OSS Flying Dragon: A Silent Poisoned Dart Gun
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OSS Flying Dragon: A Silent Poisoned Dart Gun

February 13, 2020

Hi guys, thanks for tuning in to another video on forgotten wapons.com I’m Ian McCollum And I’m here today at the Rock Island auction house Taking a look at some of the guns that they’re going to be selling in their upcoming April of 2018 premier firearms auction and today We have a really cool goofy Artifact of world war ii and the OSS now the OSS was the american covert special operations intelligence gathering wealthy adventurer’s playboy club sort of OSS was really on the the it was a frontier sort of organization. It was set up by William Donovan in New York, and he was basically looking for a group of well-rounded talented and intelligent individuals to help the the resistance movements in Europe and This would eventually turn into the CIA and one of the major organs of US Covert intelligence, but in World War 2 it’s a pretty freewheeling and unorthodox and quirky sort of group and when it comes to the devices and the weapons that they designed and developed and produced it is I mean it’s Q out of the James Bond movies plus some and This is a perfect example of that so one of the things that OSS wanted in general was a silent weapon for shooting sentries and Similar sorts of tasks they wanted ideally they wanted something that had no sound no flash Had an effective range of like a hundred yards could be reloaded in less than thirty seconds so this wasn’t something they were trying to get a high volume of fire of they wanted one shot effective and Undetectable and they experimented with a whole lot of different sorts of contraptions at the most most normal end they had firearm silencers or suppressors And then at the other end they had weird stuff like this which is a co2 powered dart gun They had a silent mortar that they experimented with, that I don’t really know the details of they tested out a number of different crossbows and All sorts of weird and goofy ideas now this particular one was codenamed flying dragon or SAC-46 and it first shows up in the documentation about 1943 and it is another attempt at a silent flash-less weapon and Basically, it’s a CO2 powered dart gun But the problem is how do you make a CO2 powered dart gun lethal out to like a hundred yards? That’s a pretty tall order… This thing fires a pretty intimidating looking giant dart not that different by the way then the dart for the ‘Bigot’ 1911 pistol conversion that discussed elsewhere definitely check that video out if you’re interested in some of this goofy CIA stuff or OSS stuff but The conclusion that they came to see the problem is if you hit you know the idea of the gun being silent is great But if you hit a century with a gigantic razor-sharp dart like this It’s got to be going pretty fast to actually kill them because if it just hurts them You’ve lost the whole point of a silent firearm if the guard that you shoot with it gets stabbed with this thing and start screaming His head off because he’s just been shot with a giant dart that’s sticking out of his leg/arm/chest or whatever, so they had to figure out a way to actually make it lethal and Tossed around some ideas and ultimately the conclusion they came to was it pretty much had to have some sort of fast-acting poison on it They did a little bit of Investigation I don’t think it rose to the level of experimentation, but they investigated the possibilities of that And kind of came to the conclusion that it wasn’t feasible; they were not able to find any suitably appropriate poison to put on there now obviously poisoned dart sorts of things are standard fare in Hollywood, but this is one place where reality does break with the movies and You have a lot of practical problems if you’re sending someone off into combat operations with poison-tipped darts well You don’t want them to accidentally poke themselves and I’ll tell you what this thing is really sharp The poison-Let’s just look at practical things the poison needs to be Durable you need to apply it and have it not wear off or lose potency During transport during potentially weeks in between when it’s made and when it’s actually used;It needs to survive the firing process without trouble You know it needs to not be wiped off when it goes through clothing it needs to be effective enough to actually Work, there are a lot of practical problems trying to come up with something that the movies make look really simple so In in the true spirit of the OSS when they came to the conclusion that there wasn’t really a practical poison that they could put on this They wheeled off into some other discussions like aha what if instead of a dart What if we use it to shoot a little syringe, and then that will inject somebody with a poison? I’m not making this up This is actually what they were looking at that went nowhere for kind of obvious reasons their next idea after that was We can make the gun more effective if instead of having a co2 cartridge that you know you Use like a typical dart gun and you tap the pressure off of it and fire a dart What if we turn the co2 cartridge itself into a dart? And then you puncture the base of the cartridge and shoot the whole thing out like a little co2 rocket That also went nowhere. There are some obvious problems with that like well make sure that you have to have it