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February 17, 2020

Speaker 1: Hi guys, welcome back to my channel.
Today we’re surprising the kids with a trip to LA, as a family for Easter. This trip was
all booked very last minute. I think just a week ago it was all confirmed. So, because
it was so last minute we thought instead of tell the kids, we could surprise them. So,
we’re about to tell them now. Matt’s just taken them out now for a coffee, so I could
get the last minute packing bits done and he’s bringing them back now. So, we’re going
to tell them. My youngest, he is actually at nursery for two hours this morning. It
was his normal day and we thought we might as well just make the most of it and pack
before we drive to the airport. Speaker 1: So, he’s there. So, we’ll tell
him after we tell the two older boys. So, my two older ones are eight and five and my
eight-year-old, he’s really inquisitive and I’m kind of expecting when we say it, he might
have known something was up, because Matt and I have slipped up a few times. He doesn’t
… he didn’t seem to notice. But I don’t know. I just felt like, “Does he know? Does
he not know?” So, we will see. And yeah, I think I’ll record their reactions. Speaker 1: Right. So, you know you’ve been
so good at your chore charts, got a little something for each of you. And I was thinking
we could go to the shops and spend this, have a look. Fraser: £20. Speaker 1: What is it? Fraser: £20. Speaker 1: Is it £20? Fraser: Dollars? Caleb: $20. Speaker 1: So, where do you have to go to
spend dollars? Fraser: America. Speaker 1: Yeah. Fraser: Are we going to America? Speaker 1: Yeah. Should we go today? To America,
Caleb? To Chuck E. Cheese. Speaker 4: Should we go to America, yeah?
We’ll pick Jackson up from nursery? Go on an airplane? Caleb: No. Speaker 1: You don’t want to go? Do you not
want to go? Caleb: I want to go. Speaker 4: We’ll go on holiday. Speaker 1: Go to LA, to California. Yeah? Speaker 4: Yeah? Speaker 1: They’re like in shock. He can’t
take it in. Caleb: I want to go. Speaker 1: Yeah. Should we go? We’re going
to go in an hour. Fraser: I thought something weird was happening,
because I had a feeling that we were going somewhere. When I opened the present, I was
like, “Where are we going to spend dollars? And then are we going to American shop? That
means dollars and we’re going to America instead.” Speaker 4: Bit better than that, isn’t it? Fraser: Yeah. Speaker 1: We’re about to get on an 11.5 hour
flight with three kids. They’re eight, five and two years old. So, I thought I would vlog
the whole flight, show you what works for us and what doesn’t work for us and how the
whole experience is. So, let’s go. Speaker 1: Right. So, we’ve checked in and
now we’re on our way to security. I’m really hoping there’s some sort of family security
to get us through quicker, because we have so much stuff and three kids. We just had
dinner and we’ve broken out the kid’s magazines already. Speaker 1: Okay. Right. So, we’ve just been
for dinner, because we thought it was a good idea to eat something like a good meal before
we get on the flight and have the plane food, which they probably won’t eat. I have got
so many snacks with me, though. I did do a video of what I’m packing in their carry-on
cases. So, if you want to check that out, I will link it down below as well. We’ve just
come to the gate. There is actually a soft play in this airport and we were going to
go to it, but it’s called us to the gate even though it’s still an hour and a half away
from going. So, we’ve come to the gate and we’re just going to hang out. There’s this
piano here that says, play me on it. So, the kids have been playing on it and quite a few
people have moved away. It’s quite good. I’m happy to clear seats if you need a seat. Speaker 1: Jackson. I’m also going to quickly
change Jackson’s nappie one last time, because the changing area in the airplane is so, so
small. They’re playing Jaws. So, I’m going to go and change him now. Yeah. Speaker 1: Right. So, we’re on the flight
and the kids are settled, they’ve got their snack bags, the two older ones are watching
a film and Jackson is playing with his Water Magic book. As we’ve been sat here, we’ve
been delayed by 20 minutes, which to us is a long time with three kids. Jackson: Mommy? Speaker 1: But, luckily they’ve been really
good. They’re just eating and chilling out. So, hopefully they can watch a film and then
have a sleep. Speaker 1: Okay. So, I’m going to do a little
voiceover, because the plane was really noisy, but once we sit down and get settled, I wipe
all of the arms of our chairs and the tray tables with my Dettol wipes. These kill 99.9%
of bacteria. So, I do this to try and get rid of some of the germs because planes have
so very many germs. I also wanted to show you that Jackson really loved his Water Magic
books. These are great. You just fill up the little pen with water and he can color away,
but then they dry out really quickly and he can do it over and over again. The boys also
watched some films on their iPads and also some of the inflight entertainment, so definitely
bring some headphones for the kids. You can see Jackson’s watching Monsters, Inc. here. Speaker 1: And then I wanted to show you this
little gadget. I just randomly found it on Amazon, but it’s an inflatable foot rest.
