NKR – Reportage About Helicopter Crash

September 29, 2019

I was in position. I saw the helicopter. I saw it coming towards me. It began to shoot at us. I returned fire. It flew towards me a distance of 30 meters, until the last 2 meters I was shooting at it. Our soldiers yelled, “Helicopter! Helicopter!” Of course, we had heard the sound of the helicopter, but we did not think it was so close. At that moment our soldier, who shot down the helicopter, was in the dugout on his rest-time. The weapon he had with him was the RPG. Which he used to take down the helicopter. When he heard us yelling “Helicopter!” He came out here and saw that the helicopter was at a very low altitude. He saw that it was turning towards us, and preparing to fire, preparing to destroy us. As the helicopter rose in altitude, and came into firing position, he managed to hit it. The helicopter having lost control, flew over there and crashed. Standing here, at the ready, he shot and hit it on the side. He hit it, the helicopter lost control, flew in a circle, and exploded over there.

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