precisely Aligned so that the thing actually shoots where you want it because again the point of a silent firearm is Totally lost if you can’t actually hit something with it Ultimately none of these things would go anywhere, but we are left with a couple of really interesting Quirky artifacts from World War two so let’s take a closer look at this Let me show you exactly how it works all right, so here’s the whole assembly. We’ve got the action itself We’ve got the pistol barrel note that it has a front sight on it We have the barrel extender if you would like to set it up as a rifle We’ve got one of the darts, and we have a loading tool, so let’s start with the action We have I believe a cast aluminum grip that would have originally been painted all black but much of that paint is Has chipped off in the last 70 some years there is a hollow compartment in the handle and that’s that holds either the loading tool or a Co2 cartridge not sure what their intention was on The trigger is just this little bar right here the co2 cartridge that you’re using is located in this bottom compartment you would put it in nozzle pointing that way and then Lock it in place like that This is the actual barrel stub. We have our rear sight up here This is the 50 I it says 50 I’m gonna guess that that’s 50 feet because I don’t think this is capable of going out to 150 yards And that’s what the sight actually goes up to now you’ll notice that there are R. And P. Markings. That’s a rifle and pistol Depending on what length of barrel you’re using so 100 and 150 there and Just 50 here on the folded down side of the sight in the documentation I’ve seen this is identified as a loading tool, or a ramrod and I’m not honestly I’m not really sure exactly how that’s supposed to be used what I can see in this is Obviously you want the dart at the back end of the barrel when it’s going to be fired and the dart only goes in right about that far because This tube is only hollow back to right here, so it’s gonna go in like that Now the barrel and this is the front half of the barrel with the front sight if you just put on this barrel you have It in pistol configuration this goes on like so and It’s a nice tight fit To be pretty much gas tight you lock it in there Rotate it up and now it’s not going anywhere Well in order to maintain the best possible gas seal to get the most velocity There is a little rubber gasket right here at the base of the darts tip so if you were to load this Into the barrel it goes right to there and Then that rubber gasket catches And so what you would need to do is press this in with a fair amount of force to actually seat the dart And I’m sure you’d want to do that at the breech. End at the muzzle So what I anticipate you would do is actually take the barrel off put the dart in the back and then press the barrel on Over the front tip of the dart, that’s going to seal that rubber obturator ring in the barrel And you’ll be ready to fire remember that in general the OSS is reload requirement was 30 seconds So the idea that reloading this required removing the barrel And then putting in a new dart and Then pressing the barrel back on That’s really not out of the question at all that would still fit with their intended purpose for this thing Now if you wanted a longer barrel for more velocities longer effective range you can put on this Barrel section, and then it also has a set of locking Locking tabs so we can then put the front end on that one, and then you have this totally Batman and Joker looking really long rifle version Of the gun now these were first conceived or first documented in 43 They weren’t actually produced until the early summer of 1945 so by the time they were making these it was pretty late in the war They made six at first did a little bit of R&D and came back with a few few changes they wanted made they produced another nine and so in July of 1945 they had 15 of these things That were sent off and that was the whole of the production and the project Three of them got lost somewhere used destroyed damaged discarded I don’t know what But at the end of World War two the OSS had 12 of them and just over a thousand of these darts Still in inventory they never went to any other purpose And I imagine most of them were simply scrapped because there’s not a whole lot else you can do with something like this so fortunately a couple of them did did survive past the end of the war or past the end of the the OSS turning into the CIA and getting rid of old leftover stuff like this and This is serial number five as you saw, and it is actually available up for sale here at Rock Island Remarkably despite all of its weird covert applications and intentions. It’s not actually an NFA Type of firearm in any way so free to own in fact I don’t think it’s even technically a firearm if you’d like to have it yourself. It is certainly one of the coolest pieces of OSS memorabilia you could find take a look at the description text below the video and There you’ll find a link to rock island’s catalog page on this guy that has their pictures their description photographs of a couple pages out of really the only definitive book on OSS weapon so there’s some discussion there with a little more information than I covered here in the video and Take a look at all that and if you’d like to place a bit on it You can do that right through Rock Islands website. Thanks for watching

