September 25, 2019

*wapoosh* Top in the morning to you laddies!!! My name is JackSepticeye. and welcome to a game called “Worlds Adrift.” It’s been– some of you might already know it it’s been made by the people Who made ‘I Am Bread’ and Surgeon Simulator, Boss Studios .. And they have been making it for quite a while. and its very, very, VERY different from the types of games they make. its not a game, designed to piss you off this time. its not a silly little game like that, its an it’s an MMO that they’re making But its a sandbox MMO, with a like a persistent world, and you have like this grappling hook and your able to make ships that fly around and everything And kill some enemies So it looks really cool! And the stuff i saw, the way they sold it to me was That you have a grappling hook, so you can fly around like spider man And that to me just meant that i wanted to play it, already. so I have to Create a Character oh, the eyes follow, oh. *laughs* hi *laughs* just like Hey you looking at me Oh, must be somebody else I’m just gonna look off into space again hey y- you fucking are you still here go away you freak *laughs* and her fa- her little tunic here looks like it has a face going (blagh) Right, create character! Oh, yes! Oh yes I can have some fun with this! Oh! My darling baby! Okay! I can make Someone, BEAUTIFUL! In my own image. Have to have freckles Have to have freckles They’re adorable You’re so super cute! Skin color.. I.. Don’t know what skin color To make you.. We’ll make you in my image! Okay? We’ll make you a female version of Jack! Where we’ll call you Jack-ie! I can still just call you Jack if I wanted to Umm I’m gonna give you a super pale skin. Because that- that’s hello Can I give you green hair though? that’s-that’s the most important part! we’ll get on to the hair in a minute. whats my lip color? (hmm) supa pink!! why are all the lip colors all shades of brown and… gray and white and stuff? *questioning life* wheres pink? ok we’ll just go with this thats fine.. hair!! okay! thats kinda my hair.. i mean they give you a headband by default. dats not my hair! do i look like i belong in a K-pop band? (sometimes) dats felix’s hair! i’m- auuuuu i’m liking this ohh but this is cute! and you got a ponytail! k gotta go with dis! i’m sorry but this- this is the winner! this is the one that wins! ya know pigtails are kinda cute! um hair color. wheres my FUCKING green?! theres no green to be seen! fine. broowwn. no one wants brown hair! ( i have brown hair ๐Ÿ™ uhh what type of body are we gonna give ya? noo this isn’t your body type this is your outfit that looks cool i mean- well that looks cool as well. but this one looks like… kinda like a warior so you got some swayey (?) parts. but also, your FASIONABLE!!! you heading out to the gale and your ready to go i think thats very nice! ๐Ÿ™‚ primary colors.. go with a bit of green? bit of teal? what does the blue look like? blues not very nice (sorry blue) this looks kinda nice ๐Ÿ™‚ if i can get your pants to f- to suit that. idk im not good with my colors… eww oh god! do i wanna give you pegs legs (lol) ah robin hood or are we goning for aladdin? i think aladdin’s good cuz there fashionable, there easy brezzy, there not gonna stick to ya and restrict you theyv’e got a lot of movement AND if your- if a flood happens your ready for the flood you got your flood pants on! character name can i change that? “booper my dooper” ( what a name) no i don’t want to be ‘booper my dooper’ i want to change the character name! i wanna give it a-a-a darling baby…. i darling baby name! i wanna give it something thats good! something like… idk Jessable! or Vannesa! no? fine, we’ll create character then. ๐Ÿ™ EU zone one 1. i wanna get in and wrek som shit (damn ok i feel you jack) k bye see you later *face of determination* they grow up so fast you give life to them then they grow up and they move out and run away from home…. INSTANLY saad . waiting to connect… you are number 2 in the queue thats good rite? why am i waiting? i’ll just stay here wish i had a- ohh never mind its happenin the games loading i was gonna say i had a cup of tea umm sandra, yeah, hold off on the tea- on the coffee for a sec we have a game to play. i don’t need your back talk sandra righty (x3) oh god games still loading worlds still loading.. did you see my tunic freak out there for a secound? that was awesome! gauntlet repair mode selected gauntlet lift mode selected ford scanner selected god what is any of this? oh ho oh although I should point out that this
game is nowhere nearly close to being finished so there’s a lot still left to
do how do I I fired my grapple but how do i reel it in whole ships are
controlled reel in around yes oh yes I love it yes because everything’s
physics-based oh god is a terrifying I’m coming up I’m coming up oh this is going
to take a while to get used to I don’t know what these things do either well
we’ll figure it out as we go along well we go but we go yes no oh fuck hahaha
thank you the hang of it just yet okay climb up I’m on this let’s go get it
nailed it let’s shake rattle and roll bitches okay this is a lot slower than
I’d hoped it would be yes though yes don’t just come over here
fuck yeah so because the game is physics based and you swing around and all
