No Man’s Sky VR – 20 Tips and Tricks For Beginner VR Players

August 31, 2019

So we have been pretty much hooked on No Mans
Sky VR. We have played all weekend, and it has been
a blast! We still have much to learn ourselves, but
we have already encountered some useful things that we wanted to share. If you just started No Man’s Sky in Virtual
Reality fresh like us, then you might find these useful. So here are 20 beginner tips and tricks completely
focused on VR controls. Subscribe if you haven’t yet to see more
videos about VR! Let’s dive in. Before I start, let me tell you which controllers
I have been using. I’ve primarily been using the Valve Index
Controllers. So these tips and tricks will focus on these
controllers. However, the other VR controllers will most
likely be similar. Tip number 1. As you may know, No Man’s Sky currently
has some performance issues with some VR systems. I’ve solved that by lowering my graphics
and video options. These are my graphics settings, I’ve shown
these before in my previous video and just wanted to show it again in case you haven’t
seen it yet. Then I’ve also changed two new things in
my video settings, which I didn’t show before, but found useful too. I changed the resolution of the game to the
lowest possible settings; this does not change your VR resolution, only the game window of
your monitor, which you don’t really need anyway. I’ve also changed my Max FPS to the highest
number, which is 160 fps. With these settings, I’ve played over 15
hours of No Man’s Sky in VR already without any problems. Tip number 2. Even if you are a No Man’s Sky pro, the
moment you jump into VR, the controls will take some time getting used to. A lot of actions are now done by actually
using your hands and fingers, which is awesome! However, these actions can take more time
too, so I recommend checking out every button right away to see what button is a shortcut
for the stuff you might need a lot. There are a couple of buttons that I find
useful all the time. The first one is a quick way to scan your
environment, which is done by pressing in the left joystick. If you press the left touchpad, you’ll open
the inventory straight away, and if you press the right touchpad, you’ll open the game
menu with the quest log and other useful tabs. You can recenter your screen by holding both
sticks down for a couple of seconds. Lastly, you can use the jetpack by pressing
the right B button. In case you have trouble with any of these
controls, then you can use SteamVR’s key rebinding tool to rebind it. Access it by right-clicking the SteamVR window
>go to Devices>Controller settings. There are even Community bindings here that
you can use with handy fixes. This also brings us to tip number 3. To maneuver your jetpack, you have to reach
out your arms. If you just press the B button, you will only
fly up. However, if you want to fly forward, you’ll
need to extend your arms forward and press the B button. Same goes for flying backward. If you’re in a lake and want to dive, then
you will have to extend your arms down to dive down. This is also helpful for tip number 4. The Jetpack dash-boost. The jetpack can give you a boost forward which
leaps you forward faster, which allows you to move around faster, which is so useful
since you move around so much in No Man’s Sky. It took me a while to figure this out, but
you can do this by tapping the jetpack button several times at full fuel. So don’t hold press the button, tap it several
times. Keep in mind that it will also use more fuel. And if you leave some fuel to use before you
reach the ground, then you won’t be hurt either. Don’t forget to extend your arms to dash-boost
in any direction you want. The next tip is useful for this boost. Tip number 5. If you find these blue glowing plants, which
are the Deteurium-Rich Plants, then grab it by collecting it. You’ll get a short-term jetpack fuel boost
that lasts a couple of seconds. This is so helpful when you want to get around
faster. Game tips Tip number 6. Pay attention to the HUD. In VR there’s currently a bug where the
hud does not move with you if you turn around with your body. This will probably be updated soon but just
so you know that if you are missing your hud, you’ll need to turn around or snap turn. In the HUD, the top right area is where you
get loot info like the stuff you are collecting. The bottom left area is where your health
bar is, and your Hazard Protection bar. If the weather is bad in-game, this will go
down. If you don’t do anything about it, you’ll
die and lose all your items. You can regenerate this bar by going back
into your space ship, going in a cave or a structure. Tip number 7. As soon as you learn how to make your Analysis
Vizor, make use of it! Even at the starting planet. You use it by raising your left hand to the
side of your headset and pressing the grip button. Once activated, you can analyze objects around
you that you haven’t analyzed before. This is helpful to see what items you can
get per object. Some objects can already be gathered before
analyzing it. However, some will also have hidden items
that show as question marks. You can only get these items by analyzing
the object first. I mean, wouldn’t it be a shame to miss out
on some nice loot? This also brings us to tip number 8. Everything you analyze with the Analysis Vizor
will get you an entry in your Discovery book which you can access from the options menu. Here you can upload entries to a database,
and for that, you’ll get Nanite Clusters, which can be used to buy upgrade modules for
your Exosuit, your Starship, your scanner, etc. Uploading stuff is a very easy way to get
Nanite Clusters in the beginning so definitely make use of it. Tip number 9. In one of the early main story quests, you’ll
get a portable refiner which you can use to refine materials to craft with. It is a portable item; this means you’ll
be able to pick it up again to put it in your inventory. Walk to it and press the pick up button that
will show up. Right Joystick Click on the Index Controllers. The next time you want to place another refiner,
you’ll be able to do it without having to gather the resources again to build it. So make sure to bring it with you before you
fly off to the stars, which is the next main story quest after you got the refiner. While you are watching this video, please
leave a like if you enjoyed it so far. Tip number 10. In this game, you’ll also be crafting a
lot, and there is a lot to craft so it might be hard to memorize everything. In VR, it is harder to go on the internet
and look it up like you would while playing a 2D PC game. Thankfully, No Man’s Sky helps out. If you need to craft something but are unsure
