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  1. Why can't everyone get along fine? Answer: Kim Jong Un won't stop being obsessed with nuking the world and if I have a time machine then I would stop Kim from rising to power or send an army killing robot and wipe out north koreas military

  2. sovereign possession of the USA,is that anywhere in your happy meal leaders dictionary,because maybe obummer would let that fly not this guy now you'll be lake nkorea

  3. Propoganda, fraudulence madness made by the Arms Industries billionaires those who specializes in engineering ceaios and destruction. An elites society with a protocol for Warmongering profiteering.

  4. If Obunghole was such a great president he would've handled this problem. Instead his whole presidency was nothing but a redline😂 Watch and learn libcunts, Trump won't play around.

  5. Did anyone else laugh their asses off. Great Special effects. What was that a 1970's photo of a carrier? We should open up a McDonald's and kill Kimmy that way.

  6. Drumpf will "talk" tough. But when the nukes fly, he'll be in his bathrobe, deep in his bunker, with Ivanka, "tweeting" America will soon be great again.

  7. Kim Jun un is merely a week gang leader with a week gang witch is his country he can't feed them so her sale's wolf tickets to America,he doesn't want it for real and he makes cheesy video's to make his country look strong,the US should not worry however if we do go kick his ass China will come like the first Korean war and then shuts going to get ugly

  8. For people saying fake news lol,your life is a a joke,just because it's news you don't want to believe does not mean it's fake

  9. Unrelated but is the apple stem on the apple logo also the missing bite in the apple??? I literally just noticed that

  10. Kim knows that no country in the world will take him and that his own people are going to kill him, so he is suicidal and he thinks that he might as well take as many people with him as he can, and that nuclear war is the way to do that. thousands of deaths in south korea and Japan are inevitable. this administration of sociopaths is the worst group of people to deal with such a psychopath.

  11. I take North Korea more serious than Little Donnie….
    Hell I take my 4 year old more seriously than his dumbass.

  12. what is the point in showing N.K.propaganda on cnn?Do you show Iranian propaganda or is it too soon to let out of the bag Iranian deal was terrible?

  13. War with North Korea would easily be a multi-trillion dollar war and Seoul would be devastated due to its close proximity to North Korean artillery, rockets, missiles. One only need to revisit the Korean War to see how wrong things can go.

  14. Eh. Ok. We need Russia. I've never said that but they are closer then we are. We could use them and when North Korea is gone. Then we talk with Russia and china because they will be the key parts. Fucking north Korea

  15. lol do lil kim really think he would win a war? His cardboard army and cheap ww1 weaponry would fall apart in a couple of seconds…

  16. And guess who's giving them the military might? China. And guess who's feeding the Chinese economy? YOU dumbasses that continue to buy Chinese crap.
    Happy now, Walmart shoppers?

  17. You IDIOTS are going to start WW3 showing some crap like that ! ..or rather, the end of mankind. You people are much more stupid and ignorant than that idiot ruling over there. God, how stupid can CNN get ?!?!?!?!

  18. looks like NK learned some tricks from CNN. not only can CNN put out straight BS propaganda but so can NK. but whats funny is CNN calling it out.

  19. Naaaa, somebody else ( some other country) is pulling the strings.They are trying to bait the U.S into a war with NK.

  20. what a make believe bad guy….there isn't anything that happens on the Korean peninsula that doesn't get detected. no ground movement, not troop build up, no missile launch, nothing gets by, this is internal propaganda to assure the underlings that all is as it should be. ..and great bait for the Comment Trolls…..

  21. trump has destroyed, defiled and degraded the U.S. Presidency to the point of it being necessary that Generals or Admirals speak for America and to America. This is what happens when you put mercenary traitors in the WH. We need to get this impeachment done ASAP.

  22. If the libtards and neo cons want a war with anyone they can go fight it themselves. I am an ass kicker and would put my life in the line to protect this country but not for the cowards we have had running the show for the last 75 years.

  23. Get the 'Star wars' anti-missile system up and running! As soon as a missile is launched from NK it's shot down by huge laser from outer space. But, they won't know who's doing it!

  24. I just find it hard to believe that any country capable of building a long range missile wouldnt have decent video editing skills,this footage looks like the Oregon trail game on Macintosh.

  25. How do the expect to destroy a US aircraft carrier if they arent even advanced enough to create a decent CGI clip. The original first star wars had way better special effects then that lol

  26. Why don't they just tell the truth and fix all this crab ?  Kim will clam down if they lift the sanction's off his Big Mac's . But one thing is for sure , once the new Thaad  system gets fully set up . Kim's being a problem will be pass history .

  27. Can we just kill this dude already…. no one want NK anymore they provide nothing, but increase our risk of fighting among our selves

  28. At least this time their glorious leader didn't use his super powers to melt our Navy!! Whew, gotta be cautious around those 'commie' book superheroes!

  29. Before you know it, they'll have more advanced graphics capabilities and come up with pizza explosions. #progress

  30. so what? they have the right to possess nuclear arms! developing defensive weapons is N.Korea's responsibility and obligation to it's citizens, every government must provide security to its residents. especially considering that the biggest terrorist countries (US, Israel, Saudi arabia) all have nuclear arms and these countries are constantly carrying out acts of aggression all over the world, overthrowing legal governments , killing presidents, destroying countries , and leaving them in chaos.. what happens in N.Korea is their business and as long as they don't mess with other countries they are doing nothing wrong. the US should Be the country banned from having nuclear weapons, they are in fact the last one to use a nuke (in N Korea's region to boot). Saudi Arabia is a US ally, a nuclear weapon state, the home of all Qaeda, Isis, and alnusra . why can Saudi Arabia, the home state of al Qaeda , Isis , and al nusra, a state who is waging wars all over the east possess nukes while Nkorea cannot? N korea is surrounded by 900 NATO bases so they have to be prepared to defend their country in case the US decides to invade and "bring democracy to all the suffering people". by international law, nkorea has done nothing illegal….

  31. You would have much better chances at winning the "Powerball" jackpot than you would sinking a U.S. Aircraft carrier

  32. I went to their propaganda channel (yes they have one on YouTube) and the comments are disabled lmao, I wish they weren't, I would get a squad of hardcore Americans, and blast their comment section (if they had on) with pro America propoganda

  33. i just heard youtube shut down your account ..uriminzokkiri … well dont get too upset i am the son of man and youtube and google have banned everything i've said since it started 20 years ago and never said why only just that i failed to connect or unknown error but thats life …i heard you had a nuclear party how did it turn out the newspapers show you finding it hard to stand are you diabetic … 2 years ago i died from diabetis and now im up and running again just staying off sugar …keep up the good work and dont forget to celebrate mao zedongs death anaversery on september 11 because his economic wealth is a testonomy to the whole world and the worlds idea of economy fell with the twin towers to dust almost by magic …skeatesy the second coming of christ i wear the red coat of blood of communism … but im not religious as i hate catholics stuck back in the 1300 century when the magna carter was signed and now even democracy has finished leaving communism the only path forward …new york will soon be gone …good luck chewy on your boot as they say

  34. Why everybody wants NK destroyed and see them as a threat? Because of their big mouth? What did they wrong? Usa on the other side is destroying countries all the time .but only the small the way Amerians were allready beaten there.amd will be again because NK neighbours wom t let you nuke s just because of people like you there are wars.everybody crying bomb them lets destroy them but nobody actualy saw a war in real life.go play bf or cod and don t make stupid comments

  35. It's like the priestess of Alemanii crying in a cursed voice to pagan god for help. Don't worry, the Roman Empire of USA will crush the Alemanii force with powerful brute force.

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