Nitrogen Propelled Rocket Launcher (N.P.R.L.)
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Nitrogen Propelled Rocket Launcher (N.P.R.L.)

January 18, 2020

Sound Nitrogen Propelled Rocket Launcher (N.P.R.L.)

-explosion- Grant: Holy mother! Shonduras: Holy Moly! Grant: Where is it? Hey, what’s up guys, today I’m hanging out with Shonduras. And some liquid nitrogen, no big deal. See, a lot of you know that I replenished my recent supply of liquid nitrogen and this stuff… has a shelf life. So while we’ve got it, we’re putting it to good use and revisiting the nitrogen rocket project. But with a twist! we’ve got an idea: Rocket launcher! What do you think, can we make it work? We’ve never done this before, we really have no idea how it’s going to go. It’s gonna be amazing is what its gonna be. What’s the danger level of all this stuff? I feel like there’s a lot of peer pressure in this video that’s gonna go down. Grant: If it touches your skin just freak out like it’s a spider and you’ll be okay. Grant: Yeah, right in the middle of the road. That’s awesome. (Perfect!) That’s not conspicuous at all. Pick up that big tank and that stuff is extremely expensive, so don’t spill any. Shawn: We just just have 2 problems Problem number 1: I’m s- I’m scared of liquid nitrogen. Problem number 2: I don’t have big muscles to lift this thing. Grant: Well, give it your best shot… (Shawn: Okay… Here we go) -nobody’s judging. Shawn: Oh boy! (Grant: Oh dude ) Grant: There’s money *Chuckle* Grant: Oh wow you see it like bubbling and spitting right out the top Shon: That’s insane. Alright. Grant: Is this your first time with liquid nitrogen? Shawn: Oh! No, I do this like everyday all day. Grant: Alright, so we got our water bottle. Grant: You can see it is about half-full of just regular tap water, at room temperature
a little bit of liquid nitrogen. Grant: And we dont have a whole lot of time to play with here so, lets get you going on this before that water freezes up. Oh shoot! Grant: Alright just grab that bottle and flip it right upside down. Upside down? Grant: Yaa Shawn: Woah! Wooh hahaha! Shawn: What did you just do to me? Dude, rocket launcher! This is so doable now! Grant: You see it? Grant: You see where its going? (Shon: Yes) Next trip, Home Depot we’re gonna pick up some materials and see if we can makeshift a rocket launcher out of this thing. I mean that was kinda cool but imagine a rocket like *ksuskuswusu* *explosion sound* (dog starts barking) Grant: There’s our rocket bodies right there. Grant: These 500 ml have really
durable plastic so they work great. Shawn: We got to get green, it’s like army rocket launcher green. (Grant: I’m diggin’ that) Army missiles? Grant: Let’s get it. Alright, so we just got back from Home Depot. We’ve got all our materials, and all we’re using for this rocket launcher is a 4-inch piece of PVC pipe. Grant: We’ve also
got these 4-inch couplings. These are ABS and they are black so we don’t need to
paint them, they look cool as is. These are going to go on either end of
the rocket launcher And then Shon’s idea…was to use this for a handle which
is actually pretty cool. This is a half-inch connector T and,
we’re going to just basically slice that off, bend the plastic and meld it to the
bottom so that we’ve got a built in handle *music playing* Now it’s gonna take a little bit of time for this to warm up because we don’t want it to catch on fire and burn so this could take a while, this could take a couple of minutes but the key is to be gentle and keep it moving. Shon: It’s worth it. The turtle wins the race. sssss…(melting face sound fx) …just joking. Grant: Look how rubbery that is (Shon: Yeah) Okay so you just kind of hold that down
or why don’t you find a cloth or something. Just want to hold this thing against that pipe and get the sides as flat as possible. The more surface area we can make contact with, the better the thing is gonna stick. This is rocket science, (Grant: Haha) this is rocket launcher science. Alright, there we go Shon: It’s smooth
Grant: Cool! (Shon: Shiny) I think we’re in business *saw turns on* Alright we got our little handle
formed here, it fits pretty nicely. We just got to figure out what feels right for
balance I’m holding on to the of the back here by the
coupling ’cause that’s where the rocket’s going to enter. Right about there feels pretty awesome, so go ahead and mark that. (Shon: Looks good.) Grant: Now it’s time to glue it up. For that we’re gonna need some ABS to PVC cement like this stuff And check this out… Shon: The green goo works best ….the green (delicious) Totally run and goopy Grant: ….kind of looks like slime. You gotta work it a little bit While that’s setting let’s to work on