laughing it’s up there won’t be letter jank and there’s a lot of stuff still to
be figured out and kinked out and everything but it’s also going to lead
to hilarity which I am all about hello Big Sur can I be your friend object
cannot be manipulated with replacement or when what can I say do something with
this with it no maybe this one e to open all right a gun I could the gun oh yes
oh yes now I’ve got a good this is my world now now I’m living that thug life
order good torture alright seems like I’ve been for the demo those are the
best kind of good let’s do some trick shots ah oh yeah oh yeah that’s not
really trick shot worthy if I do this now I’m gonna die Q to claim whoa I’m
fuckin cell dendrites of the wives or nighttime Zelda in dead of the wild in a
second okay let’s just need some Drake this shit okay I’ll do that but also go
over here and clip yes yes I did it on the back oh god oh god please claim okay
what are you you’ll create you with wings okay
shoot it shoot it all don’t keep on guy hello I’m shooting it I’m getting hit markers
it doesn’t care can you know okay I just leave him alone
he’s sleeping oh I see cool I’m hearing a Parrish this rock now
how do I pick shit up does I actually gets up out of that I don’t know I’m
still I’m still digging I’ve got 200 iron out of it all I do have bullets I
twenty four bullets left hopefully whatever attacks me dies in less than
twenty four bullets before twenty four bullets exactly but then I die leave the
lot up to my aim and I’m not sure about that okay let’s start salvaging some
shit ah that’s just as important to sit down I would sit here and appreciate
this world but not for long cuz I a business to tend to hey I don’t
know what I’m doing what I’m learning ship builder I can’t pick up any of
these parts but I can’t salvage them either Salvage doke oh I am salvaging it
just doesn’t have any visual representation the bottom left it says
that I’m salvaging log okay cuz what Jack was to do is build some fucking
shit that’s what I’m best at that’s what I’m good I’m going to build a ship I’m
going to fly away and I’m going to kill everything that gets in my way
what are you what am i solving out of you if I do absolutely nothing
apparently that’s fine I don’t need to salvage everything all the time you have
taken ownership of this abandoned ship here now is easy hello
look at rap hold on yes I can’t pull them towards me no hi he just dragged me
along though this is my new dog you guys like it as a Flying Dog
his name is Alfonso I like him a lot he’s my favorite dog but he disobeyed
our paws oh oh you want to attract me Alfonso ah oh
Alfonso’s a douchebag but fucking attacking me see that dodge yeah try it
again bitch and you got still shooting yeah I’m not doing any damage yeah you
better run your piece of shit right back to shit building lots of berries in here
fuck you jellyfish okay come with me jellyfish you’re mine oh you were my
baby boy and I will take you far away come on jelly baby no no he’s resisted
it is this boy’s a strong one Oh manta ray fly away matter 8-megapixel I said
it’s try to find me Freddy kill me I’m scared
they never serious case of the shapes going on with my whole fucking world is
falling apart is there an earthquake going on they’re
not aware of I’ve no idea your shipyard is taking damage there
ends up they’re going on that I’m not aware of fuck where is it death honor
army I’m sorry I should push the boundaries fuck you no I was just joking I was just
making some fun twice shipyard taking damage piece shit
okay alright build shit I need some decks I put you in here I don’t know how
this actually works I have one out of 90 that’s not good
it’s going to take forever man maybe better salvaging tool
whoa well I could move shit I can move you but where do I put you do I put you
in this next oh this is the frame of a ship already can I place ships down
outside of a shipyard oh there’s Mike fuck I thought this is
all my ship here oh you did or like I can’t wait that ah there we fucking go
that’s how we Salvage faster straight from the fucking source
mother nature’s my best friend I want to take mother nature on an adventure
someday I’m going to bring her to my birthday and she’s going to be my friend
okay I’m building pieces I’m building chunks of shit destroying nature I mean
I feel that’s necessary I need to build a ship and get out of here if you help
me if you give me the pieces I need then I’ll be out of here here in no time
it’s within your incentive mother nature to do what I want
thank you okay let’s do this let’s drag you over okay no craft that’s working that’s working
now this is podracing you’re making something but we’ve to add four pieces
onto this end like propellers and fuel and our last can itself will be a
regular old architect okay so it’s been different of a ship right ah this is my
shipyard so now that I’ve actually placed a piece
ah okay I pick you up can I add you guys to this in any way shape or form now
very pretty though the music going on and there’s not that many people playing
it yet because well I don’t even officer I think it’s just a beta sign up there
you can get now but it’s not done yet Sartre be it’d be awesome when it is