how to make it, just open up the item you need, for example, this piece of technology
in my inventory. Hover over the item you need, and
press the button to PIN DETAILS. It’ll now show up as a quest in your log
with information on how to craft it. Tip number 11. The main story quest will also get you a Terrain
Manipulator pretty early on. With this, you can mine the ground and get
different loot like copper. You can easily find big areas full of metal
by activating the Analysis Vizor and looking around for these Deposits. You can then mark it, go there and loot to
your heart’s content. Not only that the Terrain Manipulator can
also save you from harsh environments. Just dig a hole for yourself, and you’ll
be protected. Just in case you don’t have your space ship
around. Tip number 12. Talking about Space ships. In VR, you might also find flying the space
ship more challenging than before. Especially while steering, it will be very
sensitive at the default settings. It would not be strange if you make a couple
of loops before you get the hang of it. But by then, you might feel motion sick. So if you have trouble controlling your ship,
then I recommend these settings for flight. Go to the options, control options, and set
the flight sensitivity to around 4 or 5. Also, set the flight to Locked Normal instead
of Tethered. This will give you much more precision, and
control in VR as the ship won’t roll like crazy anymore at the slightest movement. Tip number 13. The Pulse Engine in a space ship allows you
to travel with immense speeds to a destination. Some destinations can take you a couple of
hours, but with the Pulse Engine, only a couple of seconds. What if you ever run out of Pulse Engine fuel
in space though? Luckily its easy. Just shoot the asteroids around you in space,
you’ll get Tritium, and that’s exactly what you need to fuel up that Pulse Engine. You’ll also get other items like Gold that
is valuable and could make you decent money at the beginning. This brings us to tip number 14! Selling items. Starting this game, you’ll immediately notice
how many inventory slots you have. Almost none 😛 You’ll probably wonder very fast where you
can sell items. You can do that in Space Stations. The main story quest will also take you there,
but in case you want to sell faster since you’re full already, then you can just head
up there by going into space and looking for the tilted cube in your space ship mini-map. You can dock it by looking for the blue light
ray and going in there. The Space Station serves as a trading center,
mission hub, and some other useful things. For example, there is an Avatar Customization
monitor where you can change your look. You can buy upgrades here, as well as find
loot. Tip number 15. There is also a Teleporter in the Space Station
that you can use to travel to your bases or other Space Stations in other Systems. Make sure to check the teleporter in every
Space Station, so it registers as a point of entry. You will need at least two points of entries
to be able to make use of the teleporter. Once you learn to build a teleporter at your
base, you’ll be able to teleport here. This saves you some time with flying yourself. Tip number 16. Also, walk around in the Space Station to
find loot spawned randomly. Talk to all the NPCs for Alien language translation,
which is useful for future quests. Navigation Data is also spawned randomly on
desks and tables which looks like this. You can trade in that data for Planetary Charts
at the NPC right next to the teleporter. These charts will appear in your inventory,
and if you plot a route by pressing A, it will give you a random location that can give
you random spawns, like new mining tools or even an abandoned space ship. Like, I got this new space ship from one of
these locations. Multiplayer Now, let’s move on to Multiplayer tips as
we move to Tip number 17. We actually have a little warning here. The game still has some bugs, and it seems
like most have to do with multiplayer stuff. One bug we encountered was that Chary wasn’t
able to complete one of the early main story quests, making it impossible for her to continue. It probably had something to do with our multiplayer
session, since after restarting her character in Single Player, she was able to do every
main quest. So to avoid this, I suggest playing the main
story quests in Single Player first, at least until you get the Construction Research Unit,
which is used to analyze blueprints. This also brings us to tip number 18. If you want to build multiplayer bases, you
can! Although, you cannot place a Base Computer
too close to your friends Base Computer. These computers need to be at least 200 to
300 units away from another. Chary created a base successfully near mine
about 215 units away. Tip number 19. Don’t forget to check the settings for multiplayer
too. Go to the Options menu>Options>Network
& Voice>and change the settings here. Some that I find useful are settings like,
friendly fire to no one and not allowing anyone to delete your base parts. And last but not least, tip number 20! Make sure to bring a Portable Save Point with
you. You can get the blueprint in your Construction
Research Unit and then build it in your quick menu. It’s portable, so you can bring it with
you and place it anywhere so that you can save anywhere. Especially with all the bugs lately, you might
want to save a lot so you can reload it if needed. If you ever get stuck somewhere in a bug,
like something I’ve encountered this weekend where I could not leave the Anomaly Space
Station anymore. I solved that by going into Chary’s game
where I was spawned in a different System. After I did something there, I saved and went
back to Single Player. I was then spawned somewhere else in my singleplayer
game where I could fix the problem I had — just a workaround I wanted to end this video with
until the devs fixes the problems. If anything, you can also join in the BETA
with lots of fixes already; I’ll put the password for that down below. Even with the bugs, I definitely still suggest
trying multiplayer. It is the best. So this is it! There is also still so much more that we have
to learn ourselves, so there are so much more tips to share. But if you like this type of video, let me
know in the comments, and we’ll make more since we’ve become No Man’s Sky addicts
now anyway. If you have any other tips yourself for a
VR player, let everyone know by commenting it below! Let’s help each other out. Anyway, a special thanks goes to artArmin, our Right-Hand Patron, and a special shout out goes to his Patreon Page. Everyone, thank you all so much for your support by watching this video. And as always VR on!

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