making our rockets next. Now, when it comes to making your rocket bodies, that’s the kind of bottle you want to get: Something as a 500 ml soda bottle cause
it’s pressure rated and that will be able to contain the liquid nitrogen as it’s expanding
rapidly. The thing about these soda bottles is
they’re really flat on the bottom and so they’re not aerodynamically stable.
When they fly up into the air they tumble and fall all over the place. So, what we need
to do is come up with some kind of a nose cone. Shon: Cut this off, take the bottom,
part of this…well, the whole the top part of this bottle put the bottom part here, and now
we’ve got aerodynamic-ammunition. *bottle sounds* Shon: I think that’ll do. How funny-looking is that? Like which end do I drink from? Shon: It’s a teamwork bottle.
Grant: *laughs* Now the reason we got the 4″ PVC tube
is because these bottles, when you put them inside, you can see it leaves a little bit
of a gap around the edges and that’s where we’re going to build our fins. We’ve worked out some kind of little fin template here that almost matches the bulge there. Um, it doesn’t have to be perfect because we’re gonna use hot glue to fill in the gaps and that should match together pretty well. *music* We’re also going to need to add a couple
of nubs in here to balance the top end when it sits in the rocket’s well Shon: Now we’re going to paint the rocket launchers because they need to look awesome. *spray paint sound* Grant: Funny story this is the actual spray
paint I used when I built my rocket rifle four years ago which was one of my
first videos. Kind of sentimental Shon: What you’re gonna wanna do here is with gentle hands go like that. Gentle hands though, you wanna keep those hands gentle… Is this what you’re gonna want to do? Grant: Now we just gotta go set this down for a few minutes and let it dry. Shon: *katcchh* ” I will destroy you”! Grant: So I think I roughed in
all the cardboard (laughs) Shon: Where was I when you made this? *laughs*
Grant: -and I might
have to trim these fins up a little bit I think that’s going to be our rocket
right there I’m just going to give it a hit of black spray paint to make a
little bit Shon: -definitely do that… yes…..a hundred percent, and
maybe a little bit of green camouflage bullets they won’t see it coming Grant: Our rockets pretty much done , painted
black with some spray paint and the cool thing about using a bottle top is that you can
still unscrew and there’s a cavity in here where you can add some weight I’m just gonna put a little bit of sand in there
and that’s going to shift the center of gravity forward make the single more
aerodynamic so check it out guys our project is done
we’ve got some pretty cool-looking equipment we’re ready to launch rockets
Shon: liquid nitrogen missiles to be exact so if you want to see how that turned out
go check out the Shonduras channel we’re going to be there getting ready to
Shon: Rocket la… wait did you just say rocket hahahaha!
(Grant: Let’s Go) Okay guys we just got back from filming in
the park and I cannot wait to show you the footage that we got which you’re
going to see on this guy’s video we Shon: It exploded and the missile went up and away in the ground and made a hole like this big and should I tell them all that? Grant: yeah go check it out (Shon : just watch it was good now) if you’re wondering who Shonduras is I met him at CVX Live he’s a really cool guy Shon: No big deal gonna be a mess. Grant: Tell these guys in about five seconds what you do Shon: five seconds… fun. Grant: …. it’s fun so, if you like daily vlogs…and watching
like, random adventures, he’s always getting an in….. Shawn: Lot’s of skateboarding,
snowboarding, shredding, falling… getting hurt awesomeness! … Good stuff… Grant: Alright, so go check him out and
thanks for joining us for this adventure We’re gonna see you guys in the next video with
some other random project. I’ll talk to you then. Shawn: Hahaha, thats good! (music)

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  1. At 1:57, if you were there, imagine seeing 2 grown men playing with a giant tube of pvc. Wouldn’t that be hilarious!?😂

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  3. You could also keep in some secret message in the bottle and send it to someone maybe that's another use for the bottle missile

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  5. I’ve been really sad because 4 years ago I say his videos and that started my creativity and how I always keep on trying when I don’t complete something the first time I keep on going

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