Onboarding Clients for Long-Term Success
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Onboarding Clients for Long-Term Success

August 18, 2019

– The reason
the onboarding process is, in my opinion,
the most important step is because it’s a relationship
that builds up. And it’s over long-term. [rousing music] – A successful
onboarding process for us is to have small wins early on
with a new client. It might be that we’re able to
get into their bank accounts and get them synced up
with QuickBooks Online. That might be a small success. Or showing them
how to use Hubdocs. How to take a picture
of a receipt and send it to us. – I’m super hands-on when onboarding a client to QuickBooks Online. We go through one set of,
you know, the beginning steps in converting the file and
connecting the bank accounts. And I give ’em some homework. Then we set up another
appointment for next week. And then we walk though
any issues they had. – We’re very strict
about making sure that a client is onboarded within a very discrete
time period– two weeks–which I know
can sound aggressive. But it really shows the client that you are 100% on the ball in every single facet of accounting, finance, tax,
and HR. – So, from day one
I have templates. QuickBooks Online provides
a lot of those templates. So, they can see it,
I can see it. So, setting expectations with
those templates from day one. Communicate, communicate,
communicate. And that sounds so boring,
but it’s so the truth. – They have my cell number. They text me.
They email me. They call me. And I’m there for them because that’s an investment. – There’s gonna be hiccups,
but being involved, sympathizing with the client, providing solutions,
communicating with them, that generally–
generally–ensures as much as possible
a smooth transition. – If you can do
just a really great job during that onboarding process,
during that first two weeks, you’ve won the client’s trust for the entire part of your engagement
with that client. [music fades]

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