And oh my goodness, this just saved the whole flight. Our flight went at 5:30 so the boys
were awake for a couple of hours, but then it was bedtime and this made Jackson sleep
for five to six hours. It was brilliant. One little word of advice with this footrest though,
is to blow it up while it’s in the position that you want it in. I blew it all the way
up and then tried to squeeze it into the foot rest area and it was too big, it wouldn’t
go. So, then I had to deflate it and do it all over again. This also works best on a
window seat, because obviously everyone can get past then and then nice and cozy in the
corner. But I would totally recommend it, it was brilliant. It kind of made his seat
into a bed. Speaker 1: There were also a few apps that
the boys played with for a long time. This one is called Toko Kitchen or Toca Kitchen.
I’ll write them all in the description. There was another one called Monsters and another
one called Zoo Train, which even Jackson at two years old could play really well. Another
big hit again on this flight was stickers. I bought this big sticker book for my five-year-old,
but actually Jackson played with it the most on the flight. He just stuck all these tiny
stickers on to paper for ages, it felt. So, that was great. Then at about 7:30 to 8:00
they started to like get more tired and the lights got dimmed in the cabin and we tried
to start winding down. Speaker 1: So, after a little while he finally
fell asleep and you can see his little chair bed a bit better here. He could lay flat and
also rollover and everything, so it was great. The two older boys stayed up a little bit
later, just playing games together and then Caleb finally just passed out. And so did
Daddy and he’s actually going to kill me for putting in this footage of him. Sorry Matt,
I love you. And Fraser fell asleep as well. As we got nearer to landing, they just turned
the lights on in the cabin, which was really frustrating because my kids were so happily
sleeping. So, to kind of cover their eyes, I put a pillow to shade them. At this point
of the flight, we were just half an hour away from landing and the boys loved looking out
the window at all of the city lights. Speaker 1: I also brought lollipops for the
boys to have while we were descending for their ears and I also had drinks as well,
which really helped. I feel like I haven’t shown how many snacks I brought, but the boys
actually didn’t eat any of the plane food. So, definitely bring food and snacks and drinks
and everything. Speaker 1: Yes, but that’s it. We made it
to LA and the boys loved having their scooter carry-on cases to scoot through to customs.
And the customs line was actually so very long and for about an hour Jackson played
this app, it’s called Monsters. I’ll link it down below or I’ll write what it is down
below, because it really kept him busy for the whole time, which also kept him in the
buggy, which was amazing. But the boys did so well. As I said, it was the longest flight
we’ve ever done and I was really nervous. But I honestly think that the thought of traveling
with children is far worse than the reality. They’re actually so good. As long as you come
prepared with food and some games and a few things for them to do, then it’s totally fine.
And this has made me feel even more confident that we can do a really long flight even though
we have three children if we want to. Caleb: Hi, guys. Fraser: Hi, guys. Caleb: We’re going on holiday. Speaker 1: We’re here, aren’t we? Caleb: We’re here. Speaker 1: Yeah. So, the boys did amazingly
on the flight. It was 10.5 hours in the end. So, they must’ve gone … Caleb: No. It wasn’t. It was 10 hours and
25 minutes. No, it was 1100 hours. Speaker 1: No. It’s supposed to be 11.5 hours
but it was 10.5 at the end. But, so the flight was really good. But then to get through customs,
we stood in line … Fraser: It took three hours. Speaker 1: No. We stood in line for an hour
and 15 minutes and that was actually the hardest point, because they didn’t have anywhere to
sit down. So, they were just stood and were hot and wanted a drink and everything. So,
the hardest part of all of this was getting through LA Customs. And yeah, that was actually
… it wasn’t a great first impression. Everyone was pretty moody and stuff, but we’re through
now. Caleb: I was … the whole time I was nice. Speaker 1: You were such a good boy. I was
so proud of you. They were all amazing travelers. I’m so, so proud of them. But now we’re going
to pick up our rental car and find our hotel. Jackson: Mommy? Momma. Speaker 1: And you were amazing. Jackson: I got my phone. I got my phone, Daddy. Speaker 1: Yes. That phone saved the day,
didn’t it? This Monster game, what is it? He’s been playing that for an hour and 15
minutes in the queue, haven’t you? Speaker 1: Right. So, I don’t think I ended
the vlog properly last night, but we’re here safe in LA. After the airport we went and
got a rental car and then got to the hotel and just crashed. So, I didn’t properly end
it. But we’re here and this is the view from our bedroom. We’re staying at the Marina Del
Rey Hotel and yeah, we’ve got the most incredible balcony and this view of the marina. So anyway,
I think I’ll end this vlog here and then I’ll start vlogging my entire LA trip. So if you’re
not subscribed, subscribe for those, because I will be vlogging the whole time. And yeah,
thanks so much for watching. And we’ll see you soon. Bye, guys.

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