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NOM 5 iPhone Gameplay Review –

August 11, 2019

Nom wants to find himself a girlfriend. To
do so, he’s on a quest to meet the Spaceking and acquire the truth of life along the way.
At least that’s what we think is going on. The story itself reads like it was written
through an online translator and doesn’t have much to do with the gameplay. Funnily enough
this could a point in the favor of Nom’s odd charm. When the first level loads up, you get the
feeling this is going to be another endless runner with a multi-purpose tap control scheme.
You’d be partially right, however you’ve never played a runner like this. You’re running
along, tapping to jump, and tapping and swiping to take care of the multitude of various enemies
in your path. Just as you’re getting used to this, the screen suddenly turns about 30
degrees, throwing you off… and then the game keeps doing this, even when you reach
the end of the road, and have to swipe down to rotate onto the opposite surface to run
back. This constant rotation of the screen is disorientating on level 1, but on level
2, with it’s odd pulsing backgrounds, that disorientation turned to mild nausea. This
might be the first iPhone game to need a motion sickness warning. The game uses a simplistic design with lots
of color. The soundtrack fits the gameplay and that could be a good or bad thing depending
on how you react. Acquiring a decent score on a level will reward you with a bonus item
that can be equipped for easier play, and snacks can be purchased which can relieve
some of the game’s headaches. Nom5 is certainly unique but it might be hard
to recommend. The one tap control comes off a bit loose, with attacks not always landing
when you think they should, and the swiping leaves a lot to be desired. Add this to the
constant disorientation of the levels (aside from the boss fights, which were a lot of
fun), and this becomes a game you should check out at your own risk.

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  1. @wogvorph define constructive?
    Is climbing a tree or going for a walk, any more constructive than playing a video game?
    Fresh air does sod all for you- walking for 10 minutes wont do much either… you just wear your shoes out slightly- so if anything it's destructuve, with all the grass and insects you trample?

  2. @EvilLamas I'm spending 10-14h per day in front of PC. What I ment, is that games make most of us, not casuals, sick. Don't search anything deep in what I'm saying, I'm just being silly 24/7.

  3. appspy i love your reviews and everything and got nothing against you, dont take this comment too offensively cause its not going towards you but what the fuck is this crap game?

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