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  1. No one else noticed that she had a phone and in the next shot she’s only holding a phone case? Just me? Ok 😂

  2. Its crazy how E.J and Gina have almost parallel life’s to that of the original Troy and Gabriella better than ricky and nini (social popularity like troy, moving around to different schools like Gabriella) but in the end its Nini and Ricky who strive and ultimately play the roles of Troy and Gabriella in their musical.

    Also the additional contrast in the scene from the first high school musical when Troy gives Gabriella the push she needed to sing the final song and the new scene in which the new Gabriella (Nini) pushes the new Troy (Ricky) to sing is amazing cuz it shows that this new show clearly wants us to see how similar the new series is to the original trilogy and how it pays respect to the much beloved trilogy but at the same time giving us a new, fresh cast of teenagers who face their own dramas and obstacles and how they live out their own unique “high school musical”

  3. Is there now a series on High School Musical ?? Cause I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️ I am a big fan from India and here we get to watch that series after 3 years it releases so anyone help me out

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  5. If I was given the choice between a million pounds or season 2 of hsmtmts tomorrow… Let's just say I won't be splashing big… On anything!

  6. Amo la voz de la chica pero no combina nada con la del chico Y es injusto que hayan sacado a Sharpay cuando ella fue y Es lo mejor de HSM

  7. It’s crazy to think that Zac and Vanessa were their age when they sang this. I feel like they always felt a lot older.

  8. What bothers me in this part tho is at the beginning she is holding the mic, and then all of a sudden when she gets to Ricky it just magically disappears

  9. I don’t like this as much as the movie. This is the first time I’ve seen the show too. Am I the only one that doesn’t really like it? I just think the original’s better. I wouldn’t feel that way if it was different music. I think it just feels like they’re trying to recreate it. Idk though. Maybe it’s just me. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. Wait hold up where did the light in the beginning go? And there wasn’t a phone in the phone case? I’m so confused?🧐

  11. Plot Twist: Nini was dancing with E.J. Instead of Ricky but she is Joker’s daughter so she imagines Ricky Boi Curtis O’Neal Osteen The Third Jr.

  12. i just can't stop looking at nini holding up an empty phone case, facing it at ricky and thinking how it actually made it into the cut ahfjfsfs

  13. She is talented and beautiful but she is not cute and sweet like Vanessa Hudgens. The original is always nothing like it.

  14. Omg this messed me up. The whole show made me think about life. I want a relationship like Ricky and Nini have😭 those are some goals. Especially the last scene, the kiss

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