North Korea Executes Official With Anti-Aircraft Gun — Joffrey Would Be Jealous
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North Korea Executes Official With Anti-Aircraft Gun — Joffrey Would Be Jealous

September 12, 2019

here we go again with kim jeong-hoon he has killed yet another top-level North Korean official this time it’s healing young-cheol he was the leader of the military and apparently was killed partly because he fell asleep during one meeting which they found very disrespectful to kim jong hoon so how did they kill him get a load of this north korea has executed its defense chief on treason charges by putting him in front of an anti-aircraft gun at a firing range okay now understand those anti-aircraft guns fire at a great distance and can pierce steel in order to take down the the planes they put him a hundred feet in front of an anti-aircraft gun and you read it him pulverize him here let me show you the guns okay they just unloaded off of these things and and they had many people witnessing it and apparently he was like just absolutely obliterated okay so what’s the latest on this well Hyun lat was last known to have spoken publicly at a security conference in Moscow in April and was said to have shown disrespect to Kim by dozing off at a military event okay no I figured out what’s going Kim’s young moon is Joffrey remember how young he is right and he’s this young guy who was not taken over it never learned obviously any work ethic has always been told that his grandfather and his father were daddy’s and that he’s also a deity and he can’t do anything wrong he rules the place no one can ever disrespect them it’s unbelievable we right now we have a situation where one of the most hideous evil characters from Game of Thrones is in reality ruling a country with millions of people in it okay let me give you more details you’ll see Keanu was believed to have voice complaints against Kim jong-un and that had not followed his order several times he was arrested late last month and executed three days later without legal proceedings we remember again if you watch Game of Thrones Joffrey with a crossbow right and how he got joy out of killing people in the most vicious waise here we have the anti-aircraft gun right the capricious nature of these decisions and we have another report that Kim Jong would also assassinated his aunt why because he had earlier assassinated his uncle as she was complaining about it so he had her poison maybe at a purple wedding okay they say in all around seventy officials have been executed since Kim took over after his father’s death now to give you some context that’s an enormous amount but context here Kim who’s in his early 30s has changed his Armed Forces chief four times since coming to power his father Kim jong-il who ruled over the isolated nuclear-capable country for almost two decades replaced his chief just three times so look his father wasn’t that well-balanced either this guy is significantly crazier so I think that in some ways now this is tricky stuff but it might be the beginning of good news because this guy is so unbalanced has killed so many of his allies he really doesn’t have much of an inner circle left if he has killed seven year the most powerful people in North Korea including his blood relatives and the more you do in Lao doing the lehre power base now I’ll make another pop culture reference here rise me of Tony Soprano and you know you kill enough people around you eventually there aren’t that many people around you and what’s the message that he’s sending to the other powerful people in North Korea if this guy sticks around long enough we’re all gonna die right somebody who chewed gum at the wrong time somebody fell asleep at the wrong time another person looked at him the wrong way he is killing his ex-girlfriend’s my theory on that is his current wife was pissed about it he had her murdered along with many other people from the orchestra okay there’s only so long Joffrey can make it before somebody gives him you know a little taste of his own medicine so tick-tock tick-tock I don’t know how it’s gonna happen I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing in terms of if North Korea gets destabilized then they panic god help us if they start launching missiles in the North Korea or Japan right but maybe there’s a sliver of Hope here that eventually the other powerful people in North Korea go hey man we got I can deal with the outside world here and get rid of this guy before he gets rid of us all

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  1. I doubt Kim Jong is making any decisions down there, except which spoon he's going to use to eat his pudding with.

  2. I heard this story on the radio the other day, and as the guy said 'executed by an anti-aircraft gun' I just broke out into laughter… xD

  3. On April 2015 the South Korea’s National Intelligence Service claimed that the general Hyon Yong-chol had been executed by anti-aircraft fire in front of an audience of hundreds. The cause of his execution may have been that Mr Hyon had fallen asleep during an event attended by Kim Jong-un and had not carried out instructions. National Intelligence Service officials said that although they could not reveal their sources, they felt confident enough about their information to share it with Parliament and there are no proof of evidence of the fact.[44]

  4. It would be funny if this causes his other officials to form a coup and they execute Kim with AA guns. I would pay to see that. That said I bet it would be one hell of a quick death so maybe they need to think of something slower for Kim!

