North Korea vs The United States – Who Would Win The War?

August 27, 2019

North Korea vs the United States The defense budget of North Korea is estimated
to be $10 billion (or 15.8% of their GDP). The American defense budget is $664 billion
(or 2.4% of their GDP). North Korea’s total population is 24.7 million
people with a total of 10 million who are fit for service. 690,000 are active frontline
personnel and 4.5 million are active reserve personnel. This means that 21% of the whole
country can be activated to fight at any time. The United States has a population of 316
million people with 120 million fit for service. It has 1.4 million people who are active frontline
personnel and 850,000 who are active reserve personnel. This means US manpower is twice
as large as North Korea’s manpower. But if both sides activated their reserves, North
Korea’s manpower would be approximately 2.5 times bigger than that of the United States. When it comes to tanks, the countries are
very closely matched: North Korea has 6,600 tanks, while the United
States has 8,300 tanks. But when it comes to AFVs, the United States outnumbers North
Korea 10:1. Other land units that armies employ are Self-Propelled
Guns, Towed-Artillery, and Multiple-Launch Rocket Systems When it comes to air power, North Korea is
no match for the United States, with its 940 aircrafts compared to the US’s 13,700 aircrafts.
The most popular American air fighter is the United States developed F-16 Fighting Falcon.
North Korea’s most popular air fighter is the Russian developed MiG-29 Fishbed. When it comes to Naval Power, North Korea
outnumbers the United States by 2:1; however, its fighting power is inferior to that of
the US’s. If it came to nuclear warfare, North Korea
is rumored to have enough plutonium to produce 4-8 nuclear warheads. At the same time, the
United States has 5,100 warheads on standby. But even if North Korea was able to launch
a warhead, it is believed that North Korea’s missiles are not able to reach the United
States. We cannot forget that almost every single
tank, aircraft, or naval unit needs fuel to operate. North Korea currently consumes 15,000
barrels of oil a day, but it only produces 150 barrels daily. Not to mention that North
Korea has no oil in reserves. On the other hand, the United States consumes 19 million
barrels of oil a day, but it only produces 8.5 million barrels daily. That said, it has
20 billion barrels of oil in reserves. But war isn’t only waged physically anymore.
North Korea is estimated to have a hacker force of 1,800 hackers. It is not known how
many hackers the United States employs but it is believed that the US is investing heavily
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