but it does seem interesting, good review as usuall

  2. there is no such thing as a "rip off" unless you are talking about buying something useless, copying something is learning from it, adding content to it is working on what you know is called working on it, when it surpasses the original it becomes its own thing, please next time you want to call something a "rip off" remember this because not even fruit ninja was original

  3. @appspy oops :p as I was planning on saying, it would be great if you could do a review on zombie gunship 🙂

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