[One Command] Flying Minecart Mod In Vanilla Minecraft
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[One Command] Flying Minecart Mod In Vanilla Minecraft

September 5, 2019

Hey guys~ Today I want to show you something real quick. It’s a Flying Minecart Mod that you can install in
your world. There is only one command block needed. The design is originally made by jfKimberly and
Sporknoggin. I just compacted it up to fit in one single
command. To install it in your world is very straightforward Just give yourself a command block. Copy the command which I have put in the
description. Paste it into the command block. Then activate it. Right-click the left sign you will get the minecart Right-click the right sign to Enable / Disable the
mod anytime you want Flying the minecart is really simple It just goes to the direction that you are pointing Look up to ascend Look down to descend It goes wherever you want it to go Right-click the sign again to disable the mod. Right-click the red sign to uninstall the mod. Thanks For Watching!

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