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  1. In fact it is just like a dart gun that vets use to sedate large animals when they need to get close to treat them.

  2. Blowguns were a thing even back then, even poisonous. So I don't really get why they didn't just make a blowgun since those are also cheaper to make and easier to hide since, well it's a pipe. The darts for blowguns are also much much lighter and smaller. Zookeepers use them with sleep darts to stun large animals for transport or medical checks.

    So I really don't get why they over engineered a blowgun. Also I'd reckon that a tranquilser dart or poison dart from a blowgun is less obvious to the person getting shot, I mean if you shoot someone in the back with it they will probably be like, "what was that?" and not "AAAAAAAHH A FINGER LONG METAL DART WAS JUST EMBEDDED IN MY SPINE".

  3. That poison tip Dart could have worked if the tip had divots drilled into it and inject jellied cyanide into the divots

  4. Ian you could just say that the OSS was precursor to the CIA. Also the OSS didn't just operate in Europe, there were operatives all over the world even where there was fighting like South America >> Ted Williams for example. They even made mini subs for spies in the Pacific (one is on display where I live).

  5. How could they make this silent but lethal ? Okay #1. Aim for the mother#@&ker's head. Boom solved. #2. They could've dipped the darts in Kurari which was a well known tool of South American tribesman to both paralyze/kill their enemies. How could they preserve potency & keep the darts safe to handle ? Plastic caps, just like the ones you get on Super glue & was already being used in the Morphine tubes in medic kits at the time

  6. I can't be the only person questioning "If they're going to try all those weird things, why not just use a crossbow…' (yes a silencer's obvious if it's to be a gun but if they want non-bullet solutions, why not a crossbow.)

  7. there is congressional testimony from the 1970s that talk about the CIA having a silent gun that can make the person shot, have a heart attack that drs think is natural. so clearly, this is something that passed the testing phases

  8. Actually the Co2 firing a syringe gun has been made, and used to be available to police agencies for animal control units. We looked into the purchase however on doing a bit of research before ordering the rifle, I found a list of law suites filed against agencies that used them, having been sued for using say, a German Shepard syringe on a poodle and instead of disabling the animal killed it with an overdose of the tranquilizer. We opted for a capture pole that worked fairly well with most large animals who had the intention of remaining "at large" at all costs. I doubt that they would have been very effective against sentries, the old knife applied rapidly to the throat in a quick across manner seemed to work rather well, if you could sneak up behind the bloke however.

  9. My friends dad was in the O.S.S. Between ‘42-‘45 and was stationed in China, he was tasked with sabotaging jap railway lines in China, Burma and around Southeast Asia, he was never captured and smuggled in C4 by placing the C4 in with a basket of dough for cooking. He died in 1994.

  10. You load the dart in the rear end of the barrel, then use the push rod to press the dart to its proper depth (then attach barrel) for proper launch. This makes a void for the co2 to expand into for a quick launch.

  11. What if they used a long needle on the end that had its hole midway through? you could cover the hole with a silicone wrap that would seal the hole before use, but as soon as it entered your target, the silicone would be moved backwards from the force of impact and the poison could seep through??a syringe style injection system

  12. Poisoned bullets combines all the downsides of a firearm and the downsides of poison with fare too few of the upsides.

    Plus this is a nightmare for Hague conventions and other laws of war on the use of poisons or non-FMJ bullets.

  13. If anyone is interested, typical "Dart Guns" in use today (for immobilizing large animals) actually do use a "dart" which consists of a syringe and spring which injects a narcotic/sedative upon hitting the animal.

  14. imagine a modern air rifle shooting hp pellets with nicotine sulphate in the t ip of the hollow point pellet that would drop a sentry at 100m easy in around 2 mins

  15. This must predate animal tranquilizer guns. It seems someone figured out how to do something similar with animals- but I don't know how quiet those guns are.

  16. No experiments probably was done and that second idea is still used. Its called a tranquilizer gun. And either h-cn or cn-cl is quite rapid but it's noisy but there are drugs chemicals and reagents which you don't know just how damn bad they are they may be still using them. And they probably went home with those mad men. Shit I would do that. If I was that guy killing for a living why would I not? Oh god I'm gonna be shot by my own folks shit we all go its just a game and this is just a gun lets just keep it.

  17. i dont see why its obvious that an injector dart went nowhere, thats literally how sleep darts work. a poison one would make a lot of sense.