  5. This is a far more humane way of executing people than the lethal injection used in the states tbh.

  6. well on the plus side at least this has to be more humane then American lethal injection…
    but i think the lesson here is don't work for a crazy dictator.

    I think the problem here is that their families politics has been one of giving ever more elaborate gifts..
    i think he is transitioning to rule by terror…

    So give it a few years and he will probably be deposed…

  7. Funny that Cenk's logic at the end of this video is the same as mine when it comes to the American presidential race and the reason we need to Elect Ted Cruz, so at least the survivors can move on to better things.

  8. it's really not that bad of a way to go, don't get me wrong im sure the guy was absolutely terrified, but his death was almost certainly quick and painless, I would choose to go out like this over a beheading or a hanging every time

  9. "These people don’t see that if you encourage totalitarian methods, the time may come when they will be used against you instead of for you." – George Orwell, Animal Farm

  10. Honestly, being shredded by an anti-aircraft gun is probably less painful then getting eaten by dogs.

  11. Just your opinion, showed nothing regarding a thing called evidence or proof. All you are doing is spreading more BS since you do not know and your just after ratings. That being said, you TYT only have one more chance to keep me as a viewer and for the record this will be your 5'th chance…

  12. Fuck man. What a sick bastard. From what I understand this may have not happened due to Inhumane laws but I would not put it paste this clown.

    What a sick bastard.

  13. Maybe they will have a revolt and get rid of  their government. Fanatics don't all have to be religious just the majority.

  14. WTF This dude is Wilding like maybe he wasn't feeling well? Kim Jong – Un is a fat and ignorant fuck hopefully he won't be in power much longer …

  15. What's the big deal? NK is a client of China to keep the US and its allies at arm's length while China plays the part the US did in the turn of the 19th/20th centuries.

  16. I don't reckon this horrible regime will last much longer into this century. I really hope the cracks start to show soon.

  17. So, what do you suggest we do now Cenk?. Of course you won't want the US to take any military action, right? May be we should wait till he starves half of the North Koreans to death then we can send a letter of discontent to him and continue feeling morally superior.

  18. And when they told him to walk into the firing range, the guy was like "I'm not a civilian airliner and those AA gun operators aren't Russians, I should be fine…"

  19. There was a South Korean director who was kidnapped by Kim Jung Il who secretly taped a meeting with him in which he said that the lack of incentive for achievement (profit) made North Koreans lazy, so their only motivation was fear.  He probably taught his son this.  The problem is when you have cult of personalities like this is that not only does fear prevent you from falling behind, it also prevents you from achieving too much, especially if your achievements are either against state views or make the leader look less accomplished by comparison.  The result is that everyone is still working below capacity, but the people capable of doing better are constantly watching themselves to make sure they don't do better.  
    I bet none of those military generals can appear more knowledgeable or experienced than this guy, even if they are twice his age. I don't see this regime surviving very much longer, given how separated this guy is from any kind of struggle or wartime experience.

  20. Never seen Game of Thrones, so I would chose Caligula instead of Joffrey.  Like Kim, Caligula thought he was a deity and after killing a huge amount of allies in spectacular ways, ended up stabbed to death by his very own guards.

  21. I sometimes wish I had my country that worshiped me and had my own sex slaves to choose from. Kim has it good.

  22.  I don't support the death penalty. However, as gruesome as it sounds, an anti-aircraft gun is a pretty humane way to kill someone. He died so quickly he felt no pain.

  23. How can one man so fiercely dominate an entire nation, including armed military personnel? Cannot imagine the level of prevailing fear! Thought there would be a coup by now. When there is, I pray that life in North Korea will improve.

  24. America still has the death penalty, no? America shoots, poisons, electrocutes, hangs its own citizens who have broken their laws, keeps Guantanamo open with prisoners who have NEVER had a trial, let alone a fair trial. The hypocrisy is beyond belief…maybe good old US of A has "good intentions"….