reclaim do you want to reclaim the ship friend no I want to make more things how
do I make more things I made a dinghy I don’t know what I do
oh I got a popular on my ship and there’s an exploded moon over there these could all be bad thing for me okay
I can make some Casey and it suffers Oh fightstick oh okay I think this is the
shit put you up on top of this okay how do I know I want to put you under not on
the bottom of it oh I can stick to the top of my bubble so if I want to put
ship parts down over here oh god oh god I’m almost fucking dead already
boom okay great fly you take control okay
I don’t know how this game works I need to put some more stuff on you right okay
what the surveys I don’t know yet but I’m keen to find out we have the side of
a ship this is our little boss ship right here
so have you made it oh my god you can actually change the entire schematic of
your ship if you want Oh Lord yes okay I’m not going to dick around with that
too much because I will absolutely fuck that up and I can’t even revert stuff um
right all I’m doing now is making more fucking work for myself done I want to
make that one wanna make that spear yes how do I save right beans god I need so
money and then dick okay this might take a lot of salvaging to get done oh we see
a ship in the distance somebody else making the ship over there can I join
them I don’t know I’ve been over here trying to build my own ship maybe it’ll
be better I don’t need bronze I need lead maybe
it’ll be better if I get somebody else to help me build a ship so I could be
here all fucking century trying to do this especially since I don’t know what
I’m doing only I want to get to the meat of the
game I want to actually start grappling around shit what is that I want this
here we did an atlas shared I even watched am i doin over here I’m gonna
talk to my new best friend I see someone firing beans over there hands low hey
Pancho hello you want to ask me it’s your new
favorite friend it’s your new best friend Shaq you might
know me as Jack the man septic I yo what a patch loaf you got in the unit you can
say hi back huh you typing he’s our eyes best friends forever
assembly station I can help you build what is it an anti grabbed core that can
lift up 2,000 kilos to avoid dangerous Atlas field interaction only place one
on each ship okay and in that was shared for this can i what am i building me
feels it that actually possible because i don’t want that to happen
okay I’m a training watch watch me watch me do casing I need 100 of something 100
earn and something else the core generator cover Seattle shared energy
into lift right yeah sure is the thing that can happen can we hug hug show bill
addition oh it says enter code here’s this password protected you don’t
fucking trust me punch oh okay I’m going to talk to pad know I can help build
ship what code for station I don’t know seal your ship dog I’m just going to
help sorry no need yep you try and help a brother out you
try and help a dude he’s just like oh sorry it’s still my ship on my own
that’s fine fine and CEO did you try try me nice trying to make friends just lost
my ship in a wind wall I mean you can make up all the excuses you want dude I
just know that you don’t want me to help you because you know I’m better than you
and you think that I’m going to steal everything and leave you out the dress I
mean I made even some of my intention but not honored what’s attacking me
is that is that Alfonso from before I’m font oh you little shit
I just want to eat your rock I see you over there pods low I see you staring at
me yeah oh hello are you fucking serious
let’s get out of here dude I’m shooting paslo that’s it
I’m shooting him get out of my fucking shipyard get out yes my pleasure you
keep fucking walking piece of shit imma get him
imma get him I’m a fucking nail hahahahaha I got a no pile oh well sir
you’re fuckin right ready to come into my place you traitor in my house kick my
dog you see the box full of all points your ass must be crazy fucking podge low
so laughter you see him what with that fucker ZZZ mantastic we got some fire
word and we got some hatch flat board 30 feet
I needed that hatch slap board 33 can I eat a steak I’m in a very bad spot
because I have four health left oh oh no was it poncho modulo tell me River Trail
no bites no I’m sorry but you came into my house nearby revival tamer random
revival chamber to uses remaining he still shoot me I’m fucking dead I get it
I killed you shouldn’t have what 40 okay the medicines were learns turn master
podge low I mean yes admit he met to me first
I’m back in my same area can I like get my shit back does he steal it all Oh just Pedro we’re cool now we’re homie
for being an asshole (fucking pedro) Hadj low mean you shoot a guy you want
and you kill him one and then he’s just your enemy forever how god I’m gonna end
up killing myself very peaceful down here very nice and calming well it would
be if I hear that there wasn’t a Pedro up there ready to kill my ass any chance
that he gets no mistakes let that be a lesson dear
normal folk of people’s is a fuck back this is been life lessons with jack in
video games big swing big swing that was awesome
super simple but super cool makes me feel like a speeder man there you go