  18. you probably were supposed to load the dart into the breech of the barrel, and push it in with the loading tool. that way you don't accidentally stick yourself with a poison dart haha

  19. i dont get it doesnt a tiny bit of king cobra or or some scorpion kil a person
    than being sneaky would mean shooting a tiny bullet with just a drip in them that hurts like an insect bites you
    this arrow seems like its enough to kill someone lol

  20. Im surprised they never found a suitable poison for it. Theres plenty of lethal things you could stick someone with. I think the bigger concern would be going through a thick jacket or something

  21. The dart was put into the barrel first then both were set to the trigger block. This helped to make shore you didn't spike yourself under stressful conditions.

  22. That conical dart point is a bad choice. Sure, it will penetrate, but it has to hit organs or arteries with the point or else it will just push them aside. I would've designed it with an arrow sliding over the barrel, with a three or four bladed broadhead. Those things cut a mean wound channel and if it can drop a deer without it knowing what hit it it will do the same to a sentry.

  23. I've mentioned this before but my grandfather and his brother both were members of the OSS and later CIA. My grandpa has a whole room of different things that they made and utilized. I mean anything they could think of they made. They went through old comic books to get ideas. Many of these items my grandfather would rent out to movie production companies or other people looking to create movie props from these things that were made. My grandfather actually became a consultant on many movies in the 80s.. I used to love going to my grandfather's house who had two rooms one filled with all this cool stuff from his OSS and CIA days and Sting's from World War II. Any other room he has a bunch of. But now my grandfather passed away about 7 years ago. But before he died from wounds of being attacked by a cougar. He had a thing for younger women. He met some woman and let her move into the house. This woman had a son who was a methamphetamine addict. For all I know she was probably also. But my grandpa would have never probably realize this because he was in his 80s coming up on his 90s. But this lady son would steal things from my grandfather's artifact rooms and sell them so he could Supply his habit. I was living in Washington DC when it started. by the time I got back from Washington State and got my hands on this guy. All the stuff had been sold on eBay and a lot of it sold people local. so I was able to track down some of it and get it back. But everything that was sold on eBay which was most of it will probably be gone forever. I'm sure all that stuff went for dirt cheap to because when I was able to track this guy down which was by answering an ad of a guy selling arrowheads. he was selling these arrowheads my grandfather had in these cases that were very very old and worth a lot of money. he was trying to sell me the whole case for $30. But instead of course he got a serious beat down and his wife was seriously in Jeopardy until he helped get back all the stuff he's sold locally. That most of the old OSS spy gadgets where sold on eBay and to never be recovered. We did find this really cool saying that wasn't an OSS Gadget. But my grandfather would use it. It was this device that's strapped to your forearm. It was spring loaded and you could fit a derringer. you would activate the lover and the Derringer would go from your forearm that was concealed inside your coat right up into your hand. It's really cool I wish you could find one of these devices and do a review. I can never get the thing to work quite properly but I remember my grandfather showing me how it worked. I remember my grandfather also loan that one out to a movie company. But I never seen a movie where this was used. but my grandfather told me they used it in a popular western movie in the 80s. But I've you got to know what that movie is but it was a cool device made for Derringer that pushed it from your forearm to your hand being spring loaded. I remember my grandfather telling me that his device was authentic and made in the 1800's.

  24. When you were talking about them trying to make a weapon that would shoot a syringe type projectile was actually conceived. It was this object that was little bit longer than a pen and about as round as a nickel. It utilizes CO2 also. The ammunition were these syringe like darts. So basically you had about an inch long needle connected to this little tiny thing on the end that look like a radio transistor. If you were to hold it up to a pellet from a pellet gun. It would be like half the size. They would put poison and that little container that look like a transistor. Then at one end is where the needle was connected. The poisons stayed sealed in that little container until that needle hit its Target and that needle would move back just enough to puncture into that tiny cylinder. The Target wouldn't even fill the projectile hit. If they did and started feeling for it and then find it and pull it out it would be too late and the poison would already be in you. The projectile would only go in the length of the needle. The tiny solenoid would stay outside the skin. It was sad. It was said that if you were to feel the syringe when it hit you then found the end and pull it out. The poison in the solenoid takes about a second to inject once punctured by the other end of the needle. Then from that point it was sad that within about 15-20 seconds all your muscles start tensing severely. Then they say your dad Within the next minutes. But I guess this was still not fast enough. it was actually even called something like the bee sting or something. I think it would have been totally fast enough. Somebody if they felt it would be distracted long enough wondering what just hit them or bet them that they wouldn't sound the alarm in time. But I guess this thing was only effective within 25 ft. Not yards but feet. Plus the way it was design to be was close contact like in crowds. So the idea never went into production and only a few prototypes were made. One of the coolest things I did when I was young let's get to go to the convention of all these weapon designers and gun makers trying to sell their idea. For 2 days I ran around this convention looking at everybody's idea and sitting down and listening to them go through their pitch with people. I swear I thought every idea was awesome. I remember it was 1982 somewhere around Seattle. but there was this gun maker and he had this kid who what's selling rubber band guns. Sense both our parents had b o o t h s at this convention. We hung out all day for that weekend. He gave me this really cool rubber band gun that was totally awesome. I had so many good times around weapons as a kid Carrie. LOL