  25. I was going to say 'uh how do you know this is the stated reason the killed officials were prolly moving against him and the 'disrespect' is an excuse made up' and the comments below mentioned that it was confirmed fake already….

  26. South Korean+western press also claimed he fed an official to dogs, wants to nuke us, hacked SONY, definitely sunk the Cheonan, killed his fiance, and also that women can't wear pants and men must get certain haircuts or incur a penalty. Even recruited, high-profile defectors have been caught lying their assess off. If the DPRK is such a horrid place, and it is definitely riddled with problems, why do they find it necessary to continue to rely on yellow journalism?

  27. He killed him for falling asleep? I guess Alice Cooper's It's The Little Things is Kim's anthem now.

  28. Kim is weak and young. He has to watch his back and I'm pretty sure somebody is waiting to get rid of him. Thats the reason he started this nuclear circus and sending threats. He is trying to proove himself. He is dead meat and they will say "A thunderstrike came and took our beloved leader to the skys to protect us from there. In his name Greatgeneral Whatever will hold the fire of the revolution on earth."

  29. ha ha ha haaaaa….man i cant control my laughter….this country or this part of the world by the name of North korea is absurdly hilarious….. WTF man anti aircraft gun to kill 1 man…Geez…ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa…lolz

  30. young turks again read a buzz feed blog and report it as if it were a factual source lol. then the game of thrones reference is just a sad attempt to get younger viewers.

    journalistic integrity at its finest.

  31. so how the hell is north korea becoming more open to foreigners with this guy in power? how do you go to Kim Jong Un's anyway that shit is crazy

  32. Lol, First I hear he was shot (here), Then I research that he died in a car accident XD THEN I GET SOMETHING ABOUT A SNIPER, and lastly I get a thing about him dead from a grenade. XD Why people!

  33. History is on our side. This is how Roman emperors acted back in the days. And they get theirs, all of them. Caesar, Nero, Commodus, etc… I watched movies, I know.

  34. OK, and the American and British empire have killed millions of men, women, and children and have bombed countless countries and cities back to the stone age yet THIS is the news? One guy, not to mention it's probably just bullshit, hate- and fear-mongering propaganda? You seriously need to get your priorities in check.

  35. This is why Trump respects Kim so much
    think about it, raised rich and being told their whole life they run everything.
    They have a lot in common

  36. I dont want to believe any of this shit about NK. YOU KNOW WHY? because western media said and still saying lies about middle east, syria, lebanon, islam, hezbollah, palestine….

  37. Looking at history back. Stalin killed so many people, that in the end. People were so afraid of him, that his own badyguards did not even dare help him when he had a stroke. If this story is true, then Kim is in for a big surprise, when he gets that stroke. Just look at that body size. Even the genes are not really in his favour. (sick father)

  38. How many people have the US gov't killed off in the past? The CIA, NSA, heart attacks, cancers, and suicides? And fatal auto accidents?
    Yeah, this is guy is off his rocker, but his days are numbered. As history has taught, he will be taken out by one of his inner circle.

  39. young Turks
    that's a load of bull crap ..
    American imperialism needs to stop it's world policing and keeps its nose out of other countries ,, it needs to speak about the backing of the Zionist state an the innocent thousands it's help murder with USA arms …
    Kim young jon or whatever his name is ain't go no problem with me ..
    or anyone I know ..
    he has problems with world bank IMF U.N so thats not me that's the Rothschild powers the owners of Palestine ..
    young Turks speak about that .

  40. The very LAST comment that CENK Uygur made was extremely INTELLIGENT + PRECISE + BEST for the ENTIRE North Korea !!!! And I hope it happens ASAP !!!!

  41. I think once your at the execution stage any advance on that becomes a little semantic. Be the method hanging, electric chair or AA gun.

  42. So Kim Jong Un is a snotty little rich brat who was raised to believe that he is never wrong and should always be praised for everything and that the world owes him nothing but respect and apology for not admiring him enough because he is sooooooo special.
    So… he's basically your average TYT fan, then.

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