there you go get some momentum going fuck yeah it’s fun and down over there
is that hatch low low blow bro low hedge low blow bro
I’m fuckin tough sentence to say well I’m gonna do something awesome what’s
this shit oh god I could’ve ended badly I could’ve
just smack the ground and dying Oh grab a travel grab them yeah ha ha ha that’s
fucking cool and that wasn’t Oh God fucking shit down here yeah not anything in you though
and personal rate that’s already ooh you know registered to the personal Reviver right
this is shit that somebody had already claimed this to just late if instead of
filling my own tank is full so I just I just threw all my fuel into this maybe
it’s not close maybe like three so come being upset not cuz he hate me but he
hates the wind Wow I still got a ship together Taj those
cool modulo has it all hydros freaking the fuck out over there stop it pays low
you’re scaring the children honey of my ship built already if
someone didn’t shoot me some people said I had it coming for me some people said
that I shot first some people say I don’t use air quotes properly whatever
no god okay yeah where am i where am I smacking any shit how do you manage to
like swing around and not hit things and die that’s hard that’s difficult I
should have enough laid now to actually make my base the base of my ship run
Esmeralda run Jasmine I forget what I was gonna call you Panetta and are all
good things all good contenders hope hey now we do this and boom Shakalaka
we have bits and pieces being made that’s good I like this I have to
Shipyard what are you up hide you go nothing actually don’t even have the
shipyard still here I do still in a bubble
I need this piece off the top of this what I would have range of your shipyard
but this is also my ship yes you’re taking the owner of the abandoned ship
here okay so have to do that every time man whew I can just take these boards
off whoo this works I could just use these boards to build my ship Wow
oh yes Oh me likey but you undecided something nothing works
not the exchanges want me to have fun build a ship and I just want me to get
into it and enjoy and for you right there
that’s what I’m going to help my ship frog that’s a good place I think that’s
a very good place so now we need an engine I don’t know how I build engines
I don’t know where I get engines I don’t know anything like that maybe if they
the thing over near pathos but then wanna go near him though me it was a de
amalah time look at them killing defenseless animals it’s already dead pi
slow you can’t shoot it anymore stop stop the madness pleasure where will it
not be enough now it’s going to vanish out of existence I think paslo is
possibly the worst human being alive I mean I don’t know much about pods oh
what I do know he’s peach shit ah you can dish your knowledge hello joint hog
friend cool I should let me scan more things right get more knowledge what
about the dead bugs let’s count them you gained pride knowledge knowledge is
power people think there’s another ship down there
hey other new best friend what’s he doing
did they just die excuse me new best friend Oh everybody
makes me nervous in this game okay I’m gonna do the same thing I’m gonna do the
same thing huh if they did it I can do it they were cool
I’m also fuckin cool did you see me do my sealer ship maybe a pirate it’s gonna
be awesome I like a black understand what this ship
is cool just that I like to play the tuba come I touched your ship though
it’s not cool yo tuba my dog you guys you gonna say anything else
tuba hey whoa whoa whoa I’m freaking out a little tuba watch out for someone
called Hodge look they were mean to me specifically this night ship very cool
now going oh I see how it is and see how it is – tuba – Swami on a ship hot so
doesn’t want me to but doesn’t want me I see how it is I see how it is that’s
cool that’s fine whatever tuba you don’t need to like me (Jack Sobbing… ) that’s it okay it’s done
it’s over hang up the headphones I end up the headphones nobody wants to be
friends in world that’s a song to legends of this episode of worlds of
drift oh that shit on a form like no idea what I’m doing I don’t know how to
build ships that are not do any of that stuff there’s 2vy again but it was fun
dicking around in it for a little bit I might I might see what I can get up to
or maybe some people have some tips in the comments for how I actually get
stuff done it just I did I didn’t know it would be so much in building the ship
so it ought to be a case that just be like oh I can just build a ship in no
time but I was slow there’s another shipyard what can I make strapped feed
whoo stuff for my stash can I just build it oh because I don’t know how you
actually build all the engines and stuff because they couldn’t build them
straight from my little assembly station so maybe I go around and find other
assembly stations to get tires to build all I know is my character is a little
cutie and we look like someone from Disney and I’m gonna have fun next time
but for now thank you guys so much watching this episode if you like then
punch that like button in the face like it’s burning and thank you guys so much for watching!! Subtitiles: Aiyanna Moore ๐Ÿ™‚ Sub to my channel Aiyanna Moore

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