  25. Could employ a native from Borneo with his blow pipe.
    In present day Joergsprave can help you make a tranquilizer gun, but you have to find a cyanide refill yourself. Joerg won't do that, he never steps out of the legal boundary.

  26. Interesting bit of trivia: the guy who first plucked Jeffrey Epstein out of obscurity, when he was just a college drop out, and gave him his first real job (the job that put him in contact with the billionaires who would get him into finance circles and eventually into his criminal operations) was ex-OSS… And in fact was Donald Barr, the father of the man (William Barr) who Donald Trump appointed Attorney General. Epstein’s closest partner in crime & procurer, Ghislaine Maxwell, was also the daughter of a notorious OSS operative (Robert Maxwell). And the man who let Epstein off the hook when he was first arrested (with something like 50+ accusations by underaged girls) with an unprecedented plea deal & non-prosecution agreement said that he gave Epstein this deal because he was told that “Epstein belonged to intelligence…” That man was Alex Acosta, who Trump appointee Sec. of Labor (Trump & his current defense attorney Alan Dershowitz & his golf buddy Bill Clinton all having also been on the flight logs).

    There are so many weird OSS & CIA connections in that story. Anyway, interesting gun. I wonder if they ever ended up developing the “heart attack gun.”

  27. Is there such a thing as a magazine fed dart projector?
    All dart guns I've seen are loaded by manually placing a new dart into the chamber. Up here in Scandinavia, we're doing some work to get rid of invasive species, like "raccoon dogs". The most effective strategy is to capture, sterilise & release. (Sterile partner = no more cubs.)
    But wild animals dislike being shot at, most of them are as aggressive as honey badgers. If your tranq dart misses, they will bum-rush you, & f**ck you up properly. So a magazine fed dart projector would ease our work a lot. As of now, you need a shotgun as your secondary, because you won't have time to reload a dart if the raccoon dog rushes against you.

  28. A better idea is to actually use readily available poisons like cyanide or ricin, cyanide being ridiculously easy to get a hold of and has been since there have been gold smiths and ricin being a time consuming process but readily available. Make an injection container and use co2 to power it.

    Of course, that exact weapon did exist around the same time, it was made in Sweden and used by a specific Scandinavian movement on two fronts. It's silent and it will kill in a matter of seconds with cyanide, a matter of minutes with ricin and then there was another formulation that just used a closed co2 system just the bullet style with a hole and a trigger which resembles modern co2 diving knives.

    All were very effective and spread all over Europe, I still have one of the originals stamped by the three crowns (all Swedish weapons are).

  29. Might as well use a blowgun with curare tipped darts… This weapon is cool but so useless. Best channel on YouTube BTW.

  30. Wrong! Hey your idea of loading the gun is wrong! The loading tool pushed the dart in the barrel. You pushed it in till 1/2 roughly was left out the connector for the gun. The smaller end of the tool would touch the back of the dart and push it 1 inch roughly inside the barrel in front of where the guns barrel connector went in. The darts did not start inside the gun portion. The hole in the handle was for the loading tool. Which was wrapped in a cotten fabric. If your wondering how i know this? The answer would be I have handled one first hand! While I watched your video : )

  31. How about loading poison into the co2 cartage during the fabrication process?
    To avoid accidental poisoning, specialized personalized safety equipment would be required to operate the weapon, naturally.
    The poisoned co2 would then coat the projectile with the poison as it is fired, along with the condensation that develops